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22-07-2006, 19:12
What ships would be included in a pre-heresy Imperial Fleet?

I've already seen from the HH Artbooks that there's the Emperor, what could be Swords (Vol I, page 24), ships that could be Iconoclasts (Vol III, page 93), several ship types I don't recognise (Vol I, page 24 (Middle), 29, 30, 90, Vol III, pages 81, 78, 63), and probably one or two that I missed.

I'm pretty sure that isn't all of them, so does anyone know any more?

Thanks in advance! :)

24-07-2006, 16:04
use the current chaos list

25-07-2006, 19:05
When the Heresy happened, those portions of the fleet that were loyal to Horus retreated into the Eye with the rest of the traitor forces.

Those traitor fleets are todays Chaos fleets.

Therefore, to represent the pre-heresy Imperial fleet, one should use the current Chaos list, as fracas has already suggested.

26-07-2006, 01:15
Just a quick summary from browsing through the BBB and Armada:

Definitely pre-heresy:
-Emperor (26th millenium)
-Desolator ("very founding of the Imperium")
-Ramilies (used in Great Crusade)

Probably pre-heresy:
-Retribution ("earliest days of the Imperium")
-Apocalypse (predates Retribution)
-Dauntless ("[Light cruisers] always been a feature of Imperial fleets")
-Sword ("venerable")
-Iconoclast ("similar to escorts turned out by almost every shipyard")
-Hades (predates armored prows, which themselves appear to predate the Heresy as evidenced by the Retribution)
-Acheron (pre-armored prow)
-Devastation (pre-armored prow)
-Carnage (pre-armored prow)
-Slaughter (pre-armored prow)
-Grand Cruisers (conflicting fluff: Repulsive entry says the CG concept dates to the 34th millenium, but Vengeance-classes were definitely involved in the Heresy.)

Who Knows:

Probably post-heresy:
-Overlord (post-dates Acheron & all grand cruisers)
-Mars (post-dates grand cruisers)
-Firestorm ("recent innovation")
-Styx (built 32nd millenium)
-Lunar (replaced Murder)
-Murder (most built in 33rd millenium)
-Defiant ("recent development")
-Dictator (post-dates Lunar)
-Gothic (tactical weaknesses not recognized till Gothic War)

Definitely post-heresy:
-Tyrant (38th millenium)
-Despoiler (36th millenium)
-Idolator (non-imperial design)
-Infidel (designed 40th millenium)
-Blackstone (non-imperial design)
-Falchion (designed M40)
-Planet Killer (non-imperial design)
-Armageddon (first built from chaos-damaged Lunar)

So you're safe with the Chaos list as long as you avoid the obviously new designs. Throwing in a couple imperial battleships could make the fleet as a whole look less evil. Maybe you could get away with fielding an Emperor model using the Despoiler rules.

26-07-2006, 03:17
surprised about the Despoiler and to a lesser extent the Styx