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08-08-2006, 01:08
I'm going to be starting up an Imperial Fleet for BFG, and I would really like to include an Oberon Class Battleship in my fleet (I absolutely love the Apocalypse-class frame, but prefer the Oberon abilities). Just curious if anyone else has used this ship before and what they thought of it, and also curious if the side lances on the Apocalypse come unattached, so they could be swapped out for the Oberon options (And are they the same size as the Cruiser options?)

Blagrot Squigbreff
08-08-2006, 12:35
I've never used the Oberon (I don't have Imperials) but one of my regular opponents likes to use one and i've played against them several times.
It's a bit to all-round for me I like dedicated ships but it is fairly effective.
I think the apocalypse is one-piece but the bays are the same size as the cruisers.

Son of Morkai
08-08-2006, 14:39
The lance decks are separate pieces on the cruiser weapons sprue. I made my Oberon out of just what came in the Apocalypse box. Never used it, though.

08-08-2006, 16:43
Oh, it comes with enough stuff to make the Oberon right out of the box? Nice!

08-08-2006, 20:36
There are two problems with the Oberon.

1) The classic "Jack of all trades, master of none" conundrum. compared to an Emperor, the Oberon cannot engage the enemy so effectively in a long ranged gunnery duel and is a less effective Carrier. Compared to either the Retribution or Apocalypse class, it's an inferior gun platform as much of it's weaponry is only medium ranged. however, it is relatively cheap and if you can only take one Battleship, it will fill most of your options admirably (it works well with the Mars class Battlecruiser too).

2) The only fleet list you can use it in the the Armageddon sector fleet list. If you want to use it in any other list you must use the reserves rule to field it. Seeing as the reserves rule would require you to field three additional Battleships before you can choose an Oberon, it rather defeats the object of taking a jack-of-all-trades ship when by definition you must have already taken a brace of specialist gunships and carriers...

However, if you are using the Armageddon fleet list, then an Oberon, Mars and a couple of Armageddon class battlecruisers maked an excellent core to your fleet

08-08-2006, 21:41
Your last line is pretty well exactly what I was thinking. And it doesn't seem to lose too much range to the Emperor, only 2 of it's batteries are reduced to 45 cm, the other 2 are still 60 cm, plus the 2 lances on each side. About the only thing I find it gets a major reduction on is the number of attack craft it can launch, with 4 instead of 8. But I plan to have a Mars class like you said, so that should make plenty of attack craft support. I don't mind having to take the Armageddon list, as it will give me a reason to get a Space Marine strike cruiser (Since I play Ultramarines in 40k).