View Full Version : Creating a new fantasy Game, but don't worry, it IS based on a book :D

Daemon king Mad Dog
19-08-2006, 10:54
Ever heard of the iron Tower trilogy? Of course you haven't! Thats why i've decided to make a game displaying the gallant efforts of tuck, patrel, hobs (ok ok, for a short time and he didn't do anything but...) Danner, Gildor, Igon, And all the lads!

It is called battles of mithgar and starts with The Retreat To Rooks Roost, and ends with the storming of the iron tower (Although i haven't read that far :D) Even with the invaision of the seven dells.

Please reply if you have any idea what i'm on about.

19-08-2006, 17:20
I've read most(I think) of Dennis L. Mckeirnan's books. His early stuff was a pretty direct rip off of Lord of the Rings but I liked them. Dragon Doom is one of my favourites. What are the rules going to based on?

Daemon king Mad Dog
19-08-2006, 19:19
The iron tower trilogy, First of all the first book the dark tide (which i am reading again as i am doing the rules for it, still at the keep, second level!) all the way through ( when i read it) To the storming of the iron tower, i think thats he end ne way.

Rabid Bunny 666
19-08-2006, 19:34
I'd use the Reaction Mechanic from Starship Troopers, so models can react to events within a certain distance with varying actions, like fleeing, shooting, counter-charging etc.

Daemon king Mad Dog
19-08-2006, 20:18
i have written a short draft (Including pictures) Of a rule book, post your E-Mail adresses so i can send it to you :D

Rabid Bunny 666
19-08-2006, 20:23
I'll PM it ;)

Daemon king Mad Dog
20-08-2006, 07:22
E-mailed Bunny.

Solomon Short
21-08-2006, 20:54
I read the series a good while back. Mostly remember the battle with the named blade although details are fuzzy. Seemed derivative of LotR and Sword of Shannara (itself derivative of LotR). I liked the covers of the books more than anything else. I suddenly realized just how little impact the books left on me. Seems I recall little people, archers, dire wolves dark beastie things and the battle on the bridge. Do I even still have the books? I swear they should have left more of an impact, perhaps I'm going senile.

Daemon king Mad Dog
22-08-2006, 10:47
perhaps I'm going senile.

I totaly agree. lol.

Rapid bunny has a copy of the rule book.

24-08-2006, 15:17
Those books left no impact on me as well. I've read alot of fantasy novels and found Mc Kiernans style of writing terrible and his narrative boring to say the least. The style may be excused due to a crappy translation but the rest not.
On the other hand there's the background which is quite intriguing, even if there are curiously few things happening considering the large time frame given. So I'd say go ahead and flesh it out it might turn out well in the end.
Maybe you could somehow get rid of that dragons mating with kraken thing, it's absolutely disgusting and produces a mental image of hordes of little C'thulus swarming around everywhere.


Daemon king Mad Dog
25-08-2006, 19:33
Yes that IS freaky.

But i'm not really going into that much detail. It's mainly about the Winter War and events surrounding it.

PM me with an E-mail adress so i can send you the start of the rules.