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22-06-2005, 22:29
Russias finest miniature wargame is coming to the uk via airfix-

what do peoples think, will it catch on, or am i going to have some fun reduced conversion fodder ?

24-06-2005, 08:55
looks quite cool, the only thing that worries me is "real firing weapons" on the vehicles, which makes me wonder if the shooting rules for vehicles rely on your ability to shoot straight with plastic missiles. :eek:

Do we know what scale its going to be?

24-06-2005, 13:53
it should be compatible with warhammer on a scale wise which is nominally 28mm . The rules can be downloaded free from the american distributor, here-


also, theres bits and bobs on the russaqin website which has some sections translated[although i swear it used to have more bits in english]. Has a few more mechs on it than the american one, inclduding the uberly cool locust .


locust- http://www.tehnolog.ru/product/index.php?idk=294

25-06-2005, 02:26
Wow, some of those mechs look pretty cool, nice alternative for Sentinels!

25-06-2005, 17:54
Wow that site is pretty damned cool
I gotta say technolog has some pretty nifty stuff hanging around

plus their newer terrain sets are just fantastic

03-07-2005, 14:58
Yeah they look nice, if its done correctly I bet it will be a sucess. Reminds me of the mech warrior games!

03-07-2005, 21:38
slowly the plot thickens.....

Airfix finally have a feature up on their main website, slightly more concise version of whats on the robogear site[does however clarify whats in the opening range]-

Theres a little more information on the second page of this thread[wish i could get quotes to work on my computer]-

"Posted: 30 June 2005 at 10:53pm | IP Logged

Hi Chaps, had a long chat with the Marketing Manager today, and found out a lot of info, so here goes....

Scale, the figures are 38mm base of foot to top of head/helmet, + 4mm for the base.

The rules are for gamers aged 8+ and aimed at the bigginer wargamer, but don't be disheartened you hard core gamers as there is a free PDF rules addition, (Which is free to download), called Robogear Advanced, both versions are points based, and basically use the same mechanics to work but the advanced set are well.... an advanced version of the rules.

The game is run by d6 rolls so no messing around finding the right dice for the right test ect...

Tech sheets are also available for vehicles and the weapons are interchangeable, the kits are easy to build, snap together kits, so even people with the most limited modelling skills should be able to make a nice model.

All the kits are typically Airfix style, on the sprue, and highly detailed, with easy to read instructions, Same goes for the infantry models and the stronghold models.

What you get in a starter set, well loads by the sound of it, Rules including the legend, dice, measuring sticks, 8 Vehicles, 20 troopers, 4 pilots, a stronghold hex platform system, plus paints. everything you need to get started!

There are ten kits to start with, the starter set being the mainone obviously.

Booster packs can be bought seperately, which at the moment are 6 unique vehicles, all are individual kits and all include paints, there are two terrain sets, which are basically the strongholds, which I summise can be used seperately or can be added together to make a larger terrain item, also boosters of troopers are available, more booster packs are planned for future release so there will be plenty to go at!

keep an eye on the Robogear website, there will be plenty of competition giveaways including kits and sets, also proffessionally painted vehicles and troopers included as prizes, cool eh!

the starter set will be 29.99 and the kits being 6.99 & 7.99, full details are on the Robogear website.

This Sci-fi game is the entry into the wargaming market for Airfix, hopefully all will go well and they may decide to go into other areas, maybe even historical, just have to wait and see chaps.

All the kits are available to buy online, as some highstreet shops may only stock certain sets, i.e the Starter set, other more speciality model shops should hopefully stock the full range, you'd have to ask your model shop retailer if they are stocking the full range or buy direct online at the Robogear website if not. this will be available soon so keep checking the website.

Relase date for Robogear is mid July so only a couple of weeks to wait chaps!"

New Cult King
27-07-2005, 06:06
With a slight conversion, the Thunder would make a great Orky flyer.

The range, while cool is a bit hit and miss for me. Some of the mechs look awesome, some look like dodgy kids toys. The infantry leaves a bit to be desired too...

Depending on the price though, I may get some to paint up. The Spider looks sweet :)