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28-07-2021, 21:15
Hi All,

Sorry for the shameless plug for my group's next boardgame KS - Minotaur Catacombs. Here is the preview page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mdsw/minotaur-catacombs

The race board game where you play both a fearless Hero and a menacing Minotaur. Your own hero must fight their way out of the catacombs while your Minotaur searches to destroy the trespassers. Choose a Fighter, Barbarian, Wizard, Cleric or Archer, each with their own unique stats & skills, to battle your way out of the catacombs full of traps, surprises, and lurking Undead.

30-07-2021, 14:36
Full preview page now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mdsw/minotaur-catacombs?ref=aqvy44&token=669dbb8c

01-09-2021, 16:54
Minotaur Catacombs KS is Live!

It is every Hero for themselves in this fast-action game where you play both a Hero trying to escape and a ferocoius Minotaur trying to catch the other Heroes.

Check us out on how to score early bird discounts and free Hero minis.

13-09-2021, 14:32
In order to spur us for the final few weeks on Kickstarter, we are offering a lower pledge level for the complete game that will include all stretch goals.

You can now pledge $55 for the complete Minotaur Catacombs game!

Check out the game on KS and see all the great minis you get and a video on the set-up and game play. Let's share the campaign and get us funded to create this great game!

Thanks to all for your support!

14-09-2021, 17:42
Some pics of the painted minis:243502243503