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21-08-2006, 12:42
Hi all, well as you may have guessed its another of those damnable plogs in which the instance, I will request of you the reader/viewer motivation in reducing my build pile.

To date I have four major forces on the go, Marines, Tau, Guard and Tyranids.

Now I have a battle companies worth of painted marines but its the assembled and unpainted models that demand attention, I have reluctantly concluded that I will be unable to buy any new coolness that is released until I have made a significant dent in my build pile.

The two main offenders are Tau and Tyranids

Assembled Tau units awaiting paint are:

5 x Piranhas
3 x Piranhas TX42
3 x Devilfish
1 x Railhead
1 x Sky Ray
1 x FW Fusion head
1 x Stealth Team of the XV25 flavour.

Some examples of my completed units can be found here (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/Tau/?start=0)

Assembled Tyranids

1 x Battleforce all assembled and primed, these are on hiatus as I can't for the life of me decide what colour to paint them.

Now for the other two offeneders Guard (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/Imperial%20Guard/) and Marines (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/Ultramarines/).

Unassembled guard units are limited to tanks for the most part, a russ, basilisk, hellhound and a couple chimeras. I have a boat load of troops though and these are calling out to me too. I have decided to repaint my guard to match with the new scheme I have on my Vultures (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/Model%20in%20a%20month/?action=view&current=FromAbove.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1) although I may leave the painted Chimera as is.

Marines are my first love and what got me into 40k back in the day, I have collected the 2nd Ultra Battle company from back in the day when that was about the only one that was known. I have five rhinos part assembled and awaiting completion and at least 100 marines clipped from the sprues awaiting the chance to fight.

I think the tau are first on the list and indeed I spent the past weekend assembling a diorama of sorts to hold my grav tanks.

With this decided I will begin green stuffing the gaps on the fishies and generally prep all vehicles for priming with luck that stage will occur at the weekend.

Wish me luck if you would.

21-08-2006, 12:50
I am always interested in seeing others Tyranid schemes so I will be watching this thread in the hope you get some done soon!

The Tau are very nicely painted and I like your photoshopped pictures of the plane/tank cruising.

Either way good luck with the project what ever you decide to paint first.

21-08-2006, 17:18
The Tau seem well painted, and I'd quite like to see what you do with the piranhas (I'm painting some myself at the moment).

Just a slightly OT thing; how did you find the Barracuda as a model? It's just I've considered purchasing one myself.

21-08-2006, 18:50
The 'cuda was a dream model almost a shake-the-box build, there is some cleaning up to do but assembly is easy as the hull is one piece with thruster add ons and a weapons bay as extras. If you are feeling adventerous it is also possible to magnetize the gear and have it replaceable with the bay doors for extra posability. Mine came with two cockpits one with a pilot and one without although as the window is so small and you cant see in anyway I left both out, could be a strategem for CoD?

21-08-2006, 19:20
Tau looks great. BTW how did you assemble your nid warriors/carnifex. As a color scheme i would suggest the most alien color you can think of. Or take all 3 of your other forces and decide what color(s) you never use. But please don't do any pink nids.

Wolf Scout Ewan
21-08-2006, 22:45
Wow cool photoshop! I would love to do that with my stuff but those programs scare me!

Wanna do a tutorial on that?

22-08-2006, 17:17
Well thought I had better post some piccies so people have an idea of what I am up against here is a small portion of my painting stack, these are only for the tau.

Apologies for the variable state of the piccies but I wasnt unpacking my tripod and for some reason my hands were very shaky tonight.



The last picture is a way I have devised for being able to display all my fishies on a single shelf, when completed the bay will have two platforms, one at the left and right each holding two fish with space for two more beneath. Sadly I found out that the plastic sheet I was using for the floor looks fantasic bare but I had used it for a primer shield and so the finish was marred. Originally I had not expected the sheet to be any good in its natural state but it gives a wonderful shine with a metallic depth. reminds me of the death star landing bays.

*sigh* Will order some more of that plastic sheet in the future and use it for my Air Caste diorama :)

Not pictured are the 2 XV25's it should be three but FW are 2 months late in sending the third, and 3 XV88-2s. I also have a shed load of drones that will be bashed into sniper teams technical drones and other flying goodness.

22-08-2006, 21:05
I really don't envy you with all those Piranhas, I found painting one was a bit of a marathon...

24-08-2006, 07:46
Cleaned up the fusion blaster turret for a hammerhead last night and all ready for final assembly and priming now :)

As for the 8 piranhas, well I do have an airbrush sos houldnt be too bad. Priming is set to go ahead on sunday. More pics soon.

27-08-2006, 17:28
Well not much progress per se, as the missus wasnted a trip to ikea yesterday. Still I managed to get another desk lamp and a storage cabinet out of it so not a total loss. Have had to work on reducing the amount of boxes so I have spent the past couple hourse clipping sprues, here are the remains:


That amounts to three boxes of tactical marines two catachan noxes and a catachan box set. They are now neatly organized in plastic organisers (can't you just tell I suffer from OCD). I knw have a few more sprues to do


Though these are only for five rhinos (have already assembled the track units) a couple Tau TX42's and some plastic trees.

I have yet to be brave enough to apply this procedure to the unopened boxes which consist of

3xLand Speeder of varying types
2x SM bikes
3 x Termiator boxes
1 x Assault Terminator Box
1 x Scouts box set
2 x sniper scouts box
3 x Rhinos
1 x LR Crusader
1 x Box Of SM Veterans
1 x Box Marneus Calgar and honour guard
1 x 2005 Nid Battleforce.

Also have several metals packed away techmarine (direct sales version)
8 x servitors
1 x 2003 SM command squad set
1 x Tigirius
1 x Cassius
1 x Sicarus
4 x HB devestators
1 x PC Devvie
1 x MM Devvie
Unknown metal marines not even counted them probably about a dozen at this stage ~I keep finding them.

And these are only the ones that are being prepared for the build pile, the pile itself is still huge need to prime tomorrow Just as well its a three day wekend I need the extra time just to figure out what needs doing.

31-08-2006, 22:06
Dude.....awesome stuff!


03-09-2006, 17:33
Well made a little bit of progress this week, although the majority of my time was spent fighting off incompentent double glazing salesman who seem to think they can charge four times market rate, I did spend a little time at the workbench. Most of this time was spent getting the vinidcator to a pre priming stage. Humidity has prevented any sprayingt his weekend but with luck the next weekend will be more favourable, this is the current state of affairs:


I spent some extra time painting some termies up, well starting to paint them I have more or less fnished the legs and have now started on the torsos as can be seen here


And finally my agressor pattern dreadnuaght its been wip for about a year now and I admit I have a problem with it, I just keep adding bits it was okay, then I decided it didntl look quite right and added the waist and servos, then some more piping and chains. I have some leg shields put aside for this build but have yet to figure what to use for groin armour. I am curently considering a termi storm shield as the size should be about right. Hopefully this will be at least basecoated by then end of the year, hopefully...


Well thats all for this week I should get some more pictures up next week or possibly mid week depending on how much work gets thrown at me.

Rabid Bunny 666
03-09-2006, 17:36
That dread.....

Consider the idea nicked! :D

03-09-2006, 17:41
The dread looks great, but as you said you really need to work on the leg/bottom armour. Have you considered building it up with plasticard?

03-09-2006, 19:02
The leg armour is all osrted just not tacked into place yet, it will be as the original version seen here:


I just need to decide on the groin shield and wether it should have one or not, of course it now needs minor repairs as the missus just managed to accidently drop a g cramp on it. I think she harbours secret chaos sympathies.

03-09-2006, 22:12
I like the way your dread looks, however my only concern is the power fist. I think it needs one more joint for the four fingers. Now it doesnt look very graspy and powerful, maybe some tiny hydralics would fit nicely too.

04-09-2006, 06:55
Yup, that is a concern I will be redressing shortly, I am going to green stuff some ribbed power cable between the two segments on each finger as per the original metal dread claw, this should give a better 'power' feel, I will also experiment with a spare fist and add tines to it just to see how it looks.

11-09-2006, 08:40
Well another update (pics go up this evening), its been a strange week not much time for working on the pile last week was taken up mainly with trying to take care of a sick pet. Sadly my stalwart pal died on the wednesday and so after burying him and consoling the missus not to mention my own sadness I didnt get around to anytihng till the weekend.

I did however spend most of saturday priming, I have primed the following units

3 x Rhinos (for squads III, V & VI)
1 x Damocles command rhino
1 x Vindicator
3 x XV88-2s
7 x Pathfinders
6 x XV25 stealthsuits

Yesterday (sunday) I built up 10 scouts 5 sniper, 2 shottie, 2 bolters and 1 vet seargent. These need basing and priming (probably in a couple weeks as spraying can only happen every so often)

I also spent yesterday afternoon/evening building a display board for my 2nd company, its a two tier structure 700wx280dx300h (mm) the lower level is geared up as a vehicle hangar (should take at least six rhinos) and the upper deck should accommodate 100 odd marines. It will have lighting installed and at the moment has a structure made from necromunda bulkheads and the urban war hexagon builder sets as a entry point. So far it seems ok, as I said pictures should go live this evening.

11-09-2006, 18:26
As promised some piccies, first proof of priming.

Tau units 1 team pathfinders 1 tem stealthsuits 1 tem XV88-2s
Vinidicator and other bits
Top of the base.

11-09-2006, 18:31
Close up of my hybrid necromunda strucutre and hexagon sets, this is to be the top of an elevator shaft that you can just make out in the second pic.


Left hand of the catacombs
And the right

The plan is to have two 4" CCFLs (blue or purple as thats all I have thoughI do have a spare 12"white one)illuminating the catacomb area and possibly some heavy lifting equipment and rock hanging from the ceiling. Yes I kinow the ground thickness is too thin but I decided to use PVC foam instead of a 1/2" thick piece of polystyrene, mainly for strength and also I only have 300mm vertical space to play wth and it is getting close as it stands.

22-10-2006, 16:08
Been a while but its been a busy time for me, thought I may as well post some updates, I don't think much woirk will be done this week as I am having windows replaced so likely to be a bit chaotic for a few days. Still on with the pics here are my latest finished pieces a Tau heavy support team of XV88-2s


22-10-2006, 16:11
And some closeups, these are just quick pics I haven't set up any lighting yet so more detailed pics will turn up in my photobucket account in a couple weeks when I get time.


And of course the team leader


The bases for these were a pain as the milliput showed no signs of curing after three days so I had to seal it in with a thin coat of CA glue, seemed to work fine though.

Next in line are probably those terminators that you can just see in the background or maybe a prianha team hell with me who knows whats next even I don't half the time.

22-10-2006, 16:24
Your stuff looks ace! I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the cavern thing finished.

28-10-2006, 19:22
Wow, lovely Broadsides!

29-10-2006, 01:54
Love those broadsides, awsome stuff.

11-12-2006, 08:59
Well its been a while (again) but another update looms on the horizon. I have spent the past little while experimenting with some terminators, applying various amounts on NMM and also some OSL, though not much of the latter, the pictures attached are not colour balanced due mainly to the fact the photochop is on my old PC and I have yet to install it on the new machine. Still it gives an idea of what I have been doing.

Have to use (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/warseer%20pics/100_0200-1.jpg)
links, because the (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/warseer%20pics/100_0199-1.jpg)
source images are (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/warseer%20pics/100_0198-1.jpg)
too large. (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/warseer%20pics/100_0197-1.jpg)

Also on the go are some pathfindes (no piccies yet) and my sole chaos unit Flame Grilled Trooper (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/BLZBOB/100_0202.jpg) and before anyone comments yes I can see the mold lines this new paint I was trying shows up any surface blemish so it ends up looking dodgy. Still time its grubbied up and covered in dazzle stripes it should be ok. I only bought this kit for the single head I am using in my dreadnaught conversion.

18-02-2007, 17:13
Well its fair to say I haven't updated in a while what with work and various issues getting in the way more time has been spent building than photographing. Last weekend I went on a mad buildathon and assembed 10 sniper scouts, 5 regular scouts, 2 plastic cyclone termies, 8 assault termies, the marine veteran squad and then to add insult to injury I put together another 5 plastic marines to try and emulate the veteran style, these all need greenstuffing so are not quite ready to be shown as true WIPs yet but I have made some progress.

Back in the first post I mentioned that I had some Piranhas, well I finished them off (finally) and built a little scenery to display them on my shelves. Along the way I also finshed some Pathfinders, lets check these out first (larger pics can be found on my photobucket site)


And next up one of the Piranhas I have been wroking on, a slight pilot swap with some parts from the tau tank sprue to more resemble a recon version.


18-02-2007, 17:15
Now for some shots of the group, this background piece also details my first foray into trhe world of water effects via one part resin jelly, it seemed to come out okay though but judge for yourselves.


18-02-2007, 17:18
And a final shot showing the drones docked to the carriers, I added a small (3mm dia by 0.5mm thick) neodynium magnet in the base of each drone and painted over this so it fills the traditional hole. To the top of a flying stand I then added another magnet to allow me to remove at will drones without fear of the pin breaking. An easy operation and well worth it.


Pics to come soon of some FW BFG ships after all this cadre has to get to the target zone somehow, and also perhaps one of an interesting piece that is currently hovering near the top of my queue.

18-02-2007, 17:53
Great work, love the senery.

18-02-2007, 17:56
You've probably heard this before, but you're a very talented painter BZLBOB. Do you manually paint in between the grooves on your Tau, or do you do it with a fine pen? I can't decide what works best.

18-02-2007, 20:39

I just stumbled across your thread while browsing the project logs and i must say you have got some fantastically painted models, and the scenary that you`ve took your photo`s on look amazing. :eek:

I wish i had the patience and skill to emulate some of this. :eyebrows:

Looking forward to more updates soon

Sgt Knivek

Angel Robertson
18-02-2007, 21:49
Really cool stuff you have here! COuld we get somr full army shots please??


19-02-2007, 07:43
Full army shots are a little way off just yet and will need to be conducted when the missus is out as I will have to take over the dining room table to take them but I will see what can be done.

Here is a little sneak peek of whats coming, using the hexagon builder sets as a base for construction I am assembling a modular firebase for use by whomever really, but predominantly guard. Here we have a comms antenna and some defensive stations (count as twin linked long barrelled autocannon)


19-02-2007, 07:48
And last weekend I got a little, restless and went on a build-a-thon and started on some scouts, the snipers have yet to be greenstuffed as they will all have hoods to go with the cloaks and a more subdued paint job than my present scouts.


Next up are some regular scouts, I didn't care for the lower jaw or the hair so I took my scalpel to them and shaved the jawline then greenstuffed in some hair using my secret technique for short hair texture.

And from the other side

19-02-2007, 07:52
Again with the scouts I considerd the available heavy weapon options rocket launcher or heavy bolter, all well and good but limited in design, I lamented slightly that the autocannon was dropped from the marine list in all but one vehicle and decided to hell with it and started scratching up a scout armed with an autocannon.

The weapon itself is from the vulture gunship as I never installed the autocannon option and it seemed just small enough to get away with, various extras get grafted on and next up is the ubiquitous greenstuffing stage to blend the areas together.

On to the pics


And some random terimes just for the hell of it nothing special just trying out some poses before I decide on finishing them.


19-02-2007, 07:58
And finally the veterans, I put together the metal squad as a means of just doing something easy only filing required. They turn out easy enough, although an accident with the pin vise meant one chap now has a snub nosed bolt pistol, I may add a replacement barrel but am getting used to the look of it.


As with all things its never easy, after finshing them off and putting them aside I thought to myself "Hmmmmm may as well have the full squad of ten" and broke out the bits. They are still very much WIP as they all need loin tabards adding and I am considering studding a few of the greaves but they still seem to be roughly comparable in style to the metal pieces.


And again from the rear


Next update is probably a little while off yet but stay tuned as it may be interesting.

19-02-2007, 07:58
Really cool stuff you have here. Those defense platforms are really interesting, what are they from?

19-02-2007, 08:04
Nice - it's a lot to paint. And that's a lot of Pirahnas, too!


19-02-2007, 08:07
nice to see the scouts love their hair do's! makes them really individual

19-02-2007, 08:39
@ Wayfarer They are built up from several sources, the module it sits on is made from hexagon builder sets with car repair mesh added for a walkway. The gun is from a gundam kit and then greeblified with many things from my bits box such as chain feed, braided cable and solder to name but a few, they are quick to build with both being done of an evening and only the solder cable being tricky to glue in place.


Yup its a few piranhas and those units bring my gun drone totals up to 30 (I have lots of drones) whats more is I have 3 TX42s in the build pile which should be primed on Friday with some luck.

@ Jasevx

Thanks, I just felt the scouts were far too cartoony and wanted to hark back a little to 2nd edition with the searges mohawk. Plus I can sculpt hair with a little bit of sucess the rest of my green-fu is sadly lacking.

19-02-2007, 11:25
Now what you mean, I'm converting second edition scouts for my Cadian, they are alot more lifelike.

19-02-2007, 18:01
:eek: WOW :eek:

That is all i can say. That is a lot of great minatures you have there BLZBOB, The individual hair do on the scouts and the poses really set them apart. The vets and the Termi`s are looking good. I can`t wait to see some paint on these i`m sure they`ll be as good as the Tau you`ve finished

Sgt Knivek

21-02-2007, 08:12
I have decided that I must hate myself as I have started assembling two landspeeders, urghh. The one I have already painted went together fine with no real gaps but this one...

Lets just say I may need to order some more green stuff and this is after clamping it all over. I now take back anything I may have said regarding other peoples speeder builds and how mine just fell together. They are in fact forged in hell from demonic plastic and forever cursed not to fir right. And to irritate you all further I am fitting one with the assault cannon the second is a toss up between a multi melta/heavy flamer or a typhoon, I have the pasrts for both but am not sure about building up the Typhoon. I dont exactly game (how would I find the time) but am concerned about fit problems into the equipment bay. Of course I can always improve the speeder.

Have some time off on Friday so with the missus out at work its prime time. Then all I need to do is get out of my non painting funk I have been in for the past week and a bit.

28-02-2007, 13:34
Well its clear I hate mself or my bank balance anyway as I have just forked out on a ravenwing battleforce 2 boxes of devestators and an attack bike plus sundries. Now I won't be using the dark angel components as I am using it solely to bolster my 8th Company Ultras but I clearly am not aware of how much I had to paint including that nid battleforce that has been primed and waiting for 18 months.

*slaps own forehead*

Ah well the new sculpts look cool enough and to be honest in this business thats most of what matters I dont think may if us on here are that sane.

10-03-2007, 20:15
Well the postie was good to me this week, earlier on I got two boxes of devies which have already been divvied up into compartments ready for use and this morning I answered the buzzer to a box containing these


As stated not for a dark angel force but to expand my 8th company forces, during the week I have been working on a couple bikes, they are done save for squad markings and the riders are coming on well enough


And the seargents ride


And something a touch different, I thought to myself its all well having these tau forces but how exactly do they get to any hot zones? Well here is how


They didnt turn out quite how I anticipated them and are a little shiny I dont however have any dull coat to hand to dull them down any so they have to do, of course I dont actually play BFG but then I can count the number of 40k games I have played in the past decade and a half on one hand and still have a finger or two spare.

10-03-2007, 20:23
Next up we have a few pieces which I hadnt gotten around to photographing properly, due to the large number of tanks I have it seemed only appropriate to have a couple of techs on call and here are the first two:


I have yet to assemble let alone paint the direct services special or any of the 8 servitors but I am sure they will get seen to in due course. Next a couple shot of those units everybody loves to hate thats right spam bringers, erm sorry I mean assault cannon toting terminators note how I boldly fly in the face of accepted practice and freely mix NMM and real metallics, seriously I don't know why I do it, its just that the grey is a dull grey metal as opposed to 'shiny' I think it comes out okay on the ammo hoppers but I will let you the viewer judge I imagine most will find it contrasts with the gun barrels but hey ho.


Today I spent most of the afternoon fumigating the wife to be through my prodigious use of spray primer nearly two cans later I have primed a full ten strong squad of veteran marines, ten sniper scouts, 5 regulars and 10 terminators, oh and 3 tau TX42's. If all goes according to plan I should be able to fire up the airbrush and basecoat something next weekend what that willbe I have no idea as I still have a lot of guard and marine tanks awaiting paint and came across a thick wad of primed tanks sprues earlier posing as a reminder that they are still needing fnishing instead of languishing in my to-paint pile. Ah well nothings perfect back to the grind.

10-03-2007, 21:20
the bikes and the termies look great BLZBOB
very clean and crisp i like your painting style i can`t wait to see more keep up the good work

Sgt Knivek

10-03-2007, 21:27
BLZBOB, if you and Deadlyhead joined forces, you could keep GW afloat for years alone. ;) Good luck! And teach your family to play so you can play more games! :p

- Huw

10-03-2007, 22:48
those terminators are looking great, the highlights on the armour is great, care to share the recipe?

11-03-2007, 14:24
those terminators are looking great, the highlights on the armour is great, care to share the recipe?

Certainly but once I have done so you will realise why it takes me so freaking long to paint them up!

First off prime them, black then base coat them UM blue, this generally takes four coats although sometimes only three to get a good even coverage.

Highlighting the blue I furst start off with a broad swath of 4:1 (Umblue:Skull White) followed by a thinner line of 3:1 next up is a thinner line of 1:6 followed by a very thin streak of spacewolf grey, if you feel like it you can then add a touch of pure skull white. As each highlight is added it covers less and less space not just in thickness but also in length so that by the time you get to the brightest they are almost points instead of lines.

Blacks are a thin layer of chaos back highlighted with 50:50 (codes grey:Chaos black) then codex grey followed by fortress grey followed by a lighter shade if required.

Whites start out as shadow grey and highlight up through codex/fortress/spacewolf grey and finally white.

Bones and parchemnts are generally just adhoc from a dark brown up to bleached bone sometimes with a flesh wash sometimes without it often depends on a whim those last two assault cannon termies are wash free but have a shed load of layers on the crux terminatis to get that colour depth.

Metals are boltgun highlighted with chainmail and then mithril silver the burned effect is achieved by almost drybrushing on tinbitz followed by bestial brown then scorched brown and finally black so that you get a graduated effect from metallic to flat black.

Gold are started from a base of black onto which is painted tin bitx then dwarf brone and shining gold thenbrown ink followed by a rehighlight with shining gold and touches of mithril silver.

That pretty much covers it, lenses are simply done as gems depending on hue they are layers of red or green or blue with some ink and gloss varnish to give depth.

13-03-2007, 15:29
After some time in deep thought over the past few days reluctantly came to a difficult decision...

It was time to strip my old landspeeder, I have long since lost my rogue trader and by lost I mean my brother aquired it from me through various trades but I did have a reasonably well painted second ed speeder which I bought when they first came out. Unfortunately for it this was back before I had my damn brainwave about doing the chapter and is painted up in 2nd Co colours whereas it should be in 8th Co as all bikes and speeders now fall under this company (at least as far as I am concerned they do ;)). With a tear of nostalgia in my eye I insert a screwdriver and start popping all of the joins then attacking them with a no11 scalpel to clean the glue off. Next up the pieces were dumped into a lager glass and some acetone added, well truth be told peach scented nail polish remover, I asked the missus innocently if she had any going begging and when she said yes it was squirted into the glass quicker than you can say "Oi"

Last night I took the parts out and after some liberal toothbrush application the old paintjob which if I recall correctly took some two weeks to complete back in the day is consigned to the ether or acetone rather as ether evaporates too quickly to be a good stripper ;)

Negotitations are now underway to secure a second ravenwing battleforce to give me two full speeder squadrons and a fair chunk of bikes. I dont have any use for ravenwing parts I will need to dispose of them so if any readers want some bits make me an offer.

20-03-2007, 16:34
Okay I am officially insane after some negotiations with the missus I have acquired another ravenwing battleforce which certainly bolsters my 8th company forces, only trouble is this leaves me with 6 speeders and nearly 20 bikes to paint :cries:

More pics at the weekend.

27-03-2007, 18:44
Well a couple days late but hey I just started a new job this week so cut me some slack. The postie was kind to me this weekend and delivered unto me a commander box set and another ravenwing box set I am purposely not working out how many speeders and bikes that leaves me to paint as it will just depress me with the speeders wonderful fit to consdider urgh.

First off the beginnings of my sixth company forces the three current members of 6/1 squad the guy on the left is actually a couple years old and is currently being tweaked to fit in better.


Now a couple of the seargent still trying to get the hang of faces especially that stubble its not quite right yet but its not too shameful


27-03-2007, 18:47
Now a couple of the outrider, battle damage and weathering is to be added, probably at a much later date or ever knowing me and my penchant for factory fresh crispness.


Now to figure out what to next no airbrushing till at least the weekend so may have to do sme more assembling of bikes or work on my vets/termies/scouts.

27-03-2007, 19:14
wow those are excellent man!
i love the highlighting, a bit different but definetely suitable :)

good work

Angel Robertson
28-03-2007, 07:58
They are looking really really good! VEry crisp and clean. So are you aiming to get the entire ultra chapter?!


28-03-2007, 10:02
Amazing work making Smurfs look cool!

28-03-2007, 12:21
They are looking really really good! VEry crisp and clean. So are you aiming to get the entire ultra chapter?!


Certainly am, although it will doubtless take time, I currently have a completed (99%) 2nd Battle company and am actively expandinf the 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th for now

29-04-2007, 12:39
Life as always intervenes but I have manged to get somethings done although sadly most of it is geared towards increasing the build pile rather than reducing it. Still I do have a few piccies of whats been going on recently

Firstly some scuts, I wasnt exactly keen on them the heads in particular werent my cup of tea some exacto jaw reduction surgery and greenstuff hair mods later though and they came out okish. The faces on these pee'd me off I just could not get them to come out right next time I will try sme different mixes the eyes in particular seemed almost impossible to do which was made more frustrating by the fact that my bike squad seargent was such an ease to paint. Still here is the picture a bit different from my usual scouts my beige trousers for these boys.


I was happy enough with the general result of these that I ended up buying another three boxes in order to fill out a bolter and shotgun squad.

The 8th company now has its first full squad complete a bike unit with vet seargent toting a plasma pistol and two flamers for the squad.


And the core troops for a min sized squad (really just an excuse to show the wheelie)


More pics soon including a rather daunting one showing how much I have to work on for the 8th.