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16-09-2006, 22:31
Just started a league (first in LRB 5 rules). Joined late, but since we're using the perpetual league rules, I'm not totally screwed. Oh, and we're doin the free fan factor rule. ANyway, here's my roster after the first match (which I drew).

4 Black Orcs, one now with block,
3 Blitzers
1 Thrower
2 Linemen
2 Gobbos
3 Rerolls

Didn't take a troll since I can get one as a merc for the first while while I catch up on the other teams, and he's a loner anyway, so it's not too big a deal.

Any ideas on how to expand, and skills needed? This is my first major league, and I'm by far the "newbiest". I know I need another blitzer and a troll would be nice, but what else?

Red Skullz
16-09-2006, 23:39
For the blitzers mighty blow and sure hands comes in handy.

Blorcs, block & mighty blow. Stand Firm is a nice one as well.

Autobot HQ
18-09-2006, 12:36
Blitzers I'd suggest mightyblow first, as CAs will help skill you up to 16spp, then tackle as your second skill. You'll find that you'll need at least two guys who can bring down gutters and the likes, and you'll need tackle to do taht effectively.

BOB's again I'd say mighty blow first, then block - I know most people will disagree with this, but the amount of time it takes to skill something that is based purely on CAS usually, I believe you need MB to help them get to 16spp. Block first just takes too long to get up to the second skill. Stand firm is always nice, as is guard but I'd recommend these as later skills.

Throwers I'd say accuate should be your first choice, and then block. End of the day they're still orcs and as you should be keeping them back, it means you have an emergency guy who can reliably slap someone.

Linemen should be given block or wrestle first, and also guard. Linemen are where you can make your own choices I feel, with either guard heavy or block heavy or whatever. A few dirty players always helps.

Gobbos should take sidestep and surefeet, to make sure they can either assist to the best of their limited abilities, and also land better when the troll throws them.

Needless to say for all players stat increases should almost always be taken.


18-09-2006, 22:23
That's fairly indepth and sound advice, thanks guys. Any comments on starting team line up? Would it be a common one, or is leaving out the troll unusual?

20-09-2006, 15:12
Im also getting ready to buy a Blood bowl team with the comming of the 5th edition. But im buying my from Shadowforge. Its going to be a nun team.
See look. Its going to be awsome. Ive never played BB but i think its just about time to learn.