View Full Version : Epic Airwar rules ?

27-06-2005, 19:28
Iirc when Epic A was first released there was talk from Gav I bilive about a set of air to air wargame using epic models so does anyone know what happend too it ?

27-06-2005, 20:37
Most likely it got put on the back burner following the reorganisation of Fanatic. It is a shame to see Epic withering on the vine due to the total lack of decent support. I had hoped that the Necromunda coverage in WD recently would see other specialist games taking their rightful place in its pages once more but it is not looking hopeful.

The Rover
27-06-2005, 22:54
More than likely, it got trashed along with most of the plans for Epic and the Specialist Games in general once Fanatic was reabsorbed. They won't be releasing any new books for it, just pdf's for the future army lists once they are out of development and extremely limited future mini releases. Hell they won't even be doing a 2nd print run of Swordwind. If it shows up, it will be a pdf thing. Bleh.

27-06-2005, 23:04
Bombaz over the sulphur river.

28-06-2005, 01:50
Oki thanks, got some really nice ideas for a rules set so I will just have to sitt down and write my own then. If you are inrested I will probaly make a thread about in the rules devolopment forum somwhere in the future. :)

Malen Kharn
28-06-2005, 09:05
epic isnt in WD because it isnt it's turn, they stated a long time ago, that each of the specilist games was going to get a 3 month run in WD, to perk up intrest, and they are covering 2 games a year, epic had it's go 2 years ago, when the core rules came out.

28-06-2005, 12:01
Bombaz over the sulphur river.

Now that is probably the most forgotten GW game to have been released after 1996!