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06-08-2006, 09:09
So I bet people are getting sick of these threads by now, but having looked at Anvilshammer's, blackfang's and my_name_is_tudor's projects, I think it would be stupid of me not to have a go at it.

This thread is basically going to chart the progress of my first attempt at building any sort of gaming table, from the ideas stage through buying and assembly to painting and gaming on the damn thing. I'll also no doubt incur many hilarious accidents and injuries on the way (such as supergluing things to my face).

The fictional world my project will be based on is an agri-world called Hysat, which has a population of around 500million imperial citizens, roughly 50% land mass and has 4 major cities which house approximately 20% of the population, the rest consisting of small farming outposts. Mutants are allowed to exist as indentured slaves (provided their mutations aren't too extreme) and live in ghettos surrounding the main cities. There is a small presence of ecclesiarchy in the form of the order of the hand of glory, and a small ad-mech presence in the form of mineral research stations.

So my first question is this, what sort of city should I do? I see the possibility for two types:

1: A metropolis in a similar style to what's in Lord_Blackfang's project here:

(Pictures taken from lord_blackfang's thread)


So basically loads of GW buildings, some monuments and so on.

2: A shantytown/ghetto style city


Either way, I suspect I will go with the first option, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

Im also setting myself a deadline of September 10th and a budget of 200 for this table, of that, I have already bought:

1 x building Hex (Small): 7
1x building platformer set (small): 7

Both can be found here:

So, anyone have any thoughts or opinions they care to share?

06-08-2006, 09:24
Shanty! You seem skilled enough to pull it off - most CoD threads are utilising just the CoD sprues (which are amazing, granted) and it'd be good to see an alternative.

You could build the area of the city where the metropolis slips into shanty and exaggertate the slide in architecture.

Most Shanties are Ork based and it'd be good to see an Imperial version, perhaps with some pious/ostentatious/incongruous ecclessiarchal chapel in the middle emphasising the difference in wealth between the slummers and the church, who could be there to keep watch on the spreading mutations...

06-08-2006, 14:15
I say both, have one very tall building, then smaller structures, then a chainmail fence and some shanty town style things.

You could have it as though the city outskirts are all ruined, and the muties are living so close that no-one wants to live there.

Just a thought,


P.S, OT, a lot of people have asked about any progress with how the custody case is going, an update in your thread would be greatly appreciated.

06-08-2006, 14:58
I'm moving this post to Project Logs


Anvils Hammer
06-08-2006, 17:03
awesome man! everyone should build a gaming table at some point, congrats on taking the plunge!

I would strongly reccomend builidng a mixture of CoD buildings and shanty town areas. not just separate areas but an actually combined city.

The way I imagine it, a district of wealthy gothic style buildings has been so baddly damaged by decades of war in the area that the owners have long since given up and left the ruins to go derilict.
Since then, thousands of scavvies/mutants/lower class's etc etc have moved in and made the area their home, constucting a thriving shanty town among the ruins of the old city.

Moddeling wise, you would want to use the CoD kits to make loads of very badly damaged building, then use plasticard and corrugated cardbourd (makes perfect corrugated iron roof tops) to make smaller shanty style buildingsin amonths the ruins.

make sure you leave pleanty of open areas othervise the board could get claustophobic and un workable.

Wolf Scout Ewan
06-08-2006, 17:39
My suggestion would be to get a load of plasticard and foamboard.


Corrugated plasticard can be bought from model shops as can textured plasticard. Then u can have brick and stone textured stuff and plasticard for roof building.

Bear with me now... this might sounds gross but it works! U know cotton buds? The ones u use for cleaning ur ears with? The stick they come on are great for making poles.

Still learning
07-08-2006, 06:41
do like a main street of CoD buildings and then have like the backstreets shaddy/ doggy run town areas.