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22-09-2006, 19:14
Hey ho! Brand new news fresh from the horses mouth!

Linkee = http://www.urbanmammoth.com/

and for those too lazy to click, here is the jist of it.

Metropolis: Battle-force Conflicts
The war in Iskandria is escalating and the initial skirmishing is developing into full-blown military conflict. In response, all the warring factions are throwing in ever-increasing numbers of fresh troops, including heavier armoured elements and specialists.

With your Urban War strike-team as the core, Metropolis enables you to build much larger battle-forces to pit against your enemies in full-scale warfare.

Game Intro
Metropolis moves the action up a level from the small-scale skirmishes played out in Urban War. It shifts the focus from the individual to the squad. Your armies, or ‘Battle-forces’, will largely consist of several squads that vary in size, but normally contain around five to ten troopers. Accompanying them will be various individual models that represent important officers and characters, and larger more powerful war machines and vehicles.

Each faction has a different battle-force structure. Various basic squads form the foundation of their battle-forces, with the mix of support, assault, and elite squads, and the accompanying individuals and war machines, giving each their own unique flavour.

If you play Urban War, all the models you’ve collected will have their place in your Metropolis battle-force. The only difference is that most will become members of squads, and will no longer be running around on their own.

In addition to all the Urban War troops that you may be familiar with, Metropolis introduces an array of new additions. Primary among these are the large robots, battle-suits and war-beasts collectively known as ‘Gears’. VASA gains the Executioner and the Pacifier, Viridia the Sabre and the Tomahawk, and the Gladiators the Razorback and the Impaler. The Koralon, Syntha, Junkers and Triads can all also counter these new threats with Gears of their own.

Along with the Gears, a range of new characters will be introduced. Among others, are Major Kali for VASA, Johnny G and Icharus Trask for Viridia, Avicea for the Gladiators, Neo-Pi and Codename: Warmachine for Syntha, and the hybrids Devi and Shiva for the Koralon.

As with Urban War, the game engine and turn sequence are designed from the ground up to enable multiplayer games. Games involving three or more players, each with differing objectives, add plenty of opportunity for backstabbing or teamwork.

Alternate Unit Activation: During a game turn each player takes it in turn to make one of his or her units (a squad or individual etc) do something, play then moving on to the next player. This continues until all units have done something. The resulting fast moving game play keeps you constantly involved, whether reacting to enemy successes or taking advantage of enemy misfortunes.

Troop Quality: Just like in Urban War, most troop types can be selected with a variety of levels of training and experience, represented by their Calibre stat. High quality experienced troops are more reliable and flexible than raw recruits. This gives you increased choice when selecting your battle-force before taking the field, and adds depth and tactical options when the bullets start flying.

Shock and Suppression: Again, in a similar way to Urban War, a simple ‘Shock’ roll simulates the temporary debilitating effects of sudden unexpected occurrences like close misses from incoming fire. This enhances the feeling of realism, with poorer quality troops being far more likely to be affected.

22-09-2006, 21:11
About bloody time too! I've been waiting for "new Void" for a good while now.

*Dusts off Koralon and Junkers forces* :D

22-09-2006, 21:42
GEARS! w00000t!

Though I am a regular on the UM forums and the staff have been absent for a whole month now without even saying hi :(

23-09-2006, 16:18
Yup. At least that us what the John's have been telling us. If any sneaks peaks crop up on the forums I'll post em here for you.

23-09-2006, 19:38
Hopefully stuff like Korvus, Tigers and all those oh so lovely buggies for my Junkers (also hopes for the Arakaterax in the Koralon list) :D