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21-09-2006, 21:20
Hey all,
I'm in the process of making my own Necromunda gang from various GW plastics.
So far I have a box of Catachan Jungle Fighters and a box of Chaos Marauders.
I just mocked up a model with blu-tak (orange?) but I'm not sure wether to just use them in this way, or if I should order the chaos renegade upgrade from Forge World?

Anyways here's a couple of pictures of the brute.

Thanks for the help, I'll get pictures up when I actually get some imput and decide how I want to build them and after I get them painted.

-asecondtoolate (or is it?)

*edit: of course all empiral insignia etc will be removed before completion.

bob syko
21-09-2006, 21:33
I think they look good as they are, cadians also make good necromunda models, my brother is doing a gang at the moment from them and various weapons sprues.

28-09-2006, 07:33
here's a WIP shot of my first Juve, he's kind of just a test model, but so far I really like his pants, i'm going for a more subdued colour scheme as I don't agree with bright colours being used in the underhive
"ohhhh.. your muscles... they're so biiiiggggg"

29-09-2006, 04:35
Yeah they look really cool but just one thing. I don't think the backpack on the first guy looks right. Gangers in the underhive tend to have their battles either in, or on the borders of their own turf, with a couple of exceptional cases here and there, so all their extra gear that they'd have picked up along the line would just be left at camp. The average skirmish in the underhive would only last maybe an hour at most, so there would be very little need for a pack full of stuff, a sleeping roll or a canteen. Also i find that backpacks make gangers and the like look too militaristic.