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31-07-2006, 13:39
So i'm getting back into BFG for AA's Firebase thingamibob, and i've been drawing up a few lists, and i'd like some C&C please.

I'm beginning to find 1500pts very restrictive, i'm finding it hard to get what i want, but here's what i have for now. I'm using Abaddons 13th Crusade Fleetlist, mainly to get access to daemonships.

1 Repulsive Grand Cruiser (Flagship)
Chaos Lord
Mark of Nurgle
Shield and Lance range upgrades
1 Re-Roll [340]

1 Devastation Class Cruiser [190]

1 Devastation Class Cruiser [190]

1 Murder Class Cruiser [170]

1 Carnage Class Cruiser [180]

1 Slaughter Class Cruiser
Mark of Nurgle [220]

3 x Iconoclasts [90]

3 x Infidels [120]

Total = 1500.

So that's a rough list so far. I'd dearly have loved to upgrade at least the flagship to having Death Guard crew, or a carrier to allow it access to thunderhawks, but there's just not enough points. I know the daemonship is a massive points drain, but i just love the whole fluff aspect of a possessed ship, and i want to do some converting! And i also have loved to include a Vengeance class GC, but i have 2 Repulsives floating around that i can;t really waste.

So what do people think? Any advice for a budding warmaster?

31-07-2006, 14:10
As I'll be your opponant in the hopeful megabattle you may wanna take my advice with a pinch of salt :p

Firstly, Daemonships are bloody scary. Appearing and reappering at will is great for flanking slow moving ships or distracting an enemy's well laid plan. However, their potential damage causing is...well, not really that reliable. Being able to vanish again is a useful tactic however, but continuous use of it may lead to very little action being produced from them. Personally, I'd take it off the slaughter and give it to a slower vessel, such as the murder. Also, give it to a cheaper vessel, because if you disengage you also lose victory points - even if you reappear.

Escorts are personal preference really, I'd probably take another squad of infidels.

Other than that, thats alot of firepower. I'd perhaps reconsider taking two devestations, but then again the only other chaos carrier is a full 100points more in cost :p

31-07-2006, 14:22
Hmmm ... advice from the enemy! :p

I was considering using the Slaughter as a daemonship 'cos of it's poor ranged weapons, i might just drop it altogther, pump the points into an Acheron and upgrade the Murder or a Devastation to a daemonship.

31-07-2006, 14:25
You can't use ordnance on a daemonship can you?

The slaughter is as close to a light cruiser chaos can get, and can often help support escorts. However, personally, I think you would be best served with two devestations and two murders.

01-08-2006, 13:42
Ok, a little update - i've dropped a Devastation for another Carnage, which i've made into a daemonship instead of the Slaughter.

Dropping the re-roll has allowed me to take a Death Guard CSM crew for my flagship. :cool:

01-08-2006, 14:22
Cool - not worried you'll be vulnerable to ordnance?

01-08-2006, 14:59
Gah. It took me about 2 hours to make the decision to drop the 2nd devastation.


01-08-2006, 16:56
Well it's just chaos usually is shy with ordnance being so expensive, they can be easily overwhelmed with dozens of bombers.

Two devestations will serve you better than one styx, so I'd keep them and perhaps drop the slaughter or carnage.

02-08-2006, 15:55
Hmm. Well i'll sort something out.

I'll probably buy the plaguefleet expansion bitz soon, so i can start work properly.

**EDIT** on another note i can't find any rules that state daemonships cannot use ordnance - do you have a page reference?

04-08-2006, 13:29
Looking at your original List, I would drop the Range upgrade on the Repulsive and replace the Murder with a second Carnage (although the models are all but interchangeable, which is handy) however I would definately keep both Devestations, if only so that you can keep enemy ordnance off your tail while the big guns do their work.

The reason for my suggestions stem round the fact that Chaos Cruisers can generally be classed either as "line breakers" or "flankers." The Murder is undoubtedly a linebreaker, in that it works best running at the enemy and then firing off it's batteries once it breaks into the enemy formation, but the rest of your fleet are all flankers, which basically excel at laying down a broadside onto one beam. While Linebreaking is undoubtedly effective, having only one ship to do it with is pretty suicidal, so I recommend you concentrate on forming a line of battle and smashing the enemy that way...

The Devestation and Carnage compliment one another well, the Devestation lending lance support and fighter cover to the Gun line, however if you're determined to loose a Devestation I'd try something like this;


I field a squadron of cruisers in that exact composition in all my games, and two squadrons in 2000 points and up. The amount of Firepower they put out at all ranges for the points invested is just vicious. They can tackle pretty much all comers in a gunnery duel while the Devestation protects them from Ordnance attacks.