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09-08-2006, 15:17
Just a little something for you Man O War players out there - the first of my playing card sized Reference cards for Man O War is now available for download over at www.spacehulk.co.nr (http://www.spacehulk.co.nr)

First up - The Empire fleet!


Further Fleet reference cards to follow rapidly dependant on positive feedback!


Finn Sourscowl
09-08-2006, 16:08

I'd been wondering where I could get hold of the rules for MoW stuff... Wonderdog, you're a star!!

Consider this positive feedback if you want to do other fleets :D

09-08-2006, 17:42
Bretonnian Reference cards now available! I've also sorted out some typos on the empire cards.


Another update folks! Enjoy - and long live OOP specialist games!


11-08-2006, 22:22
You are the Man!!!!!!!!

19-01-2007, 02:35
Bump... another pretty nice update on my site... The MoW circle is complete!

Now... I need some sleep!


19-01-2007, 05:16
Damn, and I thought this had something to do with the heavy metal group.

20-01-2007, 00:38
Damn, and I thought this had something to do with the heavy metal group.

I thought a recent reference to Manowar (heavy metal group) had something to do with a table top game !!!

:cool: :cool:

29-01-2007, 21:49
Thanks a lot!

30-01-2007, 09:33
Ah you're a hero, i have lost my Plague Sea Cards while i was moving to my new home *sighs* but now ^^ *cheers*.

Thanks alot =)


31-01-2007, 16:53
Offbeat question, would it be possible to play Man O War using the "Pirates!" ships made by wizkids? I've got a healthy chunk of them I gained by extorting a friend who was too lazy to drive back from town [he lived two miles from my home, and I charged him $4 a pop :evilgrin:], and while fun the game is a bit overly simple, and I've more of a heart for GW games.

Parka boy
31-01-2007, 17:04
great game :( I had to sell my copy and fleets not long ago to pay for computer upgrade/repairs.

13-02-2007, 08:42
I need to find a cheaper way of creating fleets, as my Empire flet off fleabay cost me best part of 50.

I haven't told the wife yet...