View Full Version : [BFG] What happened to the Cobra and Dauntless classes?

18-07-2006, 17:37
Neither appears to be available from the US online store.

How long have they been gone? Any word as to any possible return? Can my local indy retailers, despite their protestations that GW charges them full retail for BFG items, still order these two ships through their catalogs?

18-07-2006, 17:56
They're still available on the UK online store.

Have you tried the search function?

18-07-2006, 21:14
Yup, searches don't pull up anything either.

How picky are the online stores about where they ship to?

18-07-2006, 21:47
They're not picky at all. If you live near a GW store I'd suggest going there. They have much more comprehensive books full of every bit ever made. The online stores been utter crap for me recently so I'd recommend you go and talk to actual people :p

Mad Doc Grotsnik
19-07-2006, 00:28
Or give Mail Order a tinkle on the Telling Bone. They are usually quite helpful. At least, they are in Britain.

19-07-2006, 15:12
A few BFG vessels have been slowly vanishing from the mail order online sites. It seems that different ones vanish from different countries. This all happened when BFG was being 'repackaged'. The minis should be available as 'bits', ie available seperately rather than in packs, for a little more, obviously.

I think that the minis are still on the online store somewhere, but they should be available if you call direct.

19-07-2006, 20:08
I have actually emailed the US Online Store concerning this exact thing. Got a bull answer that has not be fulfilled. And I will be ordering Dauntlesses and Cobras for a fleet I am building so ya... hello UK store. Will have to be a big order probably to make it worth the postage.

19-07-2006, 20:44
As has been said, many of the Specialist Games blisters are no longer available as blisters. You need to bitz order the parts now.

19-07-2006, 20:55
Yes it is a bitz order. But you can not make the Bitz order at the US Online store and this could pose a problem for some people. Also the US Telephone Order may not be able bring them up (just a possiblity). Has anyone tried calling to order them from the US number?

19-07-2006, 21:31
I ordered them a few months ago through the US Hobby Reference catalog. Just tell them you want a Cobra Class Destroyer and they'll send it to you. They have everything in their database.