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12-10-2020, 17:00
I've got a game coming up (first one in a looong time) and we have resolved to play some sort of sabotage mission. Essentially, we want a mission where one side has to blow up an objective to win; the exploding objective will cause all models within x" to take a hit, possibly destroying the attacker as well. I could have sworn in the distant past GW published one but I cannot seem to find it. Does anyone have one their own or some suggestions to make it interesting?

Thingol of Iyaden
12-10-2020, 21:45
If you have the GW power plant and void shield generator (Best option), or small can (cashews are about right) glue on shim, wire rope bits, and 2 to 4 short straws (generator), 60 mm cube of foam and put 4 lollipops into top. Decorate as time allows. Apocalypse blast template (or round cardboard from medium frozen pizza) for blast marker. Void shield generator dictates transport w/ troops required to go in, hack computers (roll 6 on d6 at turn end) to go boom. First template is centered on powerplant and doesn't move. The second template is centered on shield generator and travels (if not bullseye) 4d6 inches. Hope it helps!

Thingol of Iyaden
12-10-2020, 22:29
Depending on edition the apoc blast will be either strength D or 10 AP1.

12-10-2020, 23:20
What kind of time frame; 6 turns? What kind of advantage would you give the attackers- more points or recycle Troops?

Thingol of Iyaden
13-10-2020, 18:25
This scenario is normally apart of a campaign. The losses incurred are justified by advantages gained for the next scenario. I was once involved with an Eldar vs IG/Space marine one. My opponent (after taking a beating the last game) asked for it. Recon showed the Eldar supply base was defended by 9 vengeance batteries, 4 Aquila strong points, 2 landing pads, and 1 Eldar warpgate (titan capable), but no titans in sight. He opted for the Warpgate to be connected to the powerplant. Regular turns apply (ie turns 6 & 7 happen with right dice rolls). Defender starts with 2 troops somewhere in center and his side of board. Turns 2,3,4 can only field fast attack/deepstrike type units, everything else can arrive 5,6,7 as normal reenforcements from the rear. The attacker can only use Infiltrators, deepstrike, fast attack. Points= 500-600. My opponent use space marines with landspeeders (the pogo stick one), I used 2 squads of rangers and one squad of scorps using fourth edition codex. Nothing "BIG" can be used by the attacker as it will void the initial setup, and generate a regular battle.

14-10-2020, 05:32
I like the set up- that sounds good to me.