View Full Version : Ogre Kingdoms FAQ.

Freak Ona Leash
20-06-2005, 12:04
I dunno if anyone else has posted this because it is a few days old but here it is. A sneak peek on the Ogre Kingdoms FAQ.
Sneak Peek (http://us.games-workshop.com/community/forums/warforum.htm)

20-06-2005, 14:48
Posted weeks ago, I'm afraid.

Freak Ona Leash
20-06-2005, 15:55
Damn, I thought that read 6/16, not 5/16. :( D'oh!

20-06-2005, 16:03
Not sure if it helps, but I did not know about the upcoming OK FAQ. For some reason it seems I missed it. :eek:

So, thanks for the link.

Freak Ona Leash
20-06-2005, 16:10
Wow, I helped someone? First time for everything I guess. You're welcome by the way.