View Full Version : Ideas For A Historical Tabletop-Wargaming, Also Educational, Channel

19-06-2019, 20:46
My buddy and I have been discussing doing an online channel, whether it be on Youtube, Twitch, or Discord, for awhile now. We recently rekindled our interest in tabletop gaming, particularly wargaming. However, what we want to do is make it educational, as well as entertaining and competitive. We have some ideas, but we wouldn't mind getting feedback if YOU were the ones watching. The main setting would be WWII and the main game would be Bolt Action. We had also considered other games like Flames Of War, Blood Red Skies, and Cruel Seas.

It would be done in a style of a battle report, giving the overview of famous battles, who was involved and what was used , and give a turn by turn analysis what happened in the game opposed to what ACTUALLY happened in real life. We even considered dressing up as the soldiers that were in each battle (minus the Swastika) to give an idea of who wore what. At least that's the general idea, but I wouldn't mind hearing you think and what you would do. I thought this would be different and I love history.

If we get it going and it's successful enough, there are other historical games we're looking into as well, such as Hail Cesar, Pike And Shotte, and Black Powder. We'd also considered doing Bolt Action's WWI expansion and Konflikt 47 (even though it's not historical but it would be fun as alternate history). In any case, let me know. Thanks!

28-02-2020, 22:34
I recall about a decade ago, there was a TV series on the History Channel, where retired Generals would play a half computer simulated, half table top wargame of famous battles. It did not use miniatures, but rather used the blocks that most people see in older diagrams from Military maps. It was rather entertaining, so I would say go for it.