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23-06-2005, 12:49
Greetings Warseer
I, RooieKazooie, am the Official COTEC Ambassador for Warseer.
My job is to let you know what is going on over at COTEC involving the Legacy of the Ancients campaign. I will notify you of any updates, interesting discussion points, changes to the site, and provide any links you might need.

I am also your personal informer for the Legacy of the Ancients, so if you have any queries or topic points about the campaign that you would like to talk to me about in person, please do not hesitate to PM me.

An overview of the Legacy of the Ancients campaign

Legacy of the Ancients is the world wide campaign being run by Chamber of the Ever Chosen (or COTEC, as it is usually called), it follows the same principles as Storm of Chaos and many of the other internet based campaigns do, in that you play a game, then submit your result into your decided area of the map, boosting you sideís control in that region (if you won the game, that is!).

The campaign will start on the first of July.

Legacy of the Ancients (LoA) is set on the lost isle of Miannantus, which was discovered when a Khorne warrior cast a magic medallion into the Sea of Chaos, creating a portal to the distant isle. Miannantus is probably the best looking map ever seen for an online campaign. Here are some pics:



They are a little small so make sure you go to our website to check out the full sized map. The link is at the end of this message.

The primary aim of the forces is to conquer the many cities of the island, and in doing so, claim the magical items that rest there. But the overall assault is to claim the Crown Tekranok, which bestows a gift beyond dreams upon the bearer.

All the armies of the Warhammer World can Participate, but the Forces are separated into five sides, or Faction:

The Forces of Chaos - Many great Champions of the Dark Gods Forge their way into the island, searching for the crown for their own glory and for the glory of their gods.

The Arcane Alliance - A mighty alliegence was formed between the Slaan and the Asur to relieve the crown and stop the forces of Chaos from enveloping the world.

The Seekers on Supremacy - Malicious champions ride north to capture the power for their own fell ends, or for the gain of their people and the smiting of their foes, such as the Skaven in their endless search for the powerful warpstone, and the Druchiiís attempts to vanquish their hated kin once and for all.

The Conquerors - Some come to Miannantus ti fight their sword enemies, and to fulfil ancient grudges and pacts. But some, like the Orcs and Goblins, just come for a good old punch up!

The Bitter Crusade - The Old World is recovering after the great storm of Archaon, and the Patriarch Hysh, from whom the Khorne warrior stole the medallion in the first place, is seething at his loss, and so the soldiers of the Old World raise their weapons once again in the never ending struggle of life and death in the world.

If your army has been mentioned in connection with a certain Faction, it doesnít mean you have to join that Faction, you can fight for which ever end you choose, although it unlikely, say, that a Druchii warlord will side with the High Elves and fight for the Arcane Alliance.
The Factions were created as a rough guideline for who would be most likely to join with who.

The COTEC Forum is HERE (http://s4.invisionfree.com/cotec/index.php?).
The Legacy of the Ancients registration page is HERE (http://www.chamberoftheeverchosen.co.uk/campaign/default.html).

RooieKazooie, Ambassador for Legacy of the Ancients.

23-06-2005, 13:30
Yup, some nice maps there!

23-06-2005, 17:07

Does it cost an admission fee or any kind of entrance cost?

23-06-2005, 17:16
Nope, it's totally free. As a sidenote, any Orc players who feel an urge to play, please head on over to Da Warpath where we're busily organising a nice concerted effort.

23-06-2005, 17:19
What program did you use to make the maps?

23-06-2005, 18:37
That's a very professional campaign you have there, I thought the story was going to be cheesy but I have to say, I wish Games Workshop Summer Campaigns were this open ended. Very well done.

24-06-2005, 01:25
Colour me interested, that is if you can find an interested colour pen and I sit still long enough to be coloured in. (I do so like being in black and whiteÖ)

Sorry. Silliness aside, this all looks very well done. How long are you intending to run the campaign for?

24-06-2005, 01:40
@Quetzl As Kelroth said it is completely free to participate in the campaign.

@EvilIncarnate I don't know what program was used. They were created by The Bearer.

@Rathgar It will be starting on July 1 and will be running for 3 months

Also the mechanics for thecampaign should be far better than anything that has been used before. I have tried to make them so that all information is open to everyone. We will have no hidden mechanics so people scramble around in the dark. We will be showing factions exactly how well they doing in each location, no hidden values like in SoC. They also avoid people pumping the values into a spreadsheet to get the ideal attack plan (like I have been doing in GWs WotR campaign). But they are very strategic and still very simple. The website doesn't go into much detail but I will be soon making a post about the mechanics on the forums.

And please join up. The campaign is going to be great.

The Pale Lady
25-06-2005, 10:13
Malloch, Lord of the Deep, Hater of Light and First of the Narrab bloodline has awoken his brethren from their dreamless slumbers and even now converges on the island, their monstrous vampiric forms gliding silently through the ocean's currents. The crown shall be theirs...and there will be much blood to drink.

30-06-2005, 12:48
Just coming over to tell everyone that the campaign will be starting on July 1 so registor now.

30-06-2005, 12:51
Will we be able to register after its started? Things with me are a bit crazy at the mo, so I donít think I'll get to do any gaming till late July.

30-06-2005, 13:40
You can registor whenever you like. Except for after the campaign has finished.

13-07-2005, 05:20
We at COTEC have recently had some server problems which led to our website being shut down. The website is now back up again and the campaign is now running.

The Campaign Website (http://chamberoftheeverchosen.net/campaign/default.html) gives you a basic overview of the campaign (check out the nice maps).

The site is now a .net site, and no longer a .co.uk one. Remember this when typing the address manually.

Some people have been unsure on exactly how to register for the Legacy of the Ancients campaign, and so I have posted this step by step guide on how to registor for the campaign:

1) Get an account at the COTEC website (http://s4.invisionfree.com/cotec/index.php)

2) Go to the Registration Page (http://bearer.tollfreepage.com/registration/registration.php) and fill out the form (the page is also linked from the campaign webpage). For more information on what faction to join check out the Faction Page (http://www.chamberoftheeverchosen.net/campaign/factions.html)

3) Then send a PM to the Mod of the Faction Forum you joined. They will send you the password to the locked faction forum. If you wish to join the Bitter Crusade (please do, they are low on members) then PM me instead (either here or at COTEC). Same with the Seekers forum.

4) When you want to report battle go to the war room and click on the red cross

We hope to see you in the campaign