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07-04-2009, 00:02
Loving Cain, and I'm looking forward to a Jurgen. The modeling options available to his pockets seems endless.

Perhaps that needs a rule too... *Ahem* Commisar... Jurgen has whatever Cain needs right now, from a cup of tanna to his glare goggles.

07-04-2009, 18:20
lookin cool LotE

Mr Kibbles
09-04-2009, 21:27
I'm liking cain.

101st Vostroyan
11-04-2009, 16:40
cool models. Cain is looking good.

Light of the Emperor
12-04-2009, 21:37
Slowly but surely plugging away.

Managed to skim through the new IG codex at my store. The psyker squad is definately on my list. I am looking for 9 daemonhunter mystic models (the little dude with the metal visor around his eyes). A squad like that would make for an excellent psychic choir. You can check out my SALES thread over in the sales forum for things I have and want.

Now then, Arch-Confessor Marovid is complete and ready to ensure that the faith will never waver amongst the 11th!
Also, two demo charge cyclops awaiting bases:

12-04-2009, 21:42
I was just thinking of buying that same model as preacher for my guard, it seems you beat me though. He's looking great, and definitely doesn't deter me from getting one myself - quite the opposite.

As always, your army is wonderful, what more is there to say? :)

only joking...
12-04-2009, 21:50
Wow five star work there LotE

12-04-2009, 23:28
Look at the baby russes
did the "pope" just baptize them?

Seer Drakon
12-04-2009, 23:31
Cool stuff. Keep up the good work!

Light of the Emperor
13-04-2009, 00:25
Yes, I want everyone to get close to the "baby russ" so that I can detonate them with the effect of S10!

Mogul Kamir, the old 2nd edition Attilan character is next on the list. He's currently being converted out of an old Empire elector count model.

Glory to the Firstborn!

13-04-2009, 00:31
Lovely work on those, old boy.

13-04-2009, 00:53
For some reason the eyes remind me of Wall-E
Good thing you dident paint them yellow!

Very nice work!

101st Vostroyan
13-04-2009, 01:44
I cant wait to see your Kamir model. I think Im going to include some rough riders in my list now.(once I buy more Vostroyans and some glorious artillary...Templates...and mor templates):D

Light of the Emperor
13-04-2009, 23:06
And the Kamir model:

He's a simple conversion, basically swapping a sword for a spear and removing a leering ork-like face from his shoulderpad. He's definately a character worth testing. Rage makes him tricky to use, but if his unit hits with lances and furious charge...wow.

Nork Deddog is another character I would like to add. I've always found him quite funny "He forgets to salute and so salutes twice with both hands for good measure". I'll probably take a look at the current ogryns and pick the least ugly! Never been a fan of 'em and even the new rules do not encourage me to take them. Plus they are rediculously expensive!

Mr Kibbles
14-04-2009, 11:05
Is Kamir a new special character in the upcomming IG codex, LoTE? He looks very nice btw, especially his GS-ed shoulder pad. Is the eagle from the tank accessorary sprue?

The Judge
14-04-2009, 11:34
Could be from the Forgeworld brass etch?

Lovely stuff, LOTE, The Kamir conversion is perfect!

14-04-2009, 15:50
bet you loved the artillery section lote, its really something special. are you gonna get some masters of ordnance?

14-04-2009, 16:43
Your Kamir is simply aesome! A little question, are you thinking to replace the bow of the original Fantasy character with a more futuristic weapon?

Comrade Wraith
14-04-2009, 16:46
Or are you going to model it into a strap and place a lasgun hanging behind him or something?

Lord Cook
14-04-2009, 22:10
I'll probably take a look at the current ogryns and pick the least ugly! Never been a fan of 'em...

Apologies for diverting attention for a moment, but I think you should consider the FW ogryn berzerkers. They look a lot better than the metal GW ones, and they can easily be converted into loyalists. There are actually very few Chaos insignias on them, and they are simply to remove. A bit of GS work to fill in holes and damage that wouldn't be tolerated in a loyalist army, and you're good to go!

Obviously converting a gas mask for them is optional, but seriously? Ogryns with gas masks? That's just made of badass and win.




14-04-2009, 22:35
Nice. Once again excellent work LotE.

Light of the Emperor
14-04-2009, 22:54
Yeah, the bow is gonna be difficult. It appears about half way and then falls into a quiver type thing. Grinding it down (its almost a solid piece of metal) is not worth my nice dremel bits. Perhaps it can be converted to something...maybe it can remain a trademark item which are now sadly gone from the codex. The eagle on the shoulderpad is indeed brass etch.

I LOVE the artillery section! Medusas and Bombards are definately in the future! A manticore seems awesome as well. It may only fire twice but when it hits, its on!

I will definately have one master of ordinance. I'm not gonna jump onto the two command squad wagon. It doesn't seem right. Instead I'm looking at our Primaris Psyker friend.
Speaking of which, I am in need of 9 of the Daemonhunter mystic model. I want to make an astropath "choir" and having them all look the same seems like a good idea.

The Cyclops will form part of a demo squad team which can now have 3 instead of 1.

@Blatskull...I LOVE your regiment symbol. I remember seeing it on a tallarn tank from the old codex.

@Lord Cook...never gave that a thought...I'll have to take a look at them now! Thanks.

101st Vostroyan
15-04-2009, 00:37
@ LoTE--> DO you think the new basilisk rules will make it something you will take in a non-apocalypse game of 40k, with the minimum range of 36".

I really like the bassie conversion you did, so I thought about doing the same(if you dont mind). My "great" scheme is to get an afv club m115 howitzer off ebay really cheap, and then, when(and if) the new bassie kit comes out(hopefully containing the guns to build some of the other artillary pieces) I will get that as well and have the parts to build 2 tanks. Otherwise I'll just make a chimera for a squad out of the bassie kit and take the gun and add it to the larger artillary piece.

I am so mad that GW got rid of the bitz order for individual parts and sprues, now it is a bit harder to track down and get the extra bits you need.

Light of the Emperor
15-04-2009, 00:43
Yeah, ever since the bitz system went away things got much harder. I could have the 9 mystics I need in an instant!
Besides larger games, I've never fielded a basilisk as part of my force. The min range is what keeps me away from getting more of the big tanks like the bombard and instead focus on direct fire medusas. I'm thinking of picking up the basilisk squadron and just converting the gun to make the heavy mortar barrel. If that would happen, I'd definately send you a bassie cannon to help.

101st Vostroyan
15-04-2009, 01:23
That'd be great. I'll let you know if im ever in the neighborhood of getting myself a howitzer to convert. Right now I'm trying to get more vostroyans so I can field a legal force. Armored Fist squads as their own choice are now gone. So I am going to go to my local gamestore sometime this week and oder another regiment box and pick up some officers and special weapons.
I really like your Kamir model. You should give him a fancy horse to complement your work. Bitzbox.co.uk might have some good looking horses for you.(just a suggestion. I dont know if you already have plans for his horse)


15-04-2009, 10:41
Brilliant conversions. You just seem to be getting better and all the conversion stuff just keeps adding even more character to an already characterful force.

15-04-2009, 10:50
Speaking about Vostroyan Ogryns... Can I suggest you some alternatives? If the current Ogryns are quite ugly and expensive for you, and considering your hability for conversions, maybe something like this can fit in your awesome army:


Mr Kibbles
15-04-2009, 23:05
Nice Orgyn Blatskull.

101st Vostroyan
15-04-2009, 23:36
Im not great at using greenstuff. Would you say that your ogryn conversion was fairly easy Blatskull?

16-04-2009, 10:44
Nice Kamir conversion, simple yet effective.

16-04-2009, 11:32
one of the most outstanding logs here on warseer.. brilliant... nothing more to say :)

Light of the Emperor
18-04-2009, 21:47
Today was a day for battle!

The 11th Vostroyan mobilized to combat the forces of chaos...but not just any chaos, 'twas the wonderful daemon army of Warseer's own Tinfoil! Check them out HERE (http://http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=140055&highlight=tinfoil).

So, we had 12" deployment coupled with one objective each. The battlelines were drawn and the Vostroyans found themselves quite alone and prayed that the foul forces of the warp would be lost in transit...


...and some were! The daemons had deepstriking issues leading to various mishap effects including the loss of 6 fiends and a squad of flamers.

When the foul plaguebearers landed, they were beset by Attila's finest!

An enraged bloodthrister of khorne deepstrikes in!

The surface of the planet cracks as chaos takes hold!

Light of the Emperor
18-04-2009, 21:48
With some early mishaps, the Vostroyans were able to press the advantage and hold off the plaguebearers and horrors. However, the soulgrinder went rampaging forward! Even after reading the litany of accuracy and litany of true striking, my melta gunner failed to damage it leading to a hastened litany of forgiveness before he was ground into dust by massive claws..."forgive me Emperor and remember that I am just a man!"


The hellhound penetrated deeper into enemy territory and tried hard to remove the followers of Nurgle form the objective:

With more units deepstriking in, the Vostroyans fight hard to destroy a possessed daemon prince cleverly converted from a sentinal (an IG vehicle? Heresy!)

The Vostroyans fought hard and had a good portion of their force remaining. However, they were so zealous in destroying the daemons that they forgot about the turn count and hence missed the opportunity to move onto objectives. It turned a sure fire tie into a horrible defeat eventhough the opponent was outnumbered. With the objectives siezed, the daemons continued to corrupt the planet as the Vostroyans fell back to prepare for another time!

In all, it was a great game! A very kind gentleman as an opponent coupled with a top notch painted and converted force led to a great afternoon of gaming. I can keep going on about missing the bloody turn count but alas "Victory needs no explanation, Defeat allows NONE"!!!

Rally Firstborn!

18-04-2009, 22:02
Wow that games looks like it was a joy to play, wish I could have a game like that, but alas my friends arn't much into the hobby part of Warhammer, and I have to wait for the new IG codex to come out before I try expanding my 30 guardsman and one Russ.

18-04-2009, 22:27
OMG two of the greatest Warseer armies... the demon army (harrow - the Tinfoil) and the vossies of LOTE!

That is so EPIC it ... it... *mind explodes at the sheer thought*

It's a shame the vossies forgot their turn counts, must be all the fluffy hats keeping their brains too hot. :S


18-04-2009, 22:43
What a great game!
People, just to convey something of the experience of playing LotE, before exceptionally important shots, he pulls out the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer and selects a passage (e.g., the Canticle of Appeasement) to read! Wonderfully evocative.
Truly a pleasure, Light. I look forward to the rematch.
(I'll post a few more pictures later tonight.)

Mr Kibbles
19-04-2009, 01:19
OMG Wow! Thats an amamzing battle scene you got there.

101st Vostroyan
19-04-2009, 02:16
Looks like it was a great battle! The conversions of Tinfoil were astonishing!

19-04-2009, 12:43
As promised, here are a more pictures from the Vostroyans' battle against the Harrowed.
I'm afraid I can't match the Light of the Emperor in photography-fu...
... but his army looks glorious regardless....
.... even in extremity
Thanks again for a truly memorable battle, LotE.
(It'll take me a few weeks, but I'll definitely post a battle report.)

20-04-2009, 16:31
vewy niiiiice :)

20-04-2009, 16:44
Can't believe I never posted here - been following this log since the start and loved it all. But more than anything the Squats stood out and thanks in large part to your inspiration I'll be converting up at least one "Catachan Squat" to muck about in the mud with my jungle fighters. Thanks for the inspiration, and I look forward to seeing what you do next. :D

Captain Johan
21-04-2009, 07:44
Nice battle report, thats the reason people should do their best to make an army look great, so every battle could look like that.

21-04-2009, 16:14
Catachan Squat" to muck about in the mud with my jungle fighters.

hmmm,intersting word choice there:wtf:

13-05-2009, 16:25
I was tourning this log and look what I found

[QUOTE=Light of the Emperor;1162363]Well, I don't think my army will have any tanks...which is great!


The Abandoned
14-05-2009, 14:46
ha! More tanks. Update maybe? Been a while!

101st Vostroyan
15-05-2009, 14:12
Looking at your rough riders almost makes me want to use the attilan models as is and not convert them or wait for the new ones...:D

15-05-2009, 15:52
Awesome work Light.

I have to get back to my own Vostroyan army

15-05-2009, 18:13
Looking at your rough riders..... or wait for the new ones...:D

yeah right. you'll be wating till judgement day!

Light of the Emperor
15-05-2009, 20:24
Or 'till the second wave. There's rumors of cadian rough riders. I'd give it a year or so.

Speaking of rough riders, almost done with Mogul Kamir.
After reading through the new dex, I realize that I miss the old one. Is that blasphemy?

15-05-2009, 21:17
Or 'till the second wave. There's rumors of cadian rough riders. I'd give it a year or so.

Speaking of rough riders, almost done with Mogul Kamir.
After reading through the new dex, I realize that I miss the old one. Is that blasphemy?

Nope :) I don't like ti much either :D Though it means I can field my 2nd SS Panzer themed force...we should have a game sometime if I'm ever near you in the US...cossakcs vs. germans...

Light of the Emperor
16-05-2009, 15:41
Definately Shadowphrakt. Playing against Preatorians would be fun too...Crimean War action there!

Mogul Kamir needs a horse! Unfortunately, this guy will probably see limited playing time. The rage rule is just too strong. Rough riders are meant for surgical strikes at particular units...when you waste your lances charging a rhino, those 40 points can be better spent elsewhere! Plus, Mogul's 40 points = 4 extra rough riders!


Bet you can't guess what this is gonna be (hint: its the only ogryn I'll ever buy):

Finally have a nice day outside so I'm looking to finish airbrushing my tanks. The punisher is a nice tank but at 200 points, its a bit much. If Pask is added its a bit more viable but then you have 250 points loaded into one vehicle which is never a good option in my opinion.
On the plus side, Bastonne and Harker are great options for vets and the devildog with an additional multimelta is fierce! Psyker battle squad is worth its points too...especially when driving around in a chimera.

If you've tried out the new 'dex, please share your experiences with different units...what works, what doesn't?

16-05-2009, 15:58
NORK DEDDOG! thats gonna be awesome. I like the way Kamir came out.

16-05-2009, 21:03
Its nice to see you finished painting Mogul after u decided to never use him
@ ghost- its Nork Craigog

16-05-2009, 21:25
Always a fan, LotE.

I'm sure it has been asked, but what airbrush do you use? I'm starting work on a half mechanized (with eventual full mechanized) guard force and an airbrush is starting to look like more of a necessity.

16-05-2009, 21:28
looking great as always LOTE keep up the good work!


Mr Kibbles
17-05-2009, 05:01
Awesome work LOTE, I love the tassels on Kamir's cape. I can't wait to see Dedogg!

17-05-2009, 08:31
Outstanding work as always LOTE, keep up the good work and bring on the big man:)

17-05-2009, 13:03
cant wait for nork and completely agree about the punisher w/ pask being a bit cuh but if you know you're facing a horde get it with hull hb, hb sponsons and heavy stubber! squad of 3 could take the entire horde, all those greenskins/nids/other guard :)

Light of the Emperor
17-05-2009, 16:31
And Nork Deddog:


110 points to invest in a character is pretty huge so unless I'm tooling up my command for some important function, he'll mostly be relegated to themed games or friendlies.

And an all star command squad:

I airbrushed my tanks again but I think the color is still off. I can't figure out how they were done before! The drybrush I put on top is throwing me for a loop. I'd rather stick with infantry anyways!

Now...time to convert a Vostroyan lugging around a heavy bolter on his own...

17-05-2009, 19:36
and the award for most things completely unrelated happenin in the same squads is.......... lote

god they look good though

only joking...
17-05-2009, 20:24
Great work as usual LoTe

101st Vostroyan
17-05-2009, 21:30
I dont see why Kamir is so bad. His rage makes you move to the nearest enemy unit, but can run whichever way they choose, and you do not have to charge them. If you place them well, you should mostly be able to charge who you want. Giving them Furious charge makes for a good cc unit also.

I really like how the army is growing, and I cant see what more is to come in the future.

Mr Kibbles
17-05-2009, 21:46
Are you going to make a knight commander pask?

17-05-2009, 21:54
or a vossie version thereof

Light of the Emperor
17-05-2009, 22:29
I thought rage makes me have to charge the nearest unit as well? If I'm wasting lance charges on vehicles then I can do without the guy.

My knight commander pask does exist...Its Kyrov who is currently riding in my Malcador. He's a few pages back from here. I might make another version of him on foot so I can place him next to whatever tank I want (as most of them have shut turrets).

Lots more still to come!

17-05-2009, 23:44
Great stuff, Light!

I've finally gotten around to finishing and posting a battle report of our contest (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3584718#post3584718). Let me know when you'll be able to make it down this way to check out the club's new gaming setup.

18-05-2009, 09:02
norg looks fantastic. i picked up a cadian battleforce the day before i found this thread... should have got firstborns.. im doing a urban camo force before i eventually get some vostrians. lovely work mate

18-05-2009, 22:58
Is there a russian figure similiar to Rambo? Sly Marbo in Vostrian colors would be cool to see.

101st Vostroyan
19-05-2009, 00:22
Rage states that in the movement phase, you must move ttowards the closest enemy. For shooting and running, they can choose what to do, but in assault phase, you must CONSOLIDATE to the nearest enemy. I figured that meant you could charge who you want, but after an assault, you must move to an enemy unit.
Even so, you can run and try to be able to charge the unit of your choice.

Nice looking army as always btw. Kamir deserves a good steed.

19-05-2009, 02:59
I know where you can get the SM scout HB.
I have Sly Marbo if you want to use him.
I have the SM Dev squad extra HB clip id you want that.

Light of the Emperor
19-05-2009, 03:08
Cheers guys!

Not a fan of Sly...sorry catachan brethren!

A punisher WIP. Not as creative as others I've seen but it gets the job done:

19-05-2009, 04:56
Nice punisher. And kudos for taking it, let me know if it's actually effective.

Mr Kibbles
19-05-2009, 06:49
Nice LOTE. How'd you do it?

19-05-2009, 17:38
Nice Punisher! :)
Where did you get the barrel from? Say if it's effective (or not) in any battles.

Light of the Emperor
19-05-2009, 21:22
The punisher's value is up for debate. Unless you are a hoard army, this tank shouldn't really be feared. It costs 200 points with full heavy bolters while a Russ is 170 with anti marine firepower.

I've only used it once so far and it took down two death company marines before it was destroyed in CC. Not much to judge by, but I would much prefer a standard russ.

The barrel is from some Iron Man toy. Take a look at any toy section and you're bound to find some sort of gatling gun.
Time to get this guy finished!

19-05-2009, 21:48
I think the punisher at 200 points is not worth the cost. Put baske in it and make it 250 and its worth it. Then it's a LR crusader with more shots. The added BS gives you 5 more S5 hits. It makes it a viable monstar killer. Even a T7 will have to make 6 saves. T6 makes 11. Give or take.
Against Marines your going to kill 4!
Ya a standard Russ will crush a squad if it hits but most time they'll be spread enough so youll only kill 3.
With the +1 to dammage result it makes the punisher able to slow down a mechanized army.
To put it simply 200 points buys you a good tank. 250 buys you an amazing tank.

20-05-2009, 00:39
You are a depressingly fast painter mate, and the quality never suffers, this would be a fantastic army to play with and against. Keep it up :)



Light of the Emperor
20-05-2009, 01:05
Thanks sheep.

Lighting is a bit off, but the punisher is done. Now its onto some ravenwing and then the mighty vanquisher.

20-05-2009, 03:06
hey, ive been through the whole thread like twice but didnt see anything about how you spray or paint your tanks? ive probly just missed it but could sombody please point me in the right direction?

20-05-2009, 04:00
LotE, I love your punisher mate. Great work ... again

20-05-2009, 20:01
the look on horde players faces is priceless but against much else :(

Krom The Eternal
21-05-2009, 02:22
WTF haha you suck.....I wanna play guard again!!!! of course i had to take a look at your amazing vostroyans!!!!! ......*sigh* oh well lol anyway ill give you a call on friday LOTE hahaha... The emperor protects!!! haha

21-05-2009, 02:36
OMG LOTE i would love to show you my punisher. and its not useless (: I used the Punisher on Ravenwing, two turns = Devastation. Keep up the good work.

Light of the Emperor
21-05-2009, 21:41
@Havokas: The tanks are a hit or miss for me. Each one seems to be a bit different in shade. Anyways, they are basecoated black and then catachan green. After that they are given a 60:40 mix of catachan and camo, leaving the catachan in the recesses. They are then drybrushed with camo followed by a LIGHT drybrush of bestial. If everything looks too chalky, I'll wash the tank with a black/ catachan mix.

Speaking of tanks...here's whats done and whats to come:

Leman Russ: "Guilliman's Decree", "Vostroya's Honor", "Harazhan's Fury"
Leman Russ Punisher: "Emperor's Scythe"
Leman Russ Vanquisher: "Emperor's Spear"
Hellhound: "Forgefire"
Basilisks: "The Grey Lady", "The Patron Saint", "The Blessing"
Malcador: "Martyr of the Lady"
Macharius: "Adamantium Oath"
Baneblade: "Spirit of the Firstborn"

There will be a few more additions to the list down the road. They include a Devil Dog "Forgebreaker", 1-2 Medusas, 1 Bombard, 1 Manticore, 1 Executioner and perhaps a few more chimeras.

101st Vostroyan
21-05-2009, 22:12
Tanks are looking good. I cant wait to do one of my own basilisk conversions like the first one you did. I cant wait to see your fully arrayed artillary company when you are done.

21-05-2009, 23:06
I'm glad you put the tanks I gave you to good use. ya know how i can tell which ones are mine? you didn't remove any of the random junk I had attached to them. lol. good work Bro.

Mr Kibbles
22-05-2009, 08:58
Wow, those are som nicely converted tanks.

22-05-2009, 13:12
Nice picture of Vostroya's armored might LOTE! Hard to believe all the stuff starts that dark and works it's way back up to your finishing green. Can't wait to see the bb in all its glory.

23-05-2009, 21:21
Whats the fluff behind the gas tank on the side of the punisher? is it coolent for the gun?

23-05-2009, 21:27
Very nice work on the punisher mate, it looks awesome, reminds me i need to make one.

Light of the Emperor
23-05-2009, 21:33
No clue about the tank...it was there when I got it. Coolant sounds like a good idea.

I played a battle against Daemons today...1750. It ended like this:

I've realized some more things with the new IG:
a) advisors really aren't worth the 30 points, especially the artillery officer (unless you're playing against large hordes)
b) Bastonne is worth his weight in gold. I need to make a Vostroyan equivalent.
c) There is reason to get a Deathstrike...I thought the D3+3 was the whole size of the blast...not the RADIUS! Time to get myself a rocket kit!

23-05-2009, 21:46
bastonne? really? i wasnt convinced with the one wound, demons are brutal anyway

23-05-2009, 22:44
I would have thought that an Officer of the Fleet or 2 would have made deamons virtually impotent against guard. "Oh I'm sorry did I mention that whichever half of your didn't come in turn 1 needs 6's to come in on turn 2. Sorry." I always tell people to not use the MoO, no matter what he does he scatters at least some distance. I believe it that Bastonne would be worth it, being able to issue Bring It Down on a unit out of officer range and LD 10 can't deny the power there.


The Laughing God
23-05-2009, 22:53
Ha, I was playing the daemons.
Can you say Annihilation?:D

It was a really fun game, and hope to have many more!

24-05-2009, 13:12
@ Craig - I can tell you a little about the gas tanks. I had put them on the tank to represent how the army was fighting on an oxygen deprived planet. most of the troops I had in that army were steel legion so I figured I would convey the gas mask theme to some of my tanks.

@ Mike - looks like you an Alex had fun, also i agree Bastonne is defiantly worth his weight in gold. I may use him in the Tanith.

24-05-2009, 14:20
No clue about the tank...it was there when I got it. Coolant sounds like a good idea.

Liquid nitrogen cooling system :D

101st Vostroyan
25-05-2009, 16:35
Vostroyans making a valiant last stand...The best way to go.

25-05-2009, 17:47
The Punisher looks awesome! And that group shot of the armor is very impressive!

The Judge
25-05-2009, 18:13
Bastonne is interesting... I've been spending a lot of my orders on my Veterans so it would be nice for them to do it themselves. I converted mine with the standard plasma/power sword officer, with a new pistol and a gigantic set of feathers to represent his heroic-ness.

I'm also the only fan of the Master of Ordnance on Warseer, I think. Only used him a couple of times, but it was against *huge* horde armies and he must have killed at least triple his value, very quickly.

Otherwise, looking good LotE!

Colonel Jacka
25-05-2009, 20:08

Your Tank's and Guns look great. A very well themed Army my friend.

Light of the Emperor
30-05-2009, 18:45
Wanted to show the new vets WIP:

Captain Chenkov will become my version of Bastonne. The lascannon team will go with the old vets as well. The drummer and others will form a second vet squad which will be led by Harker (who I have yet to make).

This squad needs some greenstuffing around the feathers, basing and then its onto the paint. Leopard hats all around!

30-05-2009, 19:10
sweet stuff, are the las rifles going to stay shotguns or are you going to turn them back into lasguns?

only joking...
30-05-2009, 19:15
Are you going to leave the guns like that LoTE.

30-05-2009, 22:59
Keep them as shotguns, man! Veterans work best with shotguns and various assault weapons.

31-05-2009, 02:00
For The MoO, multiple barrage him with a mortar. Call it "spotting rounds." Cleans his scatter right up. I've only really used him against 'crons but he was worth it there.

31-05-2009, 02:20
Lovely army you got here, LotE!

Light of the Emperor
31-05-2009, 03:54

Once these vets are painted up, I'll take another army shot. The last one around page 100 is pretty outdated already!

And down the line we are currently looking at: vets, vanquisher, chimera, 2 bassie platforms, baneblade, deathstrike, manticore and psyker choir. Still lots to do apparently.

31-05-2009, 03:59
I think you are missing valkyries... ;)

31-05-2009, 04:51
Cool drummer! I might steal that idea...


31-05-2009, 07:35
This entire log is a Vostroyan Wonderland. Makes me wish I had a vossie army.

31-05-2009, 12:21
needs an air wing but there is definetly no shortage of armour in there! the new vets look pretty cool but i would say concentrate your armour in squadrons instead of loads of diffrrent individual variants, even 2 LRBTs and a vanq in a squad oe something.

i guess some people are never happy but great work as always:)

101st Vostroyan
31-05-2009, 16:34
looking forward to seeing the manticore. I eventually wanted to make one that looks like the WW2 russian missile truck.

Cant wait to see a group shot...:eek:

31-05-2009, 22:33
ha! Its going to take me forever to read all this :) yey

31-05-2009, 22:37
The vets look good, bit of paint of those bad boys and they will look seksey. :D

01-06-2009, 21:46
I don't know about getting Navy support, but I definitely think you should go for some more artillery batteries. What, exactly, do you have in the way of field and siege pieces (field pieces include mortars, heavy mortars, thudd guns, etc. Siege pieces are Manticores, Basilisks, Medusas, etc)?

01-06-2009, 22:02
Wow, those veterans are really good, but I thinks that Chenkov needs more "armour"

02-06-2009, 00:13
You already have a drumer! why not an acordian? Maybe some bagpipes or flutist?

Light of the Emperor
02-06-2009, 00:24
Field pieces I have: 3 mortars, 4 thudd guns, 3 heavy mortars
Siege pieces I have: 3 basilisks (with meduas and bombards to come) I need the FW medusa model!

02-06-2009, 06:02
Isn't your Vostroyan army the 11th Artillery? In which case you have one field artillery company (3 batteries of 3 guns, one overstrength) and one battery of siege pieces... and that's just not enough! :p I demand Griffons, Medusas, Bombards, Manticores, and more mortars!

02-06-2009, 09:24
Still lots to do apparently.

Oh come on Light, you know deep down that no Guard army is ever truely 'finished' theres always something else that would be cool too add! ;)

14-06-2009, 01:51
Light, can you teach me how you built your high command, and how to get the foam prefect so that the bases slot in? thanks im STEALING, the idea (;

Light of the Emperor
14-06-2009, 03:04
Gah, its the General...HA-tennnnnn-shun!
Heavy artillery is on the way...let's just leave it at that :)

You are right Col. Gravis. The new IG codex only adds to it further.

Konstantine: I use the standard diameter foamboard found at most craft stores (used for posters, etc). You then buy yourself a circular paper cutter and lengthen it to the outside radius of whatever base size you are using. Cut the circle into the foam...it will only pierce the first level of posterboard paper. Then stick an x-acto blade completely through at 4 points of the circle (essentially forming a boxed in circle). These form your guidelines on the back side. Turn the board around and line up your circle cutter as best you can so you hit the 4 points. It's very unscientific but at least that side won't be seen. Then use your x-acto knife and cut through. Pop out the circle...repeat.
Its hard to explain but easy to do.
You'll then need some basic washers that fit into each hole. These put the bases at level height with the board surface.

Hope that helps!

14-06-2009, 06:23
WHOA sounds difficult but i hope you dont mind if a high command suddenly pops out in my log (: You should check it out and c&c for me, your the vos pro (:

14-06-2009, 10:54
Wow, I just spent the last 4 hours reading this thread and....wow. I must admit, I registered just so I can say how awesome your army is sir. Wow. I love Vossies and you sir have turned them into greatness, I must now go and strip them all so I can repaint them in your color scheme. Haha. Lets just say you make the 'eavy metal team look like they are just startin out. Keep up the excellent work there buddy.

Light of the Emperor
14-06-2009, 18:11
While its nothing compared to Rictus or Tinners, here's my plasticard - tank hybrid:

http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/1720/1005956.jpg (http://img72.imageshack.us/i/1005956.jpg/)

http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/8540/1005957.jpg (http://img195.imageshack.us/i/1005957.jpg/)

Its now due for a roughcoat and primer.

14-06-2009, 18:47
yay! that was almost exactly my plan for a manticore, check out my sig for my squattish colossus conversion wip

14-06-2009, 18:49
not bad but i think some rivits on the rear would make it great

Light of the Emperor
14-06-2009, 23:16
Need some help from my fellow Warseers...I'm looking for 5 more of these Battle For McCragge pylons. The mechanicus, through their ancient link with Vostroya, have shared with me their secrets for the ultimate in psychic wave projection.
In battle, these pylons, administered by their tech-overseer will count as sanctioned psykers.

A commissar lord has joined ranks with the Firstborn as well...as if Yarrick and 3 others aren't enough already!


15-06-2009, 00:19
LOTE Ive got 4 where are you based at, i may be able to send you some

15-06-2009, 00:32
LOL! How do they move around? Maybe little wheels?

Light of the Emperor
15-06-2009, 02:50
LOL! How do they move around? Maybe little wheels?

I've got enough servitors to make a FW look understaffed! Ok, maybe not that much...but you get the idea. They probably build and move them. Using them as a unit is a bit cheap...but my real unit ideas cost a bit too much money :rolleyes:

15-06-2009, 03:05
With all the work you put into the rest of the army, anyone who calls the pylons are psykers thing cheap or lazy deserves a roundhouse kick to the face.

15-06-2009, 03:06
I've got enough servitors to make a FW look understaffed! Ok, maybe not that much...but you get the idea. They probably build and move them. Using them as a unit is a bit cheap...but my real unit ideas cost a bit too much money :rolleyes:

Ok, thats ingenious. Makes me want to start using stationary objects!

15-06-2009, 06:04
LOL! How do they move around? Maybe little wheels?

Couldn't the 'psychic field' they generate allow them to float around, ala Zoanthropes?
(Just had a mental image of a servitor hanging on to a load tied down like a bunch of helium ballons!:D )

15-06-2009, 15:57
Wow amazing work here, two questions mate.

1. Do you still have that Sentinal for sale?
2. Do you know anywhere to get any wheels like the ones you use on the HW's from?

15-06-2009, 16:27
deserves a roundhouse kick to the face.

chuuuuuuuuuuuuck NORRIS

2. Do you know anywhere to get any wheels like the ones you use on the HW's from?

lote scoured most of america and basically stole all there was, they're from ork HW i believe.

lote i have a few but postage from scotland aint so cheap!

15-06-2009, 19:54
chuuuuuuuuuuuuck NORRIS

lote scoured most of america and basically stole all there was, they're from ork HW i believe.

lote i have a few but postage from scotland aint so cheap!

I know they are from the Ork HW's but I really don't want to pay over a Tenner for two wheels...I'm going to need to find myself an Orky friend I feel.

15-06-2009, 22:17
Chuck Noris and Brett Favre got into a fist fight...and thats the big bang theory

15-06-2009, 22:39
Liking the manticore...

please craig dont let Mike think Favre is any better than he thinks he already is....and not to mention he may soon be a VIKING!

15-06-2009, 22:54
Just a quick question, where do you get your zzap gun chassis now?

Light of the Emperor
15-06-2009, 23:42
@Monkeymatt: I have most of the sentinal. If you are interested, PM me.

The zzap gun chassis are thankfully no longer needed on my end as my need for infantry is filled (3 platoons with 35 men each). The chassis can be bought directly from GW but at 15 dollars a piece...probably more now. Too high a cost IMO.
If you really need them, find an ork player and either offer bitz or some teef.

16-06-2009, 09:00
Ahh I didn't want to do this, but it looks like it's time to start cracking out the teef.

16-06-2009, 21:41
we are notoriously hard to trade with, bartering involvs the blunt end of a choppa

17-06-2009, 06:21
we are notoriously hard to trade with, bartering involvs the blunt end of a choppa

Well there are two people here looking for wheels, doesn't that give you a hint as to you needing to get some wheels in stock? :cool:

17-06-2009, 08:50
long range is for humies, we dont use whhelz, we get into da fightin' and winnin'

insert angry roar here:

The Paint Troll
17-06-2009, 09:13
Stunning mate, love the punisher!

21-06-2009, 00:52
As to anyone who needs ork weapon chasis. I have several more than I need if you want to message me we could work out a deal. Thanks

21-06-2009, 03:46
Mike, I didn't realise you'd scratched the entire rear of that Tank when you showed it to me today. Excellent work, looks very good.

21-06-2009, 18:13

check this out lote, something different. i believe you had always wondered about converted rough riders

22-06-2009, 22:29
Any plans to include the new Valkyries?

Light of the Emperor
22-06-2009, 23:43
Ah yes...innerwolf's Vostroyans. Great stuff in that log, lots of creativity. I've been at peace with the jump to the attilans for rough rider support. I realized one squad is enough for me too so that issue is behind me. The Attilans serve me well!

Hey Snakebite! No Valkyries for me. They look out of place IMO.
I do still need to make good on my promise with the baneblade. Don't think I've forgotten! The model is basecoated...just need a good day to take an airbrush to it.

1850 point tourny this Saturday. The goal is to paint some new vets and perhaps the manticore by then. We'll see!

23-06-2009, 06:24
Ah yes...innerwolf's Vostroyans. Great stuff in that log, lots of creativity. I've been at peace with the jump to the attilans for rough rider support. I realized one squad is enough for me too so that issue is behind me. The Attilans serve me well!

Hey Snakebite! No Valkyries for me. They look out of place IMO.
I do still need to make good on my promise with the baneblade. Don't think I've forgotten! The model is basecoated...just need a good day to take an airbrush to it.

1850 point tourny this Saturday. The goal is to paint some new vets and perhaps the manticore by then. We'll see!

LotE do you use your Vossies as Vets or Infantry?

23-06-2009, 13:30
he uses them as both, they are designated by the pattern on their hat. The vets have a leopard skin-esq pattern on thier hats where the regular infantry don't.

Also Mike I will try to make it to the tourney this weekend but if I don't expect me the next day.

Light of the Emperor
03-07-2009, 02:01
And a new chimera...I don't care if we can't have autocannons, I'm going Imperial Armor on you:


Provided the rain can finally stop, it'll be time to basecoat this tank and the manticore/deathstrike/hydra.

And I still want my old codex back...

Mr Kibbles
03-07-2009, 05:00
Nice Chimera LoTE. It reminds me of one of my own

03-07-2009, 14:35
Always liked the idea of Autocannons on Chimeras. Very nice.

03-07-2009, 23:00
cool but i'm happy with the multis

03-07-2009, 23:21
With the Autocannon, I think, rather than putting the ammo drum outside, you should put a bag that catches the spent cases that get chucked out of the gun, through a port on the turret.

I keep looking at it thinking, even in 40k, that ammo drum being outside is a little nonsensical.

My 2 cents


04-07-2009, 07:19
I keep looking at it thinking, even in 40k, that ammo drum being outside is a little nonsensical.

I can see what you mean; either leaning out of the hatch to change a drum, or having a gap in the 'air-tight' seal of the turret where a drum is inserted from the inside both seem a little silly.

However, in this case, maybe the drums signify that the workings of the autocannon itself needed more room in the turret than a multilaser, and the tech adepts expanded the room available by placing the drums on the outside. Having bulky drums on the inside of a tank doesn't seem to make much sense either; I'm sure there must be a more complicated autoloading system from a central ammo store in there somewhere, and the 'drums' are just the visible signs of an internal best-fit solution to an unorthodox weapons configuration.

Still, I'm sure LotE has already figured this out, and has an even better explanation than this;)

Light of the Emperor
04-07-2009, 11:40
I just based it on the FW version as it has the canister extending outwards as well:

Perhaps if I greenstuffed the middile piece shut?
The drums are more for my opponent than me as it helps identify an autocannon rather than the multilaser. (yup, some people still ask me what a multilaser is/does).

04-07-2009, 16:13
I think also making the barrel parallel with the ammo (as in the forgeworld model) rather than the angle it is at now will help connect the two visually.

Light of the Emperor
05-07-2009, 19:26
Completed Commissar Lord:

Scarring on his face needs to be cleaned up a little.

Still have 3 vets and 2 chimeras to go!

05-07-2009, 19:51
Great touch with the white golves. I noticed that the black on him looks better than the previous commisars due to your work with ravenwing

05-07-2009, 22:51
lovely model that, great pose

06-07-2009, 03:35
A drum on the outside could still be loaded from the inside. It would be more sensical if the belt wasn't exposed but it dosen't matter too much. Rather then the entire drum being taken out when the ammunition is expended you can just insert a new belt of ammunition into the breech. This then cycles outside to increase the ammunition capacity.

Mr Kibbles
06-07-2009, 03:46
Wow, what did you use for the black on that commissar? The white gloves look good as well.

06-07-2009, 08:13
Lord he looks good, sorry couldnt help that one. But I like him the white gloves look good on him.

07-07-2009, 00:35
Whew, this is one helluva thread to wade through.
I was amazed at your painting and modelling skills, but some of the models I just don't like :(.

You're army looks great nonetheless.

The Laughing God
07-07-2009, 02:48
Awesome stuff.

Once everything is finished the final army shot will look so EPIC!

23-07-2009, 06:35
I need to know how do you make the leafs on the bases?

23-07-2009, 23:25
using a credit card:) they can be bought from hobby stores (model rail stuff is good)

06-08-2009, 03:47
I just spent 3 days reading this log.....now I really REALLY want my vostroyans back -_- I got into the hobby just as the Vossies came out....but wound up trading my guard to my friend who bought me an ork army in exchange....I'm starting to regret it...and I think he's moved away from guard....hmmmmmm

10-08-2009, 19:44
wow vostroyans annd there not green this has to be the first time that i have ever seen this. very impressed with the tanks and stuff and the other conversions and ideas that are around.

11-08-2009, 21:40
wow vostroyans annd there not green this has

what thread haveyou been reading?

14-08-2009, 00:22
I think what he meant is not red....but having been so utterly bedazzled by the ludacris greens of this thread...the mind....she becomes confused....either that or luke is color blind and red looks green and green looks red....which would make stoplights fun :D

Colonel Marbi Chora
14-08-2009, 01:33
I think what he meant is not red....but having been so utterly bedazzled by the ludacris greens of this thread...the mind....she becomes confused....either that or luke is color blind and red looks green and green looks red....which would make stoplights fun :D

I feel bad for laughing... :D

Keep it up LotE! Commissar loosk great!

14-08-2009, 13:48
Thats a pretty nice commissar, LOTE

14-08-2009, 16:16
Just realised the Kislev banner bearer looks like he's started to stretch and suddenly had an itchy cheek lmao =]

15-08-2009, 17:56
Great stuff. I've just been catching up on the most recent pages I've missed. Do you still fudge Doctrines in (extra) friendly games, or is it all vets?

Oh, and I think this sums up the thread nicely:


Light of the Emperor
24-10-2009, 17:14
Wow, about two months of inactivity...gotta change that:

The "psykers" are complete. New Imperial technology allows for the use of static defense posts to create a focused beam of energy that can make a mess of opponents. That translates to me looking for cheap, easy models to paint!

I'm also finishing Bastonne and the lascannon spotter for my vets. After that its anyone's guess. I do have two chimeras and a manticore that need paint. Problem is I can't match the paint scheme to my earlier tanks...what to do? We'll inverse the colors! I want to try a bleached bone look like the GW Vossie tanks but with green markings instead of red. We'll see what happens.

I'm currently busy with my Ravenwing which can be seen via the link in my sig.


24-10-2009, 20:18
Sorry Lote I just returned from my vacation and i see that you finished your psykers. I totally forgot that I needed to sent you those stuff ):


24-10-2009, 23:54
the ravenguard are good but this is probably the most successful one man blog on warseer, prioritize man!

101st Vostroyan
25-10-2009, 20:02
hooray, the psykers are done. Its good to see that you got use out of models that I would otherwise never have used.

Looking great! I can't wait to see more.:D

Light of the Emperor
25-10-2009, 20:37
@Konstantine: No worries my friend. The offer to even help was kind enough. I saw your vossie log again the other day. Still looking good, keep 'em going!

@Xarius: Thanks! I haven't played my guard in a while as I still mourn for the loss of the old codex and my beloved doctrines. I'm still trying to figure out a competitive list that does not involved flying veterans, stormtrooper swarms or deathstrikes.

@101st: Cheers, and thanks for the posts!

Still need basing and highlighting on the cuffs (out of camo), but the models are done. I thought these guys were the last of my infantry but a veteran lascannon gunner escaped me. He's next on the table:


25-10-2009, 22:03
Nice Punisher! :)
Where did you get the barrel from? Say if it's effective (or not) in any battles.
Hiya, this is my first post. So i apologise for anything I do wrong.

I have a Leman Russ Punisher which I converted- looks very similar to this one. I used cotton buds for the barrell, glued around the spring from inside a ball point pen [looks very cool when painted].

Considering the cost of it ...200pts with 3 heavy bolters, I think it is well worth it. On saturday I played in a tournament at my local club. I played a Chaos army, a Dark Angels army and an Ork horde army (which the punisher enjoyed immensly) .....
I massacred the chaos and the orks, and achieved a minor victory against the marines. I found that the sheer firepower the tank can lay down counteracts even the best armour saves.

The tank wiped out swathes of orks, entire squads of chaos marines and also proved usefull in dealing with lightly armoured vehicles such as landspeeders.

One thing to bare in mind though is that this was just one element in the army- I play guard how they should be played- mass infantry. Lasguns are highly underrated by the enemy- especially with the new 'First rank fire etc' rules. The supporting heavy weapons squads should be able to take out most ordnance weapons the enemy had in your first turn. I know mine did....luckily :)

Light of the Emperor
25-10-2009, 23:13
Hi Squigling, welcome to the forums!

I find the punisher to be only truely effective when used with Commander Pask. The improvement to BS 4 is very important. In that case, it can make its points back.
I still prefer 3 standard russ which can lay down enough fire and force cover saves.

26-10-2009, 22:55
A Vostroyan monster wonder log par excellence.

Splendid, just very splendid. :)

As for the second latest guys, perhaps you could wash some Grypphonne Sepia over their yellow furs after highlights? Just a thought, it might make it look more natural - yellow fur's hard to pull off, but still your 2nd ed. vibe overcomes any demands for realism. Oh well. :)

26-10-2009, 23:46
deathstrikes and stormies are not the way to go for comp. you want fully special weapon tooled command squads in chimeras and manticores, hydras etc.

Crazy Ivan
27-10-2009, 09:26
The log is alive! Good stuff as always, LotE! I must say Commander Chenkov fits quite well as a Vostroyan veteran, a simple but very effective conversion.

As for your list, I'd say make a couple of big platoons of combined squads (at least three infantry squads per platoon), and give each of these 30-man squads a commissar and perhaps some sergeants with power weapons - they'll be stubborn, pour out a lot of shots, and will be able to hold themselves in a melee, perhaps even win!

You must have more than enough painted troopers to do this, I think...?

27-10-2009, 12:11
okay... so after wading through 122 pages, of utterly epic modelling/painting, i now have have to change my undershorts

LotE, you are ******* EPIC, i cant even really put it into words, but i will say that i look forward to more!!!

10-11-2009, 09:49
Whew. Starting my own Vossies and am damn glad I found this.

Wonderful stuff!

10-11-2009, 10:07
LoTE, while i know you have a Nork for your force i thought i would suggest another alternative. Once i had read about this character i immediatly thought of your army.

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voytek
The more epic version on Badass of the Week:http://www.badassoftheweek.com/voytek.html

Im thinking cybernetically enhanced brown bear with shoulder mounted ripper gun ala the Predator!?

11-11-2009, 16:03
@DeathCat147, HAHA on Voytek, idea stolen mate (:


Mr Kibbles
12-11-2009, 09:58
I love that officer dude on page 122. He's awesome with the feather in his busby and the braided eppaulletes.

Light of the Emperor
13-12-2009, 16:39
It has been a while...

I have taken a quite extensive break on guard that started after last November's Baltimore GT. During that time, I actually started and completed a 2000 point Ravenwing force which can be seen via the link in my sig. Its nice to have an all plastic force that numbers under 50 models! I have yet to master the new IG codex and am becoming known for my desire to have the old book back.

As I was cleaning my army display cases, I thought I'd line up the entire Vostroyan 11th for some pictures. I took these pics pretty quick but here's what we'll do:

Post and let me know what models you want to see up close and I'll get them up later today...with better lighting too!

Anybody notice the Vostroyans taking the cover for the new "Battle Missions" book?
Glory to the Firstborn!





13-12-2009, 17:43
These are looking fantastic... Very impressive to see them all together..

Well done..

Best wishes


Mega Nutz
13-12-2009, 18:34
Awesome looking force........!!

Brother Alexos
13-12-2009, 18:51
Awesome!! the first thought I had when I viewed the command squad was "holy crap, if this guy puts half that effort into everything else..."

Well, You did.


13-12-2009, 18:51
They look exactly as a glorious Guard regiment should look.I would like to see some close up pics of the command section,planning their next victory in the name of the Emperor.

Cheers! :)

13-12-2009, 21:30
just have the patience to go back about 30-40 pages :)

14-12-2009, 01:34
Is that a WIP Hydra I see? I don't remember seeing that in the plog. Looking good!

Colonel Jacka
14-12-2009, 02:06

They look great just reminded me that I need an apdated photo.

14-12-2009, 04:27
LotE: These are amazing!

Magos Errant
14-12-2009, 12:27
Your Vostroyans are awesome! They look very impressive arrayed s you have them.

If it's not too much trouble, could you post some close ups of the diorama next to the Command Squad?

Your Vostroyans are making me want to make some. Great job!

Crazy Ivan
14-12-2009, 12:33
It's good to see this log is still going, even after a hiatus of several months. The army is looking great! If it is possible, LotE, I would like to have a closer look at that unpainted chimera on the left; I'm curious to see what your tank commander looks like.

Anybody notice the Vostroyans taking the cover for the new "Battle Missions" book?
Glory to the Firstborn!

And well-deserved too! Now only if we could get a few new sculpts as well (a Meltagunner, Heavy Flamer and/or a few new Sergeants, perhaps?), that would be fantastic!

For Vostroya!

Light of the Emperor
14-12-2009, 21:29
Thanks guys!

On to the requests:

High Command

Chimera with gunner


Heavy Mortars

Light of the Emperor
14-12-2009, 21:31

My command featuring Graf-General Mikhail Augustus Vladkov, Commissar Yarrick, Confessor Kyrniov, Nork Deddog and the man himself, Lord Solar Macharius. If you have a sharp eye, you can notice some conversions on two of my platoon command squads in the back. Two of 'em actually have feathered friends.



14-12-2009, 22:27
Each time I see your whole army I only can say: wow!

14-12-2009, 22:52
I agree. Simply WOW. It's amazing that you've done all this. Granted its taken time. 3 years i think? You actually inspired me to buy one of the last Vostroyan battalions in my local area. I've been sitting on it for years thinking what to do with it. I think that this year i tackle it head on, once i've got my Lexxian's out the way. Brilliant work LotE, your work has inspired me.

15-12-2009, 03:22
WOW. Epic, fantastic and other such superlatives. I've been using this thread as inspiration while I re-paint my Guard (Cadians) but this last half-hour or so I just couldn't stop reading. :D

I've just started to love the Vostroyan models (after reading Legion from the Horus Heresy series) and you've really sealed the deal on them for me. What a pity I can't afford them at all :P

Magos Errant
15-12-2009, 13:09
:eek: Brilliant job! The High Command diorama looks amazing. Great job!

101st Vostroyan
15-12-2009, 15:16
I wish I could get my Vostroyans to look this good. Your army is so amazing, I wonder how good it looks in person.

Good luck with the rest of the army, we all wait with bated breath for the next update.:D

15-12-2009, 20:23
Fantastic army, really well done. It also reminds me I should get those Vostroyans I am using as my Inquisitor bodyguard finished.

15-12-2009, 20:36
I don't know how you do it. I'd go insane painting the same ten models over and over again, but you've made them look awesome, and your little dioramas are fantastic.

Colonel Marbi Chora
18-12-2009, 07:56


Oh lord, I do believe I just had a fangasam. The army looks AMAZING, I would love to play a game of apocalypse against it, if I had the points :D

18-12-2009, 11:03
Quite an army.... I mean an awesome army.

18-12-2009, 14:41
Planning to outdo LOTE, I went out and bought another platoon. AND THEN I noticed I was still a platoon off ):


20-12-2009, 23:17
Some very nice conversions and generally nice looking tanks, i really like the earthshaker platforms.

21-12-2009, 04:45
Incredible work and its even more impressive that you've kept it up all this time. The green on the vostroyens really works well.


le Mediko
26-12-2009, 23:35
That is an army!
I Like your work very much, but the whole thing on display is even more impressive!

The Laughing God
30-12-2009, 04:28
It is an awesome sight in person.

How many points all together now?

Light of the Emperor
30-12-2009, 05:25
Its gotta be somewhere in the 4000 point range. I think I have a lot, but it ends up being smaller than I think.

Still working on the tanks...too cold to airbrush atm. I did however add two new display cases to the game room and it seems like I still don't have enough space!
Currently working on some BFG and other goodies.

I do hope to finish my vet squad in the next few days! I promise!

Mr. Ultra
30-12-2009, 17:42
Years later, this thread continues fascinanting me... Your dedication is pleasant at the eyes of the Emperor! All hail Vostroya! The Firstborn stands!

Light of the Emperor
03-01-2010, 19:39
And the last infantry are finally completed. This is the newly revamped vet squad with lascannon, 2 plasma guns and a counts as Bastonne.
All that's left are some chimeras...


04-01-2010, 01:11
Thats beautiful...
Now that your finished, I might just begin (:

Now to business, should be sending you your Terminators on Monday/Tuesday.


04-01-2010, 08:21
Well done LotE - those are really nice conversions. The paintjob is also very nice - I've always thought that it suits the Vostroyan miniatures very well.

How are you adapting to the new Codex? I also run Vostroyans and have found that the best way to reflect the carapace and experienced status is to use Veterans - I've mounted most of mine in Chimeras. I know that you never used carapace, so how are you running a standard 1500 list these days?

Mr Kibbles
05-01-2010, 20:46
Wow, nice veterans mate. the feathers make them look very nice. the Bastonne stand in looks great too.

05-01-2010, 21:50
constistently great

10-01-2010, 08:45
Utterly brilliant as always and something to aspire to. :)

10-01-2010, 09:56
This army is just awesome! Brilliant work, and something to be really proud of! Even though it looks a little small. Surely some more infantry squads and the odd tank or titan wouldn't hurt... :p ;)

The Veterans look very cool! I like the leopard fur and the feathers setting them apart from the regular troopers. Nice touch!

Monsterzonk :skull:

12-01-2010, 16:11
Do you have any plans to do specialist units, such as Assault Engineers (or even just plain old Combat Engineers with bridgelaying kit, for example)?

02-03-2010, 10:43
I have just seen that picture of the whole army and I am amazed. It looks awesome, great work. I really like that command squad all gathered around the table in discussion. Great army, well done.

Light of the Emperor
06-04-2010, 01:05
Still haven't been able to bring myself to play guard. It seems that the most successful lists aren't too fun to play against. That, and I'm having too much fun with my Ravenwing and Daemons.

However, I finally started working on my chimera's / multi weapon platform tanks. Nothing too exciting. Kommando with a drybrush of bleached bone. Thought about washing but I'm worried that if it fails I'd need to repaint them which I can't bring myself to do...again.

And what's this?

06-04-2010, 03:02
Nice to see this log back in action again! Not really sure where you are going with the chimeras right now, isn't everything supposed to be issued in Vostroyan green? Can't wait to see the bastions and landing pads integrated into the fold, they are good models that deserve your touch.

The Laughing God
07-04-2010, 01:47
I like the bone colored chimeras. They look great with the secondary green. I wouldn't wash them, too many flat surfaces will make the wash pool. It should look good with some weathering at the bottom.

19-04-2010, 21:49
Sorry if this is an unwanted bumping, but I just had to say it:

Best Imperial Guard force all round I've ever seen, in the flesh or from pictures. The sheer amount of fur hats is awesome in itself, and also the overall colour impression. But best of all, it's such a good Great War-vibration (mixed in with 40k madness), that I begin to hear Iron Maiden's Passchendaele in the back of my head whenever I look at the army shots, and the creepy feeling I got from reading the best passages in the best books about WWI returns...

Gloria Imperator, the Firstborn stand!

Light of the Emperor
20-04-2010, 00:15
I appreciate it Nothing! Funnily enough, I listen to Iron Maiden (especially Paschendale) while painting. Gotta throw Sabaton in there too which, being from Sweden, I'm sure you've heard of. Military Metal!

I've been working on the new terrain and managed to get a game in against my bro's Red Corsairs. You can check out his log "Into the Maelstrom" over at the Chaos section. Remember, only those who have strayed from the Emperor's Light venture there! The commissars have been dispatched...

All the terrain got the salt treatment. Here's a closeup:






20-04-2010, 22:59
That Green Bay poster ruins everything....
Just kidding. As always excellent work!

Light of the Emperor
20-04-2010, 23:24
Ha, you wouldn't want to see THAT part of the room. That poster is a fridge and the green stuff is actually astroturf...yeah we have a game room within a game room! Lions are cool with me...

Appreciate the comment!

22-04-2010, 09:43
Nice terrain; it camouflages your army excellently. ;)

Yes, Sabaton has a lot of good metal for sure! Besides, it's quite odd (or a sign of discipline) that you continue to expand your army with Chimeras/multiweapon platforms. Good for mechanising it, of course (and the quick-made Hydra really looks good, too), but I'd have expected you to bring home a super heavy or two, make a Valkyrie and construct a Deathstrike or three - they must seem tempting.

Also (since it's hard work to wade through 125 pages of Vostroyan candy) I didn't spot any ratlings. Are you using the normal Firstborn sniper models for them, or do you plan to get a squad of the new (or old) models and get them some fur hats? Thinking of Vostroya's claustrophobic industrial-urban hive cities, ratlings must be useful, and unlike human childs they don't grow beyond the ability to slip through narrow pipes and ventilation shafts. But of course, that'd mean abhumans, and they're impure... I think I know why the ratlings are missing. :)

22-04-2010, 14:09
Nice, another Sabaton fan. Please tell me you had Panzerkampf playing during the game, it seems fitting. How'd you do in the game?

22-04-2010, 17:06
Light of...

Your army is looking great especially when ranged together like that.. Looking forward to further developments..

Best wishes,


Mr. Ultra
25-04-2010, 10:30
Wow, that seems a really cool battle! The Vostroyans look specially cool and awesome against the red hordes of zerkers. :D

12-05-2010, 04:52
That Green Bay poster ruins everything....
Just kidding. As always excellent work!

No!!!, Just No you dont dis the packers! :mad:

Sorry about the off topic on that part but I really love the work you have done on the scenery what with the perfect mix of green and the weathering, simply amazing.

12-05-2010, 13:25
Great terrain, the weathering effect is really cool :cool:

12-05-2010, 14:30
Your army is amazing.

Seer Drakon
12-05-2010, 18:06
Great to see some updates on this thread! I love it!

Light of the Emperor
12-05-2010, 21:58
Woah, didn't notice I had a bunch of comments. Let's get down to 'em:

@Nothing: I'm not big on a mech army for guard. In the most simplest of terms, I really want lots of troops in nice rows firing away. Tactically boring, thematically awesome. Some units really benefit a chimera though...HQ for cover and slightly increased command range, Hardened Vets if you want to go tank hunting and Psykers so you're strength isn't immediately depleted when the frail unit takes fire.
I do own three super heavies: baneblade, macharius and malcador. I'm not an apoc fan though so I just field them in larger games. No valkryies for me...they don't fit Vossies but maybe thats just me.

I do field ratlings...almost every game. A unit of 8:


@Sir Lunchalot: The vossies narroly lost as a lone plague marine held the objective despite all the heavy bolters of a russ squadron going off on him!

@ Everybody Else....THANKS!

le Mediko
30-05-2010, 20:43
Like the ratlings very much. The idea of the multiweapons plateform is great too!

Light of the Emperor
30-06-2010, 03:33
It's been a while but I can finally say the first chimera is done:
Its so simple a paint job...I just needed it done and out of the way. The hull has been drybrushed so it does look somewhat better in real life :rolleyes:

I've been spending time working on LotR stuff so blame that!

I do still have a hydra to put together and I think I'll be picking up an execution at some point in the near future. Can't pass up 5 plasma cannons...