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17-09-2006, 06:08
hi, im a 40k player and enjoy the rare opportounities i get to play but they are becoming increasingly rare so i think i would be wise to try to expand into a skirmish game.
ive looked at many different systems and models and its coming down to warmachine or confrontation. going to each game's official forums has yeilded some information but have been understandably biased(that and the warmachine guys were totally confused by someone that liked infantry models better than jacks).
if anyone has played both i am interested in which game you feel has the best strategic potential and how varied each game can get playing the same 2-3 opponents over and over as the gaming community is small. warmachine seems to have the edge with being able to swap warcasters for a large effect but cnfrontation has some interesting rules and im having difficulties visualizing how the game will really play.
i have most of the other pros and cons worked out but gameplay is the core.

whats most impoartant to me is that i wont get bored playing the same army against the same opponents. thats what happened to us in mordheim.
thank you.

17-09-2006, 08:36
Look no further. (http://www.urbanmammoth.com/) Urban war is all our gaming group plays these days. It is possibly the most intelligent and realistic ruleset we have found. The gameturn is initiative and order base. The game rewards tactics more than anything, luck rarely has such sweeping results as 40k. However, you will find that every single game is like some sort of war/action movie complete with numerous movie moments, is really quite strange, we usually get at least one unlikely hero who against all odds manages to turn the tide of battle.

Here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31710) is Warseer's resident UW thread. Members are a bit lacking atm though :rolleyes:
PLenty of pictures and info here though.

Trust me, after our first game of Urban we were all like "whoa, 40k really is dumb!" so thats why we dont play it anymore........wanna buy a terminator army? ;)

17-09-2006, 13:13
Id probably hand it to Warmachine on the ease of variety as changing caster can change how you play and how your opponent counters significantly. Plus as a general whole infantry are quite good in WM (they can dish it out as well as jacks usually but sadly cant take a hit the same)

Confrontation can be pretty varied as most armies have several different types of armies inside em (like with goblins youve got Strohm, No Dan kar [samurai], Pirates, and Mutants) so you can run different types of stuff yet still be playing the army of your choice

19-09-2006, 13:07
either Urban War or Warmachine, depends what sorta game you want, if the 'jacks dont inspire you then I'd say Lukes right, you should give UW a try (an all infantry WM force is do-able but you're alienating a huge part of the game).

Take a butchers at some of the great UW minis and check out prices at wargamesworkshop.com

Also the rules are free to download from Urban Mammoth. Maybe try a proxied game first?

19-09-2006, 16:24
Also the rules are free to download from Urban Mammoth. Maybe try a proxied game first?

That is actually a damn fine idea! Proxy some nids for koralon, IG for viridians/vasa/triads/gladiators etc etc. Use bases as models with the names written on.

Give you a feel for a force before you commit.

I am going to try my hand at a hybrid based Koralon force.

malketh the witch king
12-10-2006, 18:57
if i were you i would play warlord! it is a very fun fantsy game that is small skirmish game to play, a guy came to my hobby store and showed a demo of the game and soon like everone started it and we now have a little sucsesfull comunity of warlord!