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15-08-2006, 02:34

Crocodile games have put the Olympus models up for pre-order whilst gencons going on.

This includes the gorgeous spartan unit that I've pinned over since I saw it (must have been at least a year ago now).

Anyway thought I'd give the heads up

15-08-2006, 12:31
Here's the big question:

Will a Wargods of Olympus army be an even match for a Wargods of Aegyptus army at the same points level?

15-08-2006, 21:40
About gorram time! They were advertised as coming soon in Wargods of Aegyptus!

Whats the betting next game will be either Wargods of Elysium or Wargods of Asgard?

15-08-2006, 23:27
If it's wargods of Asgard I'll never be able to resist.

15-08-2006, 23:55
im after the spartans but... its a lota mula for ten spartans no matter how nice they look...

Someone talk me into it!

16-08-2006, 02:41
2.50 us roughly for a pewter is actually pretty good and dang close to the standard for GW plastic (1.75 for goblins/skaven 2.18 for most other troopers)

course the problem is now the sale is over

General Veers
16-08-2006, 13:22
I hope they do the special sale again as I want Myceneans too. I ordered the Spartan unit, Spartan Command and Leonidas. Then I kicked myself on Monday for not ordering the Mycenans as well. :mad:

I ask for the special sale again because my intuition is screaming at me that it'll be another 6-12 months before Olympus is released. :(

I'm OK with that really since I still have to finish my AEgyptus warband first anyway. Considering Flames of War is taking most of my painting time right now, it'll be awhile before my Warband sees any game time.

Considering WarGods is some of the best models produced right now and they're metal, I don't have a problem paying $2.50 each for the troopers myself.

I figure once the Warstore can stock them they'll be the same discount as the AEgyptus models, at 25% off.

16-08-2006, 14:05
Ahh well, probably a good thing I did want 20 odd spartans as a minimum and I'm already well too far into my overdraft to be comfortable...

Is there any indication as to when there due? I heard about now but I know the spartans were out sometime last year at one of the cons.

16-08-2006, 14:43
Theyve been showing up at cons for roughly the past 4ish years (maybe 3)
Frankly this is probably the biggest drawback to Wargods, they work at snail speed compared to most other games (typhon havent had more than 3 models for ages now, tethru had one until recently) Im mostly just hoping they can get the Wendigo out to us by Xmas time, I can live with Olympus coming on stronger for the next Gencon

16-08-2006, 15:22
I'm glad I did it at 11PM on 8/14 because they pulled it the next morning! Wendigos were also available as well. i picked up 50 spartan warriors, which I will use for other games as well.

17-08-2006, 05:33
Gah damn you and your fifty! :D

So they have them at every con they go to? Just wondering would it be worth forking out a small fortune to go to a con in the UK and buy them in person when Im not so poor?

Its a real let down on the range - if they picked up the pace they'd be a real contender for GW, more so then the likes of rackham or confrontation because there GW in style (thanks to chris fitzpatrick) so GW players could easily migrate whereas now changing to say confrontation is a big change in style, so is warmachine or even reaper. Mongoose as well for that matter.

Is there any indication that there doing badly as a company? Or are they just too small as they are too expand successfully? Surely theres a reason why they cant get into gear.

General Veers
17-08-2006, 16:46
They're an "artists" company. I like to think of them as the company that puts quality over quantity first. :angel:

I think they have all of four full time employees? I don't know how many but probably not much more than that if I'm wrong.

I used to be "worried" about Crocidile Games and WarGods but the more I think about it, the more they're like early GW.* In at least the sense where it's hard to find opponents and you can't play every day. I appreciate the game more because of it. If I'm going to spend my time playing a game, I'd rather not waste time with a high probably of rules interpretation conflicts. Granted, WarGods isn't perfect (combined with my less than perfect memory of the rules) but way more tactical and much less disagreement when playing strangers. Makes for a fun game. That and Characters can kick other characters ass but units can kill characters, etc.

What worries me is will they be ready for the demand that will ensue once Olympus is released? AEgyptus is really nice, I like the setting, but I've discovered most people would prefer the Greekish setting that will be Olympus. Maybe it's because most can relate to it easier. Back to the point, if Crocidile Games isn't ready for the demand, that could hurt worse than not releasing the new range. They haven't admitted it but I wouldn't be suprised if they're taking a careful approach to releasing Olympus because of it. That and the loss of Harbinger Magaizine being used as their promotional tool didn't help. And the small size of the company. And the change they made with metal casters as they don't do it themselves. So I would think the lack of releases is a combination of small company issues.

I am oddly comforted by that.

*I mean early GW US. Note that the early GW days in the USA were different than the UK since GW didn't have (or really still don't have) many stores to walk into. So they had to sell via independents (in my area) who were selling and promoting this game called Fantasy Warriors you see...

19-08-2006, 05:35
I picked up some spartans and all the demigods last year at Gencon. Also got to play as both Titans and Spartans, and I can say that the phalanx rules are deadly. Didn't hear it from me, but you want your spartan units at least 20 so you can absorb some casualties. (oh, and the titan overlord is sweet. I love mine). May have to see if I can get my friends Myceans.

30-08-2006, 20:45
Definitely a small company - I'd estimate no more than 2 FT employees (haven't bothered asking, but most are part time or contract). The primary sculptor pool is I believe 3 people, so the rate of new sculpts is low (at least, there are only three names that show up regularly on the minis I've bought). AS was mentioned, there have been a number of issues that would at most be a hiccup for a company the size of GW, but which pose serious issues for smaller companies. They've come through very well in all respects except release rate, so far as I can tell. Most of the existing Olympus molds had to be replaced (thus the only Titan at GenCon this year was the Overlord), and with 300 coming up getting that range on the market is a bit more urgent than it would normally be (just being derived from the same genre will be worth a lot if they're on the shelf in time).

As General Veers mentioned, the loss of Harbinger magazine hurt - Wendigo were slated to be a smaller release supported by Harbinger articles, but when that fell through the main options appeared to be either drop the release and move on, or come up with enough documentation and models to sell the race outright.

After Olympus, the plan is to release Hyperborea, which is where the Wendigo belong. After that Valhalla, and finally Atlantis.

Aegyptus vs. Olympus: Haven't had a chance to try it yet (nor see the rules for the Phalanx, although I've heard enough to test something close). Phalanx is supposed to be very dangerous, but will be expensive. The Phalanx is intended to win when head-on against lesser units, but be vulnerable to flanking. The basic strategy for Aegyptian armies, then, is to use their (generally) smaller size to maneuver out of reach of the Phalanx, and work to create opportunities for flank attacks.

31-08-2006, 18:09
Does anyone know if the rules for any Olympus models were ever printed? I remember how they were supposed to come out in Harbinger but never did, then Harbinger went out of business.