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10-02-2020, 16:05
The board game where you battle against the other Lords to spread your domain! Whether you choose to be defensive and build your castle one wall at a time or grow your army to control the area’s resources, your goal is to use your army of Archers, Foot Soldiers, Cavalry and Catapults and defeat the other would-be Lords to rule the realm!
Basic game contains full country battle field board, 32 miniature army pieces, 16 castle pieces, scenario card deck, resource tokens, army base counters and more – Over 150 pieces! Special: Contains unique turn/season dial – keep track of player turns and automatically move through the seasons!
Get the additional Race Add-On and increase your army choices with Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Undead in blue, black, green & grey for a total of 24 extra figures. Each race has a unique modifier to Attack and/or Defense.
Included scenario card deck allows for SOLO PLAY. Early Bird Pledges for the base game start at $55. Check out the pre-launch Kickstarter page for all the details, complete game components, first stretch goals and more:

Help us bring our game to life – we greatly appreciate your support!!

13-02-2020, 18:37
We are live! Check out our first Update on how to get more troop tokens with your order...

Troop sizes are limited to keep the game time manageable, but what is wrong with larger armies and longer games?! Increase the number of troops you can raise with an additional 4 '500' count army tokens with your order if you share our KS link on any social media page or game forum - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mdsw/realm-lords-for-castle-and-country
Simply send a pic or snapshot showing your post or the link to your post. Check out the update here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mdsw/realm-lords-for-castle-and-country/posts

14-02-2020, 14:53
Over 300% funded in less than 24 hours!! This is looking to be big and the next big army reveal is going to be awesome (Did someone say Wasteland Barbarians with Mammoths??!!)

18-02-2020, 16:49
Barbarians and Mammoths are now added to all game pledges!

21-02-2020, 19:27
Goblin army added to the Race Add-On...

02-03-2020, 14:43
Final 12 days - check out the free KS exclusives as we have added the Barbarian army and additional troop tokens (for larger armies) to the main game and Goblins and Ogres to the Race Add-On.

05-03-2020, 14:35
Pic of the Ogres,,,241834

10-03-2020, 22:41
Final 3 days. The base game is $59 and the Race add-on includes 5 additional armies and ogres for an additional $11.

30-04-2020, 16:42
Late Backers can get in until May 20th. Check out our KS page for where to contact us or send me a PM here.