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07-08-2006, 10:32
Hey, after building my garden shed my parents gave me, i now know that i have some work in front of me...

In this log i will describe how i remodel and paint all my armies, build some scenery for it, write a list for every army and write some fluff...

I don't have any pic's of my garden shed and my unfinished armies, but I will make them soon as possible.

Here are the armies i have:
Orc's and goblins 3000 pts
ogre kingdoms 1500(these will be partially sold and partially be used as chaos ogres and orc and goblins mercanaries)
Brettonians 2000(these will be converted to a cathayan army)
chaos, nurlge 3000 points or something(these all need new nurgle conversions, and will be a huge army when i finish it, with a deamon, beast and mortal part)

Death guard(dunno how much points, but i have about 70 marines, 2 rhinos, a land raider, 2 defilers, a predator and much more)
Dark eldar 3000
Tau about 2000 points
Space wolves max 1000 points but gonna buy loads of them still
Ig, will make these witch and or deamon hunters or tratoir guard for my nurgle...

A skorne batlebox that needs to be painted before september because a demo...
A 1500 pts cryx army, i will buy more for it
A 750 pts khador army, dunno if i will even finish it or buy more minis for it
some lotr's, i wan't to make a easterling and harad army from it...

So, today or tommorow i will choose wich army i will start and start painting and stuff....

22-08-2006, 19:50
After painting some day's on my skorne battlegroup, wich are half finished, i've decided to do my death guard first, and i've written a 1500 pts killer list...

I've took some pic's of my workplace, but i can't put them on my pc so i'll try to post them tommorow...
Tommorow i'll post some pic's of my death guard to.

So now: what is done, what still needs to be done, and other stuff..
-8 plague marines
-Lord of nurgle

-20 plague marines
-15 nurgling bases
-10 plaguebearer

Still need conerting, partially or whole assembling:
-Defiler(knight school)
-defiler(wwI tank school)
-Imperator pattern emperor battle titan
-maybe a scout titan
-plague tower
-2 rhinos
-60 plague marines
-10 terminators
-nurgle lord in terminator armour+his staff including apothecaries, company+chapter standard bearer, techmarines...
-still got 10 raptors, dunno if i will use them or sell them
-leman russ
-30 ig

To be bought:
-Some more terminators, probbaly plastic, in combo with zombies
-maybe i'll buy some more plague marines, i'll try to get about hundred of them
-another lord
-a greater deamon
-a deamon prince
-a small squad of possesed
-some more deamons
-another predator
-More imperial guard
-arch heretic
-Big mutants
-chaos hounds
-traitor recon(all 3 prob...)
-a defiler more?
-some traitor tanks...

Puh, that's allot of work...

I want to get a company like force, only with more armoury and staff.
I'm calculating the total points and i'll first try to model what i've got and then buy more, but i dunno i will be able to wihtstand the temptation...

So i promise, tommorow i'l post pic's, and please, encourage me...

Still learning
23-08-2006, 09:16
HOLY SHI%T you got alot to do.

23-08-2006, 16:40
Sure, I can encourage you if you want to, but that would be telling lies. Honestly, your screwed, you will never be done!:eek:

But as you want us to encourage you I can only say that i look forward to see those OK and O&G (need inspiration for my own). So you better start working, or you'll never be done! :D

24-08-2006, 08:44
Took some photo's yesterday, my workspace can be seen at the 'let see your workspace' thread.
Now, some pic's of my death guard themselves!
I'm sorry the pic's are so small.
Could somebody plz tell me where to upload pic's and stuff???

Now, for the pic's, this are my first death guard done, and i honnestly think they are good tabletop quality, and i want tabletop quality, because it's quite impossible to paint forces that large any better...
U can see some conversions, some original death guard.
I plan to convert al my un-original death guard in those two ways:the zombie way and the 'big bloated belly and rotten body'-guy.
I've also decided to make some display bases for my army, and if that aint enough, i've started on a diorama set in stalingrad(1/35) and am still painting my skorne... God, what am I doing to myself?? :cries: :cries: :cries:

24-08-2006, 10:13
You've a hell of a lot of mini's to paint! That would take me literally years :(

Something I saw in the support thread - yerpo (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=890049&postcount=3485) colour coded the status of their painting - given how much you've got ahead of you it might help keep you on track and it will be much easier for the rest of us to see how you're progressing.

I'm sure he won't mind you borrowing the idea, actually best check with him first.

And finally good luck :D