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Lord Icklebum
26-06-2005, 23:39
On the 9th of July, my local gaming store is having a GW rep come in to run a special Kill Team event against Tyranids. Normally I'd just assemble a band of Guardsmen to do this, but an idea occurred to me: I have 9 or so Harlequins laying around that I've been painting as of late and I think it'd be pretty rad to use them in the kill team event.

I've read the experimental rules for the Harlies and like and dislike certain things, so my question to you is this: Would a squad of Harlequins (including 2 death jesters, Shrieker cannons sound fun to use against gaunts) be a decent kill team? I'm on the wall on this one because they'd be unique for certain, but potentially not all that effective. . . Or legal. The GW rep I've met at the last RT though, and he was a really nice guy so I doubt he'd care much if the Harlies made an appearance.

So tell me what you think, guys. Good, bad, cheesy?

26-06-2005, 23:45
I say go for it!

If anyone complains, point to the part where it says "GAME"s Workshop. :D

26-06-2005, 23:47
Death Jester: 1 man Kill team. Kick@$$!! :evilgrin:

26-06-2005, 23:48
From what I remember of the harlie squads there were practically kill teams to begin with. Certainly consider kill team games to be the perfect place for harlies, certainly better than a proper battlefield.

Lord Icklebum
26-06-2005, 23:56
Agreed, I imagine I'll whip up my list tonight, gonna have to put at least one neural disruptor in there too. Those things will eat those brutes up quite nicely. As will powerblades, riverblades, masks, etc., etc., etc.

It's like I've just been given a toy box . . . a toy box full of nasty, icky death. Those 'Nids are gonna wish they'd never been spawned.

27-06-2005, 00:22
If I was a grunt, a Harlequin Kill-Team is the last thing I'd like to meet. ;)
Sounds very cool and totally deadly. Go for it! We need to take every chance to see Harlequin models on the tabletop and in action. Actually a great idea for finally getting some Harlequin models.

And be sure to take some pictures for us!

Ravening Wh0re
27-06-2005, 00:23
just watch the wargear. it adds up horrendously fast.

Lord Icklebum
27-06-2005, 00:36
The only other real points of concern out there is that since they were designed for 3rd edition some of there abilities are quite as potent in 4th ED.

In particular I'm referring to the Holo Suits. The all-purpose 4+ cover save is really nice, but isn't usable in close combat, this was originally off-set by the fact that they halved your WS value. But by current rules, unless you have a ridiculously disparate WS value it's still always going to be 4+ for other enemies to hit me. This is very bad considering gaunts are I 7 if I recall correctly and the basic Harlies clock in at 6 (and something tells me I won't be able to bring a Great Harlequin or Solitaire . . . How many rules would they break?).

Chances are I can shoot the living crap out of most everything that gets near me, but if those gaunts do charge me (and I imagine they will with the whole 12" charge thingy, or does kill team work differently?) they're gonna get a very good chance to dice up my troops before they can bring all those flashy blades to bear.

Any input on what can be done to counter-act this?

27-06-2005, 01:18
This is very bad considering gaunts are I 7 if I recall correctly

I'm fairly certain they are I4 or 5. Gaunts with I7... :eek:

27-06-2005, 02:09
Hey there, you might be interested in this



Lord Icklebum
27-06-2005, 02:17
On second consideration, I believe you're right. re-reading that statement made me feel rather foolish. Guess who's never really gone through a Tyranid codex!

Anyhow, if they are only I5, then that's a hell of a boon for me. That way even if they get me on the charge there's a good chance that the Harlequins will be able to gobble them up quite effectively. What with all the power weapons, harlequin kisses, and power blades/riveblades that may be distributed throughout.

This is sounding better and better all the time.

Any suggestions on certain wargear that would be better than others. The Rictus mask for example seems like an awesome option (any unit within 6" must pass a leadership test at the start of their turn or be unable to do anything), do the Gaunts get the benefit of synapse on the board or are they going to be testing against their crappy basic LD?

I apologize if I'm asking an inordinate amount of questions, but inquiring minds want to know and all that . . .

27-06-2005, 04:45
They use the Synapse Ld I believe. Unless Synapse makes them fearless.

27-06-2005, 05:05
They use the Synapse Ld I believe. Unless Synapse makes them fearless.
Synapapse makes them Auto-Pass evrything leadership based, except Those for Physick test and Target Priority.

No idea how to spell^

27-06-2005, 08:15
Didn't Gaunts just have I3, at least in the old Tyranid 'dex?

Cheitan Shadowless
27-06-2005, 10:54
Didn't Gaunts just have I3, at least in the old Tyranid 'dex?Nope. Always had I4, with the option to upgrade to I5.

27-06-2005, 16:18
Yowser, I was planning an Exodite army, & that link from Malakai just re-inforced my decision.
To anyone who didn't try the link on the Eldar Online thread, have a look at these Harlies.


I'd have not belived that the old Harlie models would go so well with the Dark Eldar range (much bemoaned my folks as being made up of ugly models & useless figures), but these look fantastic.

I know there's a certain "cool" factor from using exclusively old models but with a bit of work you could make a lovely Harlie KT using these as inspiration. I'm sure loads of people have DE knocking around from the old 40K boxed set, might be a perfectuse for 'em, if you failed to sucker one of your mates into playing DE..

27-06-2005, 16:25
Oh man, Harli's were made for something like kill-team, quite possibly the best skirmishers in the game! Thank god no one plays them around here, my DG would have a tough time even with them!

Lord Icklebum
02-07-2005, 22:00
Okay, so I've narrowed it down to two possible load-outs for the Kill Team

Team A.) 4 Harlequin Troopers, 2 w/ Harlequin Kisses; 1 Death Jester w/ Shrieker Cannon & Power Blades
(Breaks one mutable law)

Team B.) 4 Harlequin Troopers 2 w/ Harlequin Kisses, 1 Harlequin Troop Leader w/ Bioexplosibe ammunition and some other fanciness.

Team C.) 6 Harlequin Troopers, 2 w/ Kisses

I'm favoring A., but I just wish I had more options. Harlequins are EXPENSIVE and 160 points goes really fast.

03-07-2005, 12:49
Unless I'm horribly mistaken(I may be.It's late here.lol),Shrieker Cannons are Heavy Weapons.
I would go with your second choice.Better mobility and Bio-Explosive ammunition is just too fun.
You may want to give your Troupe Leader a Domino Feild as well if you can afford it points-wise.It off-sets the lack of a cc save decently.
And remember to shoot the heck out of those gaunts before charging.All those Shuriken Pistols should not go to waste.They should "tenderize" large swarms nicely.

Jaq Draco
03-07-2005, 15:26
Solitaires - one man kill team.

pther than that, i have to give you praise and props for fielding a Harli Kill Team, Harlequins have been a fave of mine, and its always nice to see them in action

03-07-2005, 18:52
Solitaires - one man kill team.

I'd love it if you could use Harlies legally. Anyway back on topic, you'll slaughter those Tyranids with just 2 Shrieker Cannons. Bio-Explosive ammo will decimate them. To be quite honest, I think that this would be an unfair matchup but by all means do what you must.