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19-02-2022, 12:51
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To be honest I have also found it very difficult to paint of late. I have discussed my mental health issues briefly on my blog before. Of late, things have become about as difficult as they I have ever experienced. My will to paint is diminished, my personal morale floundering. I will spare you the details; suffice to say that it's heartbreaking not to be able to spend time on the hobby I love due to being overcome by hyper anxiety and a host of other issues. Anxiety, at it's worst, seems to take over all aspects of ones life.

For these reasons I am quite proud to have been able produced anything at all on the painting front. I reckon this unit of Spanish Sword and Buckler/Rodeleros have come out well enough. Though not actually a unit as such, as four bases from each rank will actually be forming the front ranks of a very large pike block, they could be used as a unit in rules like Swordpoint where, for reasons unknown, the Spanish Sword and Buckler are Open Order units are separated from their respective pike blocks. I'm sure that will get sorted out once the Italian Wars Swordpoint supplement comes out. If it's anything as good as the Swordpoint Hundred Years War Supplement (the best Swordpoint supplement so far by quite some way IMHO) then it will be quite a treat.

All the miniatures are from The Assault Group and are from the Spanish Trastamara range, sculpted by the brilliantly talented Nick Collier.

For many more images of the unit and the single bases from various angles (and the usual gumph!), please feel free to pop over to my Just Add Water Blog here:

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/a/AVvXsEjwENad4EbRn4243MC4kcc4hbt5G54xtUpCfREUBFLklz cwXKnMnzC_T_vscnXqNfNfFGoxRYPJRAenc6Kb5HT14M6ChJ60 0wDYQ4aOlSyC1sb58yUbxGHou1RcR7N_wBtsTH0R40V9cuzzJW JVTFT1heEAVUWGXO5Nc9M6-Pn3JBQFMV6eVZ1yCP760Q=s1600

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Sneak peak of single bases:
https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/a/AVvXsEhdi5KsK6rthAeezxHNwpOiBX2V3r0EsiAXyRn98HNa_I P8NBU6Kzh_-R2qVV5_AUrknKoTKW1VC5MWVEQAQ73T29ZFgW4wn9l9vNN-nq3bDokNd-weHgxzTQUXeXx9ENMQ3TfNOmB4L6p03b_9IPohsesdTVrBgOzR 41njoyWRKZn8DYciKZqL9_GvRQ=s500