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09-08-2006, 16:07
Well, fellow warseers. I have a problem. It's not as big as Deadleys, or as funny as Deadleys. But it is a problem. For this year, I have only painted One Chaos Space marine, and bits of the other members of the squad. That's it. I need to get my **** into gear now or I'll be despairing at my sheer lack of progress for all eternity. So I decided that perhaps the black armour and gold banding of BL is pulling me down. So I settled upon the Necrons. No fancy colour scheme, no fancy lists that are gonna give me headaches making army lists out of after 3 years of no gaming. Perfect. This project is going to be focused mainly on the painting side and the gaming. Mainly because I'm very new at conversions and GS. So hopefully I'll be able to learn a little bit about modelling from this project (I'll convert the odd model). I'll also be painting a few other models as well, as this project is also to help me finish off all my other models too. Anyway, onto the fun bit, the coloured writing.:)

Base Completed

Necron Lord
Necron Immortal

Space Marines (Blood Ravens)
2005 Games Day veteran Sergeant
Battle For Macragge Squads
Command Squad

Previous Battleforce set

Battle For Macragge Tyranids

That's the stuff I'm aiming to complete. It's not very detailed or in fact in any mass of numbers, but it'll still be a challenge for me. Now for the tedious part: The rules. :(

Arcane_Blades Officially official rules
1) Paint at least 2 hours a day
2) The only models allowed to be purchased are the Necrons
3) Update every Friday with pictures
4) Follow the above

Well, there you have it. Sorry for it being so long, but, introductions are either long or awkward. Or both. Anyway hope you enjoy this log, and thanks to all those who read the entire intorduction. ;)


09-08-2006, 16:09
Good luck to you mate :)Im looking forward to fridays update :D

09-08-2006, 16:34
[FONT="Arial Black"]Arcane_Blades Officially official rules

2) The only models allowed to be purchased are the Necrons


This seems to be the hardest part :D

11-08-2006, 20:41
Okay, sorry to say this but I haven't set my new camera up yet so no pics yet, :( but first thing tomorrow, I promise! Plus it's been hard painting the first model (Veteran Sergeant) in two days, when every piece of armour takes 6 stages to paint.... :rolleyes: Ah well, I'll be finishing it off at my GW store tomorrow, so it's all good. Once moer, sorry for the camera, and pics will be up tomorrow. ;)

11-08-2006, 20:42
This seems to be the hardest part :D

Lol, too true!

@DeadleyHeadley: Cheers for the support Deadly!