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04-09-2006, 10:53
Well, since I've been redoing my Orks for bfg and holding back my progress due to their inclusion into FIREBASE, I decided to put them in here.

Here are pictures of my Bad Moonz fleet. I purchased some more ramships yesterday off t'ebay, and I still need to get a gorbag's revenge (It'll be Nazdreg's revenge, it's obviously changed ownership since the Armageddon war :p).

The Kroozers are the Boomshanka (with white glyph), The Bizmork, and the Ork Royul (with red tongue).

And theres two escorts as well. Enjoy :) I'll be back to update this maybe later today. Of course, updates depend on the progress of my other Dark Eldar fleet.

04-09-2006, 13:12
I don't know if it is against the bad moon way, but maybe a little blood red would look nice, maybe in stripes or something? :D

04-09-2006, 13:31
Oh, there's red...around. The lights and torpedoes and eyes all have red gore (blood red's too bright for me). I wanted the ships, whilst yellow, to appear dirty and rustic. Not too fond of red dags, but I'll consider putting some more red on future vessels. Mainly I like to keep a relatively small palette of colours - Yellow, black, white, silver the primary colours and bronze and red being suporting colours. No green, funnily enough :p

Rich 123
04-09-2006, 13:38
Theyre looking good. The first issue of Firebase was good too, much better than WD.

I think red would be alright. Although, I'd suggest to make them seem slightly less of a divided paint scheme to just introduce more gunmetal parts in the yellow bodies and some of the yellow to the front nose cones. Making them appear slightly more unified and also a bit more bodged as is the Orkish way.

None the less, good job. Ive always been a bit apprehensive of what painting a BFG ship would be like, much as they have tempted me sometimes in the past :)
Keep up the good work with them and Firebase!


04-09-2006, 13:44
It's bloody tough work, actually. The ammount of detail on even the smallest escort is mind boggling. I like the seperated look, the front is basically heavier armoured for ramming so appears to have more metalwork supporting it's structure. There's very few flat bits to draw dags on, and the bad moon symbol is actually a piece of platicard tacked on. I'll put some more detail on the boomshanka at some point.