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10-08-2006, 11:16
I'm thinking of including this piece in a terrain project but I'm just at the drawing board for the moment. I wonder how long, wide and tall it is so I can plan accordingly.

Also, I would need to know the height of an usabti.


10-08-2006, 14:35
Try the Warhammer fantasy forum :D

10-08-2006, 14:43
Maybe he is going to use it as a statue!
Or something>
Or a graveyard.
Or Something>

10-08-2006, 16:32
Hm... the fantasy forum would have been better... Never thought of it since I'm going to use it as scenery...

10-08-2006, 18:56
I've moved this thread to Fantasy General


10-08-2006, 19:59
*Breaks out tape measure and models*

The Ushabti is 2.75 inches tall

Casket of Souls is 2 and 5/8 in. wide
3 in. deep
3 and 1/4 in tall at the tip of the Liche Priest's staff

If you were looking for metric... look elsewhere or convert it yourself.

Hope this helps

10-08-2006, 20:05
might also be worth noting that the casket itself would be smaller. It comes with its own base of skulls, so I'm not sure if you'd want that measured into it as well.

Do you have a tape measure that doesn't have metric on one side?

10-08-2006, 20:23
Thanks, much obliged. I'll show you some pictures once the models are done.

11-08-2006, 16:35
Oh, my tape measure certainly does have metric on the other side, but as an American, I can't help but read things in inches. Maybe someday we'll make the switch to join the rest of the world, but untill then anyone who wants to get a measurement from me will get it in inches by default.