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23-07-2006, 11:05
Reading thorugh an article on the specialist games site and found a good roster to start a league with, the thing is several people have suggested starting with a star player, in my case Griff Oberwald. The thing is that he costs 180,000 gc, thats the same as two blitzers.

Btw the team list on the article is:

4 Blitzers - 360,000
2 Catchers - 140,000
1 Thrower - 70,000
4 Linemen - 200,000
3 Re-Rolls - 150,000
8 Fan Factor - 80,000

Thats 11 on-field players for 1,000,000 gc.

I am completely new to BB and do not know if this is a good starting line-up or do what others have suggested by taking Griff (his stats here (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/StarPlayers.pdf).)

23-07-2006, 17:06
This really depends on which version of the Blood Bowl rules the league you are playing in uses. If it's anything remotely current, then star players cannot be added to your team as permanent hires, but must be freebooted/induced on a game by game basis.

If your league is going to use the upcoming Living Rulebook version 5 rules, then I would suggest dropping most of your Fan Factor as it is significantly less important now, and using the money on another re-roll, or just banking the extra gold to save for inducements. Another option would be to use the gold to get another Lineman so you won't be undermanned on the pitch when somebody gets hurt (and they will). If the league your in will be using previous versions of the Living Rulebook, then definately keep the high Fan Factor.

23-07-2006, 17:26
Dont you need fan factor for money still? and it still effects a few kick off results.. namely throw a rock, cheering fans and pitch invasion

24-07-2006, 10:25
I like to lay off the stars and keep fan factor and no. of players as high as possible. But then i play goblins, so i need plenty of subs.

Oh, and i can;t wait for the new rules, where bommers, pogoers, chainsaw gobbos and fanatics are part of the main team! :p