View Full Version : Mordheim: Newly retooled armory options for V2

11-08-2006, 23:09
Hey all. Me and my group have been working for quite a while on a subtle remake of Mordheim. This is one of the products. It is a rebuilt standard equipment list that makes use of a standardised pricing system. Other parts of the game have also been altered, especially campaign and exploration elements. There was also a substantial reworking of ten warbands to take advantage of the new rules.


there's the link. I'd appreciate any feedback you have.

If you are curious about the pricing scheme of these options, they are as follows.

5gc - hand weapons, throwing knives, throwing axes, shields, bucklers
10gc - heavy weapons, greatweapons, shortbows, light armor
15gc - pistols, longbows, hand crossbows
25gc - Blunderbusses, crossbows, handguns, repeating crossbows, heavy armor
50gc - Dwarven armor, Elven armor

17-08-2006, 02:54
Ack, fixed an error.

Shields/bucklers are no longer allowed to be taken if a warrior carries more than one melee weapon.

02-09-2006, 01:05
OK, here is a revised Dwarf warband with use with the new equipment rules. I'll try to add more of the basic ruleset as well as another warband so they can be viewed in a coherent context, but till then i'd appreciate any feedback you have.

click here for the new Dwarven Treasure Hunters! (http://gallery.passion4art.com/members/whisperer/Dwarves.html)