View Full Version : Where do the gun turrets on an ork battle fortress go?

23-08-2006, 16:02
Bit of an odd question I guess!
I just picked up one of the battle fortress models go, and its got 4 gun turrets; two with a round piece to attack to the model, and 2 on squarish stands.
I just can't seem to find any place on the model where these things would logically go!
I guess the round turrets might fit on top of the turrets already on the front of the model, but that looks a bit odd.
Looking at the picture of the model on the GW page, I can't really spot the extra turrets at all.

Do these have a place to go? Are they stray bits for customizing your fortress in an appropriately orky way? Help!

24-08-2006, 13:32
Sounds like you got extra bits.

The Gunforts have 2 round turrets near the front and 1-2 dorsal mount pieces (depending on the exact mini) that fit along the centerline in the rear. The turrets up front have round pegs and the dorsal mounts have square.

24-08-2006, 20:31
If its the battle fortress with the empty space for "da boyz" in the back then I think the peices he's talking about are the box bottom turrets with an ork with a big shoota on them. I just stuck mine wherever they could fit... on the inside corner of the "bed" of the battle fortress.

24-08-2006, 22:59
Thanks for the opinions - I wound up putting the square turrets on the inside "flatbed" part of the fortress facing out the sides. The circular turrets are just in the bit box for now.