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22-06-2005, 08:39
iv heard from a friend that there is a warpstorm of some sort called Storm of the Emperors Wrath that is like a sanctuary for space pirates?
Is this true, and if, has it anything to whit the Emperor?

22-06-2005, 08:45
Im not sure about the correct translation to english, but If Im not mistaken, this is the name of a space marine psy power, just that.

22-06-2005, 09:23
Im not sure about the correct translation to english, but If Im not mistaken, this is the name of a space marine psy power, just that.

The SM have a psy-power of that name but what im talking about is a storm of some sort in the space region of the Ultima segmentum near the Ghoul stars called Storm of the Emperors wrath.

22-06-2005, 09:34
No, that storm is called the Maelstrom. It's a haven for pirates and some of the more recent traitor legions, as well as all manner of other gribblie monsters I'd assume.

22-06-2005, 09:59
I believe that there is a region of Warp Space which has a name similar to this. IIRC, it is where the Frateris Templars were destroyed during the reign of Vandire. They set out to destroy Sebastian Thor but were destroyed en-route by a freak warp storm which people believe was caused by the Emperor.

22-06-2005, 10:15
Karhedron has it. I'm not sure if there are pirates there though.

22-06-2005, 11:40
From Darkmillennia.net's galaxy map (based on 2nd Ed. maps)


22-06-2005, 13:52
It might me a storm like on saturn it just goes on forever

22-06-2005, 13:52
well there we go, its a real storm.

22-06-2005, 14:13
The Storm of the Emperor's Wrath was created during the Vandire crisis. It enveloped the fleet sent against Sebastian Thor , and destroyed it. It remained there ever since.

I believe, that there is a reference somewhere about it beign the Emperor's doing, ence why it is named as such.

22-06-2005, 14:18
well even if it wasnt the emperors doin, you could understand why they would think it is.

24-06-2005, 05:57
Indeed on the storm of the Emperor's wrath, everything has been pretty much said. However it seems to be a relatively limited area, since it affected the fleet only (or some it would seems).
On the contrary the Maelstrom is quite large, problably several hundred LY across.

What I find more interesting is how the Emperor could have been responsible for it. It might have been simply chance, but it seems a little to convenient to blow up the Frateris Templar fleet on its way to Dimmamar. However I don't remember anything being able to cause a warp storm on demand, not even Chaos Gods IIRC (otherwise they'd probably have surrounded Earth with them to prevent any reinforcements from coming)

24-06-2005, 06:23
But then thats whay Emp is considered the true God, I believe...

Nice to see you still hang around here, Brusie.


24-06-2005, 09:35
There is a it of fluff (forget where I read it) about a warp storm "so localised and complete.. yadda yadda yadda" I think even low level psykers in great enough numbers can create a warp storm. It shouldn't be difficult for the Emperor

24-06-2005, 20:43
I think that it is the Maelstrom and some priests call it storm of the emporers wrath

25-06-2005, 01:22
The Maelstrom and the storm of the emperor's wrath are not the same. The maelstrom is situated almost in the center of the galaxy while the storm of the emperor's wrath is located near the northern fringes, and is at least 1/10th the size.

26-06-2005, 12:46
Well, on the matter of the Emperor being a true god, I would say that on the contrary he is not.
Without going into the whole discussion from back when the C'tan appeared and caused interesting discussions on the nature of gods in 40k (I settled for the idea that a god is what enough people believe is a god, belief shapes reality in 40k), and remaining limited to the idea of warp power (akin to the Chaos gods, the Eldar gods, Gork and Mork...), the Emperor is not a god.
The core of what could become a real warp power is there, the soul of the Emperor cast adrift in the warp by the mortal wounds suffered during the confrontation with Horus (the Star Child), but it does not seem to have much power and more importantly it has not attained consciousness. Drawing a comparison from the birth of Slaanesh, the moment if her birth was when she gained consciousness at the time of Fall (basically a critical mass of souls giving the entity sentience, but that's just me).
Thus the Emperor has only limited influence of events (again akin to what Slaanesh could do before she was born, that is acting through a few limited agents).

But then if the conditions were gathered for the breaking of a storm, then the Emperor could give him a gentle push in the right direction.
Personally, I do tend to enjoy seeing the hand of the gods in many events, but this time I think the event was attributed to the Emperor afterwards because it was seen as a miraculous event that allowed Thor to take back Terra. But it could just have been chance.