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27-09-2006, 14:14
Hi there,

I have played a handful BFG games at the time it was released. As I'm a longtime Eldar player, the Eldar were my fleet of choice. Now, after a long BFG hiatus (from when it was released till now) my gaming group decided to give it another try.

Of course I was playing Eldar corsairs back then, as there were no Craftworld ships at that time. So, my question to all BFG-players is what is the difference play- and tacticswise between Corsair and Craftworld ships/fleets? If there is one, that is.

Am I allowed to mix Raiders and Craftworld ships? Does that make sense? Or will it be underpowered or cheesy?

Also, what is a good fleet composition for a starterfleet. Most probably I'll be mostly facing the imperial navy. (I'm aware that this question is pretty vague. Just share your opinions on which ships perform well, and which ships are underachievers.)

Thanks in advance. :)

27-09-2006, 19:42
The craftworld eldar seem to be just a harder fleet really. Aspects warriors look nasty and their armour is slightly higher. They look expensive and the ships seem to lack individuality. Other than that I can't really say anything else on them.

Zhai Morenn
27-09-2006, 23:57
Craftworld Eldar will almost always have a fundamentally different fleet composition than their wayward corsair brethren- The corsair eldar can successfully field fleets of escorts (not saying they must but they can) while the craftworld eldar rely heavily on cruisers of varying sizes and configurations. Not to say that the Craftworld Eldar escorts are horrible- they just have a more specific and unique function: Ordinance interception- their Shadowhunters can shoot ordinance on a roll of 4+ which means you can wipe whole waves of ordinance off the board with little risk to your ships- very scary to Imps and Tau. Also the CW Eldar can convert their ships into ghost ships which means they take crits on a roll of 6 instead of 4+ - this basically gets you a ship with Dark Eldar durability and CW speed and manuverability- the weaknesses you get with ghost ships imo are negligible.
You normally cannot combine a corsair and cw fleet unless its in some special circumstance which req 1500 pts of ships and you have a suitably "Heroic" eldar Prince who could bring these two groups together dispite their differences. Shrug- their capital ships tend to be more heavily armed than the other equivelants of other eldar- think you get Light Cruisers and Grand Cruisers firepower.

28-09-2006, 14:05
Thanks so far, guys. :)