View Full Version : 4k Nids invade a 4k Space Wolf Fortress Battle Report

15-11-2019, 19:11
Hello gentleman, I wanted to share here the pictures an quick description of a giant battle between my Space Wolves and a friend's Nid horde.

You can find the whole battle report on my Blog here: http://wargamingrebel.blogspot.com/2019/11/batrep-warhammer-40k-epic-last-stand.html

Here are a few pics of the battle:




Hope you enjoy it. Everyone should have one opportunity to play a giant game of 40K with a friend in their wargaming career!

Commissar von Toussaint
16-11-2019, 14:05
Nice board!

I've got a (stalled) campaign going with tyranids vs orks using 2nd ed. rules. I'll have to do a writeup if we get another game going.

26-04-2020, 14:21
Nice Board. I had something similar where I needed to defend a landing pad with my space marines against a horde of necrons in a 2K game. Certainly nothing of the size that you have here.