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27-06-2005, 19:59
Exalted Champion - Varakh Fang
Gaze of the Gods, Shield.
132 Points

Aspiring Champion - The Kult
Two Hand Weapons, Mark of Khorne.
119 Points

20 Marauders - The Feared
Full Command, Shields, Light Armour.
165 Points

20 Marauders - The Dreaded
Full Command, Shields, Light Armour.
165 Points

5 War Hounds - The Hungered
30 Points

5 War Hounds - The Starved
30 Points

10 Marauder Riders - The Doomed
Full Command, Shields, Spears.
190 Points

15 Marauders - The Pained
Great Weapons.
105 Points

11 Marauders - The Wretched
66 Points

1002 Points

This list is made for Fluff, and the Fluff is basically; A Marauder Tribe, the Tribe of the Wolf, that fights constantly in the Northern Most Reaches of the Chaos Wastes, where the Cheiftan, Varakh Fang, is blessed by the Gods, with his Strength, Speed, Skill and Defence increased as a blessing by the Gods, but at the same time, he is cursed, never to die in combat, and in the Tribe of the Wolf, there is no greater honour than die in combat with another being, and having that honour stripped from Varakh, drives him mad, being unable to die, but having to fight constantly (Reason for Gaze of the Gods).

Reasons for;
Only Marauders; It's a Marauder Tribe, where many of them are born to fight, including the women, however, they have little access to advanced weaponry, such as Flails, and lsteel, such as Heavy Armour. Very few of them are actually able to wear Heavy Armour and better weaponry, for in the Northern Reaches of the Chaos Wastes, there aren't the basic matierals to make such things.

No Chaos Warriors; With little access to enough metal and little forging powers, Chaos Warriors are rare in the War Band, and also, most of them are elite Warriors, which take on odds that are impossible to beat, so mostly they fall and their armour is ruined, lost, or stolen. The Tribe of the Wolf has learnt not to have so many of their Warriors dressed in this fashion.

Aspiring Champion; 1; For Gaze of the Gods as a great curse, for not dying in combat is like an insult to Varakh. He was strengthened, but the Chaos Gods took away his ability to die. 2; Because he's cool.

No Great Weapon on Hero; I personally hate Great Weapons with a hatred unmatched. Except for that of hating Ogre Dingdongs.
Also, it forgoes the brilliently high Armour and Ward Save.

No Mounted Units; Since when did you hear of a horse in the Northern Reaches? It's rare to find a single unit of Marauder Riders, let alone some fit enough to carry Knights!

That's a link to the last list.

Maruader Riders in a unit of 10. "Why 10?" You ask? Well, having used this unit successfully after wiping out 18 Corsairs with Full Command, and 20 Warriors with Shields and Full Command, I thought that they'd be effective again.
The reason for 11 and 15 Marauders is plague, those units have been trying to repent by using their weapons to kill in the name of the Chaos Gods, because in a battle against a Nurgle Horde, they caught a plague that could only be removed by repenting to their Gods. While this has no effect other than the small numbers in Game Terms, it's an excellent fluff reason for MSU (Maraurtiple Small Units - I'm going to get it for that one).

The Kult is in there for a Fluff reason as well, he's there because he's a crazed psychopath (Mark of Khorne reason number 1), searching for a way out of life through death, and would welcome it more than anything, only again, he's been cursed by the Gods, for he is al but immune to Magic (reason 2 for Mark of Khorne), and hates himself for it. In short, he's a crazed kill machine, searchingg for a Warrior to give him his way out of life. Unfortunately, such high speed gives him the ability to strike his opponents first and rip them to shreads before they manage anything. His War Cry; "KILL ME!" He says this as he rips through entire armies,

For those of you that have played Metal Gear Solid I will know this from the famous Ninja and Snake battle in the computer room.

When I reach 1500 Points, expect The Kult to be upgraded somewhat, with Regeneration and something to make him move like lightning. Also expect another unit of Marauder Riders.

27-06-2005, 20:36
Very, very nice army, with some very cool background.
Infact the only thing I can disagree with is:
"Since when did you hear of a horse in the Northern Reaches? It's rare to find a single unit of Marauder Riders."
Actually there are whole nomadic tribes of Marauders. But yes, either go for very few thus a tribe centered around a village or go for lots of cavalry, a nomadic tribe, naturally with no Chaos Knights.

I've been slowly reading my way through the Liber Chaotica and I'm getting more and more tempted to do a marauder army of some kind.

True your army might have a little hassle with magic but in 1000pts you should be able to survive on 3 dice and weight of numbers.
For 1500 I'ld suggest that along with another unit of outriders (have the few cavalary models as scouts for the main tribe) and upgrading the character find a way to fit in a level 1 mage with a scroll, just to take you up to 4 dice and a scroll. Fluff wise, someone with natural antimagic abillities (i.e. never cast spells with him) or simply a tribe shaman.

Thanks Darmort your making me even more tempted to do marauders. :p :)