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18-07-2006, 12:33
I'm gonna start playing BB soon and have chosen humans as my starting team as they seem to be a good all round team.

What i am asking for is any tactics and tips for using the Human team and help writing a good team roster with the standard number of credits.

The stuff i have ordered is the Human BB team Box (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99110999108&orignav=300808)and Griff Oberwald (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99060999097&orignav=300808). Also ordered some cheerleaders.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek
18-07-2006, 12:37
Within one/ two weeks, the new (fifth edition) for bloodbowl will be released.

In this edition, fan factor will become no longer as important as it was during the LRB4 period. So even while some tactics could be given, I find it might be a smarter move to come back on this once the new LRB has been released.


18-07-2006, 12:40
Just that my team should arrive Friday, and would like some help using the team. I've read through the rulebook and got hold of the basics.

Cpt. Drill
18-07-2006, 13:46
Basically the human team can do anything... it can run alittle it can pass a little and it can smash alittle... if you are against a slow team play the running/ passing game, a fast team play the smashing game...

10-08-2006, 10:03

I have never played a human team myself, but as soon as my own (my precious) boxed game arrives I will start playing with the team in the box. (I play Khemri or Chaos Dwarves).
The starting line-up I'd use is the following:

(We're playing with the 5th ed. rules)

4 blitzers: 360k
2 catchers: 140k
1 thrower: 70k
4 linemen: 200k
3 rerolls: 150k
8 Fanfactor: 80k

Many people will argue with why I want the high FF with the new rules, and it's because we're using "house-rules" for the Fans, and when rolling for gate income at the end (basically, we're using the "old" rules).

If using only the new rules, drop 5 FF and buy another lineman.

And over to the team:
-4 blitzers: These are the real workers in your team, use them everywhere on the field, both in offense and defense, but NOT in the line of scrimmage, I repeat: NOT in the line of scrimmage!
Basically because you don't want to face 4 mummies with your 4 best players, and leave them in the knocked or dead & injured boxes.
In offense, use your blitzers as guards to your catchers, forming up two, 3 men teams, running up either side.
OR you could choose the 'wild card advance'.
Set up all 4 blitzers as far out on one side as you possibly can, the catchers on the other, and run with all of them, RUN! :D At the same time, run up the other side with your catchers.

This will probably result in one out of two options, the opponent kicks the catchers in the nuts, and as we all know, they're not 'all that' with a meager 7 in AV and 2 in ST. This leaves your super-blitzkrieg open and free to press it's way up field.
If the opponent tries to stop your blitzkrieg, run with your catchers, pass the ball from the blitzers (use a reroll if needed) and you've got your TD.

Good skills for blitzers: Tackle, Dodge, strip ball, mighty blow

-2 catchers: These guys are quick but agile, try not the get too eager and throw them a too early pass, they should only get the ball if they can score in the same turn as they catch. They can't take a beating out of anything larger than a goblin or a gutter runner.
Don't be afraid to use the 'go for it' extra paces, a 10 step fast catcher with dodge is REALLY hard to get a hold off if played properly.

Good skills for catchers: Sprint, side step, block, nerves of steel, pass block.

- thrower: keep this guy well back, picking up the ball while on the offense, and trying to take out the possible lonely stragglers on the defense.
As the human team is good at both passing and catching without skills, don't be afraid to pass linemen or blitzers, not just the catchers.

Good skills for throwers: all passing skills, block, strip ball.

- linemen: use them in the line of scrimmage until you can get an OGARR! (the shrek way of speech). The are not really good at anything, but on the other hand doens't suck at anything either.
Use them in a punching role, and don't panic if they get killed or so, as they aren't really that expensive.

Good skills for linemen: block, tackle, guard, dirty player.

And now for the grand finale: the OGARR!
As he is a big lump of muscle, buy this fellow as soon as you can (but not before any blitzers that might have been killed) as he is the real guy to lean on for some good punching. An Ogre, assisted by some linemen with block and guard, is a truly fearsome line to put your fellows in.

Good skills for OGARR!'s: Block!, tackle, piling on, Stand firm, guard (to help your linemen out).

Now as I have predominatly given you offensive tactics (as I like that style of play a whole lot more than the 'cage tactic' I am currently using with my Chaos Dwarf team), here comes some thoughts on defense.

4-5 line men in the line of scrimmage if playing anything other than heavy punching teams (Khemri, Orcs, Chaos Dwarves, Chaos, Nurgle and such).
2 blitzers out in each wide zone, to try and push the opponent in towards the middle, one catcher and the thrower next to, or at least close to each other.
The reamining positions should be filled up with linemen as far as it goes, as they can take more of a beating than the remaining catcher.
Watch out for those quick catchers from other teams (Gutter runners, wood elf catchers, skinks and such).
Always try to get the ball carrier into as many of your tackle-zones as possible, even if you can't reach him for a blitz, at least put him in a tackle-zone.

Against the more punching oriented (and most often, a lot slower) teams, use fewer players in the line of scrimmage and try to get around his probable 'cage' as soon as possible, trying to eat your way inside it with your blitzers.

Whoa! this turned out to get quite long :P Hope it helps though! And good luck with those blocking dice ;)

Red Skullz
11-08-2006, 06:22
I would take another thrower over the blitzer, cut down a little on FF and get an extra lineman. You can expect to have to take some punishment, then it`s nice having enough meatfill to take it (linemen).

Also as I play orcs a "beat you up" team I will always take out the key players. Throwers and Catchers are key players, then it`s runners and blitzers next in line. When I take out those boys you`ll have a hard time cause then your team is reduced to playing "my game" and that`s not one your likely to win.

As for Griff the star player. Well wait with getting him in the line-up, get more bodies in the reserves box instead. Oh and I totally agree with stormshaft in getting an ogre, they work very well against the "beat you up" teams.


11-08-2006, 08:09
@Red Skullz:
The use for 2 throwers in one line-up has never really gotten to me. Maybe after a couple of games, to be substituted when your main thrower gets sent off or is injured.

Of course you would force him/me to play your own game, IF all goes well (:

Concerning Griff: I don't really like star players.. at all. Have never used one, never will.

Red Skullz
11-08-2006, 10:35
Well I only got 1 thrower myself but all of the teams I`ve played against have used two and as far as I can judge it works for them. It all boils down to what game you want to play I guess. With humans it`s being versatile and able to play any type of game that`s the key to success. At least until you start building up SPPs.

As for star players...well I play LRB4 and there it`s definitely not worth it. For 5 I`m not sure but it`s a lot more fun building your own "star" player. Maybe save the griff model until one of your players get 3-4 skills and then use him as that player to show off his status.

The Black Lotus
15-10-2007, 12:26
hey there ... im gonna play my first bb game ...

I'm playing humans so i thought this was the right place to ask for advise ...
I'm gonna play against i running undead team ...
can any one help my a little so i dont just got killed xD ...

my team is like this:

thrower: 1
catchers: 2
blitzers: 4
linemen: 5
rerolls: 3
Fanfactor: 3

Hope you guys can help me ;)