View Full Version : Playing on the Short Edge of the Tabletop

Commissar von Toussaint
31-08-2019, 15:10
The thread on 40k campaigns got me thinking about something I've done a few times - play using the short edges of the table as the deployment zones and generate a very deep battlefield.

In one scenario, one player's army was trying to retreat to safety, so both armies set up close to each other on one end and then raced to the other.

Another time, we set up the deployment zone on one edge and a bridge near the edge on the other. The attacker's goal was to seize the bridge and he had a squad of terminators teleport onto it on turn 1 to help hold the objective. Very cool two-front battle and we used rolling reinforcements to make it even more interesting. Every other turn, players could set aside 500 points that could enter from designated parts of the battlefield, which forced the bridge defenders to fight hard against ever-increasing opposition while the relief force continued to grow in strength.

Anyone done anything like that?

17-09-2019, 06:57
Several of the older versions of WFB and 40K had scenarios that revolved around short table edge deployments. Most had one army smack in the center, but the thought was there. Anyone who plays modern versions of those need only look at those older scenarios and fidget with them to make them more NU-GW friendly.

Commissar von Toussaint
12-10-2019, 14:11
Yes, I remember a WHFB scenario using that. I added a set-up option in Conqueror where an army is making a last stand on a hill or other favorable terrain in exchange for less points than the other side.

It's not that common, that's for sure, which makes it interesting.