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08-09-2006, 15:59
Well, time to start thinking about carnage 2007. To get an army finished, decided upon taking part in the "Tale of X gamers". You can find out more about it here (http://www.carnage-events.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=12), on the Carnage Events site. Another desicion to be made was what system to play, as i played 40k last year i decided on a fantasy army. The army i will be building is an orc army. I have always loved orcs since i started playing 5 years ago, a now this is my chance to build an army. When thinking about what will be in the army, i decided to do the army themed towards the Grimgorz Ardboyz list in the Storm of Chaos book. I may be able to the use the list with the new book, but i'll have to wait on that one.

As far as the army goes, it will be mostly to theme. Not what will perform at the tournament. The army will consist of only orc units, the only goblins being war machine crew and having bullies with them purely for fluff. I plan to build the army around a solid core, 4 big units of orcs and 2 units of Black orcs. The numbers of Black orcs depends on the budget, being 6 for a pair (raising to 7 soon.) Not decided on characters yet, what i do now is that i will probably only have 1 Shaman.

So what to buy, the obvious choice was two boxes of Orc Boyz. I plan to arm one with Hand weapons and shields, and the other with additional hand weapons. Possibly upgrading the later to Big Un'z.

Septembers Purchases:

2 Boxes of Orc Boyz @ 36

4 to carry over to October.


I'll post updates as i get them built.

08-09-2006, 16:53
O&G = Cool
Themed army list over powerful army list = Cool

After seeing what you did with your Guard in a week, I look forward to seeing what you can produce in 6 months! :D

Not much to say at the moment, but I'll be keeping an ey on this thread.

08-09-2006, 17:23
Oooh, I love stuff like this. Watching an army's progress from box to finished is something great. Reading about "A tale of..." makes me wanna start one for my gaming club. Good luck to you.

Lastly, I'll have to agree w/ McMullet, themed armies are better than power gamer list.

Brush your teeth
08-09-2006, 17:26
good luck with the project, i look forward to seeing progress

08-09-2006, 18:23
Good Luck with this Buddy, ill look forward to watching your progress, im hoping to start my thread relevant to the carnage X gamers soon. Definatly an excuse to build armies to theme not just for power (im sure themed armies can be beardy)

Lets See some Orcsies :D

10-09-2006, 13:22
Got some piccies of the first orc unit, nothing special. Used some of the 40k Ork Boy heads just to add a bit of variety.



I've also thought more about the future of the army. I've thought of carrying the DeathSkullz theme to the army. Plenty of blue warpaint and lucky Glyphs, maybe even some looted war machines ;) . The Black orcs, not having blue warpaint, as they are already favoured by Mork. Instead they will have blue armour plates, to tie them in with the rest of the army. This should add to the theme of the army, and should also look great on the battlefield.

I had also had a few ideas about converting Big Un'z, but none of them seemed practical. The first was to space out a normal boy with plasticard. The problem with this is that a normal boy already fills the base and the models are already cramped. The second was to use the 40k Nob bodies, this was impractical as i would not be able to fit them into the budget, unless i went with just one unit of Black Orcs. The last idea was to use the Orc Boss from the command sprue, this again would be hard to fit into the budget as i would need a £5 sprue for each boy and they would look very alike.

When painting i'm going to try and keep the skin tone quite dark, this would look better against the blue. The blue will be regal blue highlighted through to enchanted blue and the last highlight with a bit of white mixed in. The skin will start as Dark angels green and will probably have Camo green added as a highlight. This gives a good dark tone and looks good. The Black Orcs will have less hghlights.

The plan for next months budget is too start buying Black Orcs. I was going to wait but i want to get them before they go up in price, later in October. The plastic kits i can buy later and would be the same price. As i have £4 from last month, that leaves a total of £44. That will get me 7 blisters, which is only 14 Black Orcs. I'll possibly use the spare £2 to do the same with Novembers budget.

Thats all for now, i've got the rest of the other unit to assemble and hopefully will start painting next week.

10-09-2006, 13:32
Check with the staff at your local GW as i believe they are going to be bringing out plastic black orc's which could save you a lot of money.

10-09-2006, 13:53
They won't be out till Summer 2007 as part of the "Empire in Flames" Releases.

10-09-2006, 14:00
Well that sucks.

10-09-2006, 15:34
Closing thread, reports will be posted on www.carnage-events.com.