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30-03-2005, 18:13
Well as long as Portent's running, I might as well ask for help for my pc problems.

Now that my old pc finaly gave up the spirit of living (cardiac arrest, just when I was installing new RAM, the poor thing), I bought a new one this morning. Having wrestelled through putting it together (including installing the new Hard Drive I bought for my old pc, may it rest in peace[s]), I'm now facing the end boss: the booting.

Currently when I start up he checks my Bios and Plug and Play Cards. Than:

"PNP initializing completed.

Detect Secondary Master.... [press F4 to skip]"

after that he doesn't do anything

Not knowing what to do, I put my Primary Master in Bios to User Type HDD, and my secondary master to none.

But I can't do anything about Slaves either (it freezes too).

Any suggestions? I connected my HD, DVD writer, CD writer and floppy disk.

Inquisitor Engel
30-03-2005, 19:03
Now that my old pc finaly gave up the spirit of living (cardiac arrest, just when I was installing new RAM, the poor thing),
Your something or other may not be big enough to handle the amount of RAM you have. I'm no computer genius, but when I was ordered the parts for my computer, I was told to get a [something] Motherboard I think, that could handle the same, preferably greater amount of data as the RAM Memory.

It's like trying to put you stuff through a bottleneck. Try removing the new RAM and see if it doesn't start up. (This is also why MY old computer died)

As for your new one, do you have the Windows/Linux/Unix/whatever CD inserted? It should be able to launch that straight off and add new hardware through Windows, which is infinitely easier.

30-03-2005, 19:16
Well it does keep asking about a floppy disk it can booth from...

The thing is I'm using my old Hard Drive wich has Windows etc installed, so I figured I could start it up from that. But I'll give my xp cd a shot, could work.

As far as my old one goes, it died when I took out the old RAM: ever since than the screen, keyboard, mouse, etc... have power but don't respond to the HD. I brought it in, but they couldn't find anything so I got a new one.

Hm, if this is of any help, I found some more information on the start up process:

"Primary Master Drive fails"

and comething about the ucp drive having zero rpm?

30-03-2005, 19:47
It's having problems detecting the presence of the 2nd HDD you put in it. It could be either a fault with the 2nd HDD, the cable not being in correctly, or you not having the master/slave jumpers on the 2 hard drives set correctly. Set the top ones pins to master, and the one below to slave (This is a little connector that joins two pins of 6-8 connectors together on the back of the hard drive)

If none of that help, remove the 2nd hard drive adn just use one and see w hat happens/ If still does not work, swap them over. It' just a process of elimination really.

30-03-2005, 20:15
Hm, actually I've only put in one HDD.

But that's a good point, I'm gonna check it tomorrow (too tired, and SW IV to finish).