View Full Version : any rumors/news about epic eldar?

26-07-2006, 13:19
Just wondering if there were any rumors or stuffs regarding epic eldar minis. I mean, since at least some of the big things are being totally redone in 40k (wraith-lord and war-walkers for starters), is GW or FW going to be sculpting new versions for epic too? It'd be cool if they were :D epic just seems to make so much more sense to play than 40k...money-wise (the most important for me since i'm still a student) and force-size wise. Especially since 40k's models aren't in proper scale/proportion anyway....geh....

26-07-2006, 14:17
I seriously doubt it. SG doesn't even have enough resources to release full lines for some of the races in development and is largely relying on re-tooling the E40K model lines. They definitely don't have the resources to change models based solely on 40K development.

FW will probably restrict their Epic production to scaled down versions of their 40K lines and if rumor is to be believed will not release anything else in Epic until there is an SG line to support it. So, for example, they aren't planning to release an Epic scale Heirophant for Nids (which is definitely at least to the green stage) until there is an SG release of the "main" Nid line.

27-07-2006, 04:24
No.. we do not get updated minis - or rarely get updated minis. Alot of time they re-release older models that were cast almost a decade or more ago. Alot of the minis are alright and do not need to be redone for purposes of the game. Also lets get some of the other mini ranges done, stuff like the Necrons, Chaos, Tyranids, etc, before going back and updating ranges. Sorry no. FW has filled the hole for minis that have never been produced for Epic or have no similiar minis (Necrons are very similiar to the old Chaos Robots), largely Tau. Also they have produced Grey Knights. Other than those I don tthink there has been any infantry, but plenty of vehicles.

27-07-2006, 10:21
Just in case you have not had enough 'no' posts... ;)


I seriously doubt that, even if the Tyranids come out, they will be updated from the first edition 40K versions which were released for Epic40K.

It is possible that Forge World will step in for some updates, but even that is unlikely for minis that SG are already producing.