View Full Version : Plasma Gun On Leader?

22-07-2006, 20:51
Well, what do you think of it?
I'm thinking of putting one on my leader. He will get expensive but can kill most things in the game.

What of the combination Chainsword/Plasmagun/Bolt Pistol? Do you think it can work?

22-07-2006, 22:47
It works, one of our group had someone like this, but a Plasma Pistol might be better.

Since you have a chainsword, you want to be in hand to hand combat. Carrying a plasmagun means you don't get an extra dice in hand to hand.

23-07-2006, 11:43
Well, I wanted him as a Shooty guy. And as he probably will get charged and I had 25Creds left, I gave him the Chainsword. With only WS4 he will have just slightly more chance to win the combat, but with the Parry rule, He'll be much more effective. I didn'r plan to have him in CC anyway.

It's a Delaque leader so I can't start with a plasma Pistol I took the Bolt pistol.
I planed to change it as soon as the campain starts.