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21-07-2006, 13:21
After a good 4 months of slavering over Rackham's minis I finally prised my wallet open far enough to buy some Drune Persecutors off Wargames Workshop. I know I get some rules and the cards and things in the blister, but do I get anything which tells me about force orginization? Do I need to fill up any compulsory warrior slots? Do I need "X" miniature to make a legal force?

Also any help you want to give this n00b would be very appreciated.

BTW, I'm based in nuneaton/hinkley if anyone is close enough to want to game with me.

21-07-2006, 14:03
the cards come in the blister with the miniatures.
the small get you by rulebooks that come in the blisters are not that great.

what a lot of people do is by the starter set for the soft back rulebook and sell the miniatures. it works out cheaper than buying a rulebook on it's own.

for better advice on what would be advisable for your drune force check out the this forum.

for the uk forum, http://www.conf-federation.org.uk/Board/index.php

and for painting advice, http://coolminiornot.com/

hope this helps.

21-07-2006, 18:20
but the individual book is hardcover right?

after getting the wargods rulebook Hardcover is the way to go for me when possible

21-07-2006, 20:11
The one in the starter set is softcover, but you get $60 of wolfen and Dirz for $65 total. If you get it sold seperately it is hardcover for $30.

21-07-2006, 21:42
But the rules in the blisters are perfectly useable though? I mean I am a little strapped for cash and dont have access to ebay.

22-07-2006, 05:57
The rulebook in the blister is a quick start rules so you can play the basic mechanics. Note you may get an old one if the blister is old stock. If it says anything about "calling numbers" to attack, or is titled Fortification, Divination, Incantation or Incarnation throw them away, as they are old edition, which was a clunkier engine over the 3rd edition.

With just the QS rules: teaches you to play explaining activating miodels, turn sequence, attacking, shooting and movement, so you can get by fer a while with just that.

Rulebook: You'll want the full rulebook though as it covers fear and rout, casting spells and miracles (fer priests), scenarios, artifacts, and most importantly the use of all of the special abilities (all troops have 1-4 on average, and they make them do all kinds of cool flavorful and effective things).

Dogs of War book: This is a book that makes the game playable in more of a Mordheim/Necromunda mode, so you can pass on it unless curious. It does however, add some depth to normal games including the use of nexuses (magic terrain pieces you can put in an army), titans (how to use the big resin monsters) and how to destroy terrain.

Army composition: You can buy pretty much whatever you want for an army, but only 50% can be named characters and only 33% can be war machines, and 33% allies from other aligned armies. Also, you cannot include more than 5 models per incomplete 100 points (so 10 models in a 101-200 point army). Unlike most games, you could field an army of all the same troop type using the above restrictions, fielding only persecuters, etc. Look in a catalog or on rackscan.net for points costs, and the latter defines abilities too if I remember correctly. Most games average 300-500 points.
Hope that helps!

22-07-2006, 08:09
Ace. Cheers for that. Cleared things up a bit. May go into town and buy a blister of Drune straight away (cant wait for the ones I have ordered to arrive :D) to see what the crack is.

23-07-2006, 11:07
Two words, Luke: Formor Fiends! :evilgrin:

23-07-2006, 20:53
:D Did this bad boy today.


24-07-2006, 11:21
isn't the base brown now? lol

looks good mate :)

24-07-2006, 13:07
Damn, well now I guess you know my real name :D

Here we go. New and improved with some natural light.

01-08-2006, 08:37
Yeah, I remember trying to play during Second Ed... ugh I got headaches trying to figure out a resonable shot to call. When damage modifiers are on your dice and not your stats. Things tend to get confusing.

yeah, I collected about 300pts of Griffons and Wolfen back in the day.

01-08-2006, 11:56
@luke, looking good mate.

@darwin_green, third ed is so much quicker. and the rules/translation makes more sense.