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27-07-2006, 16:55
You may have noticed my skull avatar and thought of cities of death. well.... your right!!! anyway hows it coming?



These are just a cupple of Pics. so Ill be posting more later. QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS WANTED!!!


27-07-2006, 17:11
That's really stunning; I've seen quite a few people construct their CoD buildings and ignore all the detail (including the GW studio team...!?!). This looks amazing.
What colour have you used for the base-coat of the walls?

27-07-2006, 18:52
Thanks, and I used a Chaos Black spray and a Chaos Black paint for the walls! really simple but adds a nice contrast to the bronze.

27-07-2006, 19:24
Is that really just black? It's got a nice hue to it - almost like DA Green.
It's obviously been so long since I've painted a plain black that I can't recall what it looks like!

Wolf Scout Ewan
27-07-2006, 21:41
Good job so far!

Now show me more dammit!

28-07-2006, 02:04
don't know if ill have much more to paint ill be VERY busy.... I have 2 boxes of wood elves to paint and a lot of other things! but ill try!