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06-07-2020, 02:59
So for those who are not in the know, there is a new edition that has dropped for Warhammer 40K. That's right folks, we are now in the 9th edition. As what they did the previous edition they have produced a free PDF of the rules that you can find here:


The new starter box set is going to be Space Marines of the Primaris variety(shocking I know) and Necrons. I have not fully read the rules so I am not going to comment on what I think about it.

Thingol of Iyaden
02-10-2020, 21:00
Thank you! Been tied up for a couple of years, now trying to catch up!

07-10-2020, 00:11
You and me both actually. Now that I have some time to myself I can finally get some painting done, when I am not on places like warseer.

10-10-2020, 14:53
well then then i shall be three. I am not sure I like all the changes. Especially since without Initiative my weak Banshees no longer get to strike first. And i am not sure how effective they might be on the table top.

I see the marines now have primus and have all kinds of flying stuff now. I have not seen thier new codex so i do not have any real judgement. But from a glance it just screams to me; Power creep so marines are the most powerful thing now. play nothing else.

01-12-2020, 23:44
It's worse than you think for the marines. Only if you play "Primaris" do you get all of the cool new toys. "Firstborn" Marines(the old marines that you know and love) seem to have frozen themselves in time at around the 7th edition. So they have a few flyers that were added to their list, but that is it. I have two chapters of old school marines, Crimson Fists and a homemade chapter that I am fleshing out. I for one won't be going the primaris route at all. Their models don't appeal to me, I don't like the story line of them, and I don't like what I have seen so far from them game-wise.

As far as the Banshee's I would wait until you get a codex out on the Eldar first. Primaris Marines were not the be-all end-all, and I doubt that they will continue to be as well.

I did get a chance to read the rules a few months ago, and the best way that I can describe it is "watered down." That can be a good thing in that you don't really need to remember much for the rules, but if you are looking for more detail in your game, then you may be disappointed. I would prefer to get a few games to pass final judgement, whenever that happens. :rolleyes: