View Full Version : 40k background and minis + necromunda rules.

26-08-2006, 21:14
I'm wondering if anyone tried to play with 40k's "gangs" in a necro rules environment but adjusting profiles and point values to the necro fluff son not just using the profiles from 40k second edition. I mean that in a necro-fluffed game, a space marine must be a total nasty beast of combat and shooting. Things like a 555525293+ profile and something similar, with a lot of special rules and so. Just interesting in missions ala "Sabotage" and something similar, I see it like a good choice to recreate some "scenes" from the novels.
I'll try to "convert" some 40k rules to this but I don't know if someone tried to do it first or if there's some web where to find some ideas.

Any kind of suggestions will be pleased.

26-08-2006, 21:48
You should look at playing inquisitor, methinks. ;)

26-08-2006, 22:40
Well, thanks for the suggestion but not really interested in the narrative based "war"games like inquisitor. I'm thinking in playing with something arround 15-20 miniatures per side (1 or 2 squads max) so =I= is too much complicated for such size of a game. Necromunda is the ruleset I'm aiming to......

26-08-2006, 23:44
this is how 2nd ed should have been played. The smaller scale would have made the rules a little more bearable.

Playing 2nd ed was like trying to paint a landraider with a detail brush. It focused on too many small details that made playing a game a chore.

Like how the close combat was fought on a one-by-one basis instead of whole squads fighting like now. Or, armour penetration penalties for every 12" you fire from.

a 500pt game of 2nd ed could've been pretty fun with the right senario and attitude..