View Full Version : (Almost) back!....Necron question

04-12-2021, 20:39
Hey, I’ve been away from 40k a long time (left when they “took my templates away”) and been keeping myself busy with Warmachine, Crisis Protocol and a little bit of Malifaux

But have a huge backlog of minis to assemble and paint during the holidays, and I pulled out a Immortals/Deathmark set

Now keep in mind, I may not be playing for a few more months yet (depends in part on what is under my Christmas Tree)...I don’t even have any current books/codexes. But just so I can start modeling...what does the current meta say? Should I build Immortals/tesla carbines, Immortals/gauss blasters, or Deathmarks?

26-03-2022, 05:17
I say build them all. but if you are looking for a single one for your answer. I like the Deathmarks and destroyers.