View Full Version : CHicago Games day.

17-07-2006, 02:45
WHos all going and who ever is PM me so we can find some place to meet up so we can play a few!


17-07-2006, 02:48
Give me a place to stay and I'll go.

21-07-2006, 13:37
Well Ill probabally be making a Warseer shirt to wear to Games day. If you see it then come talk because i want to play.

21-07-2006, 21:46
You already know I'm going, I'll be with an emo mexican, lets play a few games man!

21-07-2006, 21:49
Alright man is there any place you want to meet up first that way where not looking through 3000+ people.

21-07-2006, 21:53
Is there any places like a lobby or food court in this place, becuase this is the first time I've ever been to GD?

21-07-2006, 21:54
YEa ill be there on Emperorschamp01's coat tails. Cuz i am his lil bro

21-07-2006, 21:55

I dont know man because this is the first time that ive been to a games day too and ive never been to this convention center before either but ill look it up on Google and see if i cant find the floor plans.

21-07-2006, 22:09
Look for the 6' 3" tall white man with the hitler hair cut and glass, and then a mexican with longer emo hair, we will both most likley be in fatugues. Look farward to playing both of you with my guard army.

22-07-2006, 04:59
Did any of you guys go to the seminars?

22-07-2006, 15:28
Well i plan on going to the Seminars. Because my brother is going to do the GD passport thing. Its where you have to do 5 events there at D and you get a Boltpistol dogtag and chain.