View Full Version : An Early Morning Norman Scenic Photoshoot

16-06-2021, 06:16
Yesterday morning I was up at, 5:30am and taking pictures(!) of a few units of my Norman army, painted 20 odd years ago. The vignettes are more recent, 2019 to be more or less precise. :)

Today at 5:30 am I am starting to post up the pictures and the links. Why? This particular Norman is now 20 years old! It is 20 years ago since I initiated the paint work to get the army ready for games ow Warhammer Ancient Battles at SESWC (South East Scotland Wargames Club). I was to spend the next 11 years at SESWC and many a game of various kinds sit fixed in my memory, but by far the clearest and most popular at the time were those games of WAB. Perhaps because of the right kind of spirit the games were played, perhaps because of the sense of community in the WAB "scene". Most likely both. It is now ten years since my departure from SESWC and time to do a little reminiscing.

A friend asked me to take some scenic pictures of my Normans to send to him and along with the pictures of the vignettes this the primarily what this article is about.

A real trip down memory lane; I can remember feverishly painting my Normans almost like it was yesterday, a copy of the WAB supplement Shieldwall nearby at all times!

This is just a small sample of my rather large Norman army. If anyone is interested in seeing some updated pictures (the only images I have apart from these are very old and substandard) I might go back and do some scenic shots of the whole army.

You can see many more pics on my blog but here are a few sample images to be going on with. Please feel free to pop over to Just Add Water and take a peek if that takes your fancy: