View Full Version : New (-ish) Reaper Greens

28-08-2006, 17:15

Catgirl Sophie.... Sat on a Pumpkin ? What's a boy to do ?

29-08-2006, 11:42
A boy is to delve into his wallet and give the poor sculptor some money!;)

Some pretty good models in there, thanks for sharing.

The glade wanderer

29-08-2006, 18:03
That Deva model's wings are awesome. They're exactly the wing I've been looking for. I may just have to order me one of those when they're ready.

Quin 242
29-08-2006, 18:45
There are some very nice models in there. Werner Clock is astounding

29-08-2006, 20:27
I love the Deva, first time I've ever considered getting an "angel" mini.

Suicide Messiah
29-08-2006, 22:39
The sword on that angel makes warhammer weapons look realistic.

29-08-2006, 22:49
It's been a while since the last lot of Reaper greens were put up... I was thinking perhaps they'd given up on the Idea. I think the Sophie will go nicely with the Witch they did a year or two back (Was her name Elise ? Not sure...), the halloween familiars and the set of Jack-o-lanterns they did... Nice little bit of seasonal fun :D

29-08-2006, 23:27
Nah. Reaper always puts up greens when they have time to get the pictures done. The latest drought was because they were prepping for gencon, revising data cards for Warlord, and getting the last bit of Polish on CAV 2nd edition before they publish it hopefullt early next month.

30-08-2006, 08:16
Might have to mail-order some of their releases... My Local games store seems to be running down their Reaper stock. Shame, the P&P for european sales is kinda big...

30-08-2006, 08:36
Senbei, check out Minifigs (http://www.miniaturefigurines.co.uk/cgi-bin/show_reaper_sections.pl?subcatalogue_id=19). They're Reaper's UK distributor and/or manufacturer (not totally sure of the arrangement). It takes them a bit longer to get the newest releases out, but your shipping costs should be less.

03-09-2006, 19:07
Theres a new batch of greens up now.... two batches in just over a week, lol. Not as inspiring as the last batch but theres a nice Mindflayery Piratey sculpt...

Note: Are Mini-figs still in trading ? I lived in Southampton for years and never heard of them... Think I even used to walk past the address they give there quite often.... Thought they'd gone do-do on us and forgotten to take their website down....

05-09-2006, 10:12
The sword on that angel makes warhammer weapons look realistic.

:D Heh, heh. Yeah.

I wouldn't say it's as bad as a lot of GW's output, though. Or even a lot of Reaper's own stuff. There's some seriously wonky weapons in Reaper's Warlord line, for instance.

Shame, too. It's even a Dark Heaven fig. I usually expect a bit less of Monster-Weapon-Mania in DH (alternatively, I expect it and look for it in Warlord figs).

Truth be told, you often see the really wonky looking weapons and armor on figs that scream "add me to your Warhammer/Warmachine army as an alternative fig!"

05-09-2006, 11:00
RE: Minifigs.

I don't know for certain, but they've got DHL figures listed that have been released here in the States in the last three months or so...

05-09-2006, 11:11
Yes Minifigs are still trading, and have been for years.

I used to get 15mm Napoleonics from them, as my friends dad used to in the 70's.

06-09-2006, 11:38
Pain in the butt that I didn't know they traded from Southampton till recently... Even the FP store there didn't sell them (The Manchester store used to..). Any Idea if they have a store, or are they Mail-Order only ?