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27-06-2005, 18:21
Ok, so I'm starting an Exodite army, I've already started getting the models & I'm intersted in expanding the fluff from what's already been written by GW (practically nothing).

I was thinking about how the Exodites might veiw many of the old Eldar myths, would they be more primative versions?, would they be word for word what the Craftworld Eldar teach?, and so on..

I came up with this idea in bed last night, wote it out today (in notepad, so excuse any spelling mistakes, I've rooted them all out though I think), any thoughts are appreciated.
I know Eldar fluff can often get more into interpretation more than a lot of other subjects, so any cool ideas & whatnot would also be great, I'm still pulling ideas together..

**Of the 3 apects of Dragon and how Chameleon fell from grace**

One day a long time ago, before the Fall of the Gods and the sundering of Heaven, it came to pass that Asuryan did come to Dragon and his brother Lizard. In these days Lizard was taller than Dragon, his stride was long and his Rune potent and mighty.
With a great burden did Asuryan come, he brought a task for Lizard such that upon accepting it he would forfeit his place in heaven and guide the young Eldar on Earth, in the dark of Space, and in the passing to the lands of the Dead.

Much pleased with this honour, Lizard hastily accepted Ausyan's errand, and to this end, Asuryan granted of Lizard three aspects; Of jade so that he could guide his people upon the verdent lands of World, and the beasts were his to control so that they might aid the Eldar.
Scarlet too was he, so that in the depths of Space those who plied the stars might draw nurturing warmth and light from him.
And of ebon as well was he made, so that when his wards eventually died in the Mortal world he might bear them into the lands of their ancestors safely and without fear.

Proud indeed was Dragon of his freind Lizard, who bore such a place of honour in the eyes of the Asur, though it indeed hurt Dragon's heart to be left alone.

But Lizard was not honourable, and soon did he come to resent this great burden and the isolation that came with it, and cursing his rash decision sought to turn his work to his own ends.
In the places of beauty Lizard witheld his apsect of jade and instead did come forth in ebon form, and led his wards unto the land of the Dead before their appointed time.
In the depths of Space Lizard did reveal his aspect of jade, and starved of light and warmth his charge did wither and wilt until death too did they recieve, none hearing their plaintive cries in the hard void.
And in the lands of Death, where souls may rest unto the end of times did he manifest his aspect of scarlet, and the assembled souls long-dead did writhe and cry out in torment and searing heat.

Thus did Lizard become corrupted, and as he saw what he had wrought lifted his head and laughed, and upon hearing of this the Asur knew of his treachery. The congregated Asur now wept, for none among them now contained the power to oppose him, save Khaine himeself whom long ago had denounced Asur's plans and would not lend his aid.

With none in the mortal world strong enough or willing to denounce Lizard, Dragon did forsake his place in Heaven and much afraid was he, who was now mortal and with heavy heart, set forth to make war upon his freind.

With flame of scarlet did Lizard assault dragon, but Dragon sent forth a pillar of flame from his mouth and no touch of scarlet could reach him.
Seeing this, Lizard sent the force of World and of jade, but Dragon did not flinch, for he devoured the Beasts and weapons of his foes, and ravaged the Worlds of jade that sought to do him harm.

His arsenal near spent, Lizard knew fear for the first time in many a long age, and thus deployed forth his most terrible weapon.
Clad in his aspect of ebon did Lizard approach Dragon, and from his claws did he loose the tortured souls of the long-dead. With terrible fury and anger the twisted souls assaulted Dragon, knowing nought in their torment but the want to destroy the Mortal.
But no chink in Dragon's armour did they find, no pity for his former companion did Dragon allow himself, though to do such wounded him more greatly than any weapon his foe could devise, and so Lizard could not best him.
Thus did Dragon drive the Lizard away, broken and much beaten.

Lizard suffered greatly for his treachery, and the Asur palced great shame upon him.
His aspect was taken from him and he was cursed to spend the rest of eternity between-colours, never to remain a single whole but to alter his form forever.
His strength spent and his claws broken, thus he became Chameleon, the Deciever, he who shall crawl upon the ground, shamed, loathed and hated by all only less than Snake, who strikes in the back and brings death in the night.

Pleased with his son, Asuryan did place Dragon in his freind's former place of honour, and in this task he was dillegent.
Upon the greens of World he guided his children with care, and with love. In deep space he did indeed give of himself so that his charge may feel warmth and shelter from the hard cold.
And in his final task he was dutiful, and although it feared him greatly to enter the lands of the dead, still he bore his burden proudly and to each soul that passed from being into unbeing, he gave of them his guiance and protection, so that they may make the passing in safety and rest with their kind unto eternity.

As you can probably guess, Dragons will feature fairly prominently in my fluff. :)

29-06-2005, 14:09
Well, just for pointing, but Ive always thought that the Harlequins were the ones who teach the rest of the eldar about the old eldar myths, so I supposse they are quite similar to what we know. Sorry...
But you can always twist the fluff of your army to say that you exodites were completely severed from eldar culture by the closing of the webway portals on their world...

29-06-2005, 17:31
Cheers for the response Skander. :) That's true general yabout the Harlies, although I do want my Exodites to have thier own myths & legends, slightly different from the "mainstream" Eldar.
They left the main Eldar empire well before the fall, and since then have had less & less to do with Craftworld life, and as we know from all the other races in 40K, nothing works better to hide the exact truth of events than time, Oodles & oodles of it.

I don't want them to be completely seperate from Eldar civilisation, Cratworlders aren't totally uncommon on Exodite worlds, ezpecailly Outcasts & Rangers, but the old 2Ed Codex makes sure to say that CW Eldar & Ex Eldar veiw themselves as more or less different peoples. I don't see why Harlies or CW Eldar would go to great lengths to clear up any ambiguities in the myths of a few individual Exodite worlds.
"If it works for them, then cool, we've got more important things to worry about" kind of attitude.
The new Cratworld Codex kinda makes Biel-Tan out to be the fairy godmother of the Exodite worlds, but that's very new as far as I know. Exodites have always had the means & the will to make war on thier own terms, & I thought it important that they have their own reasons & motivations - and that requires a history seperate to mainstream Eldar imho.

I wanted them to have a slightly less sophisticated feel to the intricate & elegant Eldar stories, & I also wanted to touch upon some of the huge events covered by the Eldar mythic cycles, but in a more broad form, indicating they know less of the "big picture", as recorded & described by the Harlequins.
More like folk-lore & simple fireside stories than Homer-style epic mythology.

There's (obviously) some bits I'm not 100% happy with, but I wanted to try & get it out & get some feedback on the general premise, how people see it fitting in with Exodite background as well as the writing itself.

Khaine's Messenger
29-06-2005, 19:12
I was thinking about how the Exodites might veiw many of the old Eldar myths, would they be more primative versions?

Not really, no. There are several ways to interpret Exodites, actually, based on what you want to selectively read from the background, but of all those interpretations, "primitive" isn't something I'd use to describe them.

would they be word for word what the Craftworld Eldar teach?, and so on..

Not word for word, no, but then even the CWE apparently don't share the same teachings word-for-word. I see no real reason for their pantheon or mythological history to be different, though, as the mythology of the Eldar race would only become divergent around the Fall, and there's really not much from that era that's passed into myth yet. Beyond that you fall into reinterpretation based on how the Exodite world's own history has progressed...why that world, who led them there, what's happened so far, etc., plans for the future....

Indeed, I'm pretty sure the only significant mythological divergence would be about the origins of the Path System, which is mostly a CWE device...most significant Exodite myths should probably center around how Exodites reign in their emotional extremism, and if they use something like the Path or just "spray and pray" that using spirit stones/world spirits will save them.

lil donki
30-03-2008, 15:37
click this link-enjoy


Wolf Scout Ewan
30-03-2008, 16:44
OOoh how interesting. I am far from being an expert on this area of fluff.

But, I always got the impression that the Exodites had diverged from CWE in certain ways that made them literally a new people entirely.

1. Instead of developing and using wraithbone they use the spirit of earth, everything that grows has a spirit, anything that lives can be persuaded to work towards some beneficial goal. Much like the Tau Ethereals use pheromones to control the normal tau.

Therefore, like all Eldar the Exodites would believe they are right to control all life, we are right because the alternative is too awful to contemplate.

2. Wraithbone. Someone might want to help me here but didnt Vaul give wraithbone to the Eldar? If so the exodites would probably use it too... but to what level?

3. Leadership, the CWE are lead by Autarches and Farseer's. Now, to me, I wouldnt see Exodites are different in this aspect. An exodite world/colony/commune would need a bloody powerful Psyker to appeal/control a worlds spirit.
At a low level a colony would need seers to help domesticate beasts and plantlife.
At the maximum the colony would need to adapt climate, weather and even tectonics.
A character that I have been developing for my own work is a Exodite Lady, she can merge with the earth and appear as made of plantlife.
An autarch would be more of a political or spiritual leader.

4. Technology... as mentioned before; I cannot see why they wouldnt use wraithbone to make machines. But, I would see them using natural materials like humans like stone and wood. But this would be very sgnificant to them and requiring religious penance, or seeking the world spirit's acquiesence in the extraction of materials.

30-03-2008, 17:51
For the Exodites, I tend to think of them as being more like the Amish than stone-age humans..

Or possibly Eldar hippies..

30-03-2008, 20:42
Well, for what it's worth, BigJim, I really enjoyed that retelling of the myth.

30-03-2008, 22:17
Wasn't it said by some more or less official person that the Exodites are closer to the High Elves than Wood Elves. So while they're "crude" and "down to earth" doesn't mean they're hippies. They prefer manual labour and all that, but have a highly developed society and all that. So it's more like cities among woods than living in the woods themselves.

I would think the Exodites have a clear recording of all the myths and such. They were the first ones to leave the Eldar empire and as such the most organised groups. The Craftworlders had a more of a snatch and grab departure when leaving.

Still, I remember reading the Harlequins doing their plays to the Exodites as well.

I'm currently finishing a sequel novel to one I already wrote and this one starts of from an Exodite planet. I did my best on picting the life there, but I might be way off. Then again, I can always apply the "it's a big universe" USR to it. Even if the Exodite world are carbon copies of each other, slight variations are sure to exist, like there are among the craftworld.

30-03-2008, 23:39
Some issues with the use of animal archetypes:

Saim-hann conducts many rituals upon Exodite worlds, involving the use of snakes. The Snake is a symbol of wisdom and secrets to the Eldar, not a denigrated symbol as in Western mythology.

The Dragon of Eldar myth, from which the Fire Dragons take their aspect, is a sinuous fire breathing reptile of wanton destruction that is certainly at odds with the portrayal above.

While the Exodites may focus more on manual labor, they are still capable of manufacturing advanced items like laser lances if they choose to, so I wouldn't make them too primitive. A good mythological/fantasy parallel to draw from would be "survivors from the fall of Atlantis". The Craftworld Eldar are those survivors that cling to the traditions, customs, and relics of the past and who seek as in the case of Biel-tan to rebuild "Atlantis" (ie a new Eldar empire). The Exodites while retaining some core portions, have largely turned their back on the grandeur and power of the past (which in their minds led to the folly of the Fall) in favor of a more down to earth present.

Wolf Scout Ewan
31-03-2008, 00:10
Good post Iracundus.

I like Cities in woods idea and was much what I can imagine.

The children of dragon carried forth items of rock and bone and made homes amongst the varied life of the distant jewels.
Crystals that brought light and warmth, bone built and hammered cold, as much was carried hence that was before thought and Vaul gave'.
Away from heady and intoxicating plied path found new ways and untamed wilds.